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    The Oven state, AZ
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    PC hardware, 3D Printing , Reptiles and amphibians
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    I'm probably on fire
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    Not doing my homework

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  1. Bigbootyjudy

    Message for Linus

    Whoa whoa whoa, this thread needs a chill pill. I honestly commend channels that still have the confidence not to bleep swear words. If you can't take the heat then get out because like others have said it isn't a perfect world. And honestly who cares? Oh no this person that makes FREE content has not done their job right. Its all up to opinion and what you take offense to so everyone is different and that's that.
  2. Bigbootyjudy

    What is your favorite gaming youtuber

    I mostly watch super smash bros ultimate single battles si there usually isn't a person in particular. When I do find something to watch its usually game grumps or dashiegames SMM.
  3. That's more like torture and a test of human emotions and morals. One bad guy is on the server and randomly clicks till he finds a mine.
  4. Bigbootyjudy

    [Need Help] Razor Quartz Color Matching

    Is this house paint? you could either go to a hardware store and match the color or go on a paint website and match the color.
  5. Bigbootyjudy

    Songs that You Can't Take Seriously Anymore

    All star ;-; It will forever be a star in my heart
  6. First off like most other people on this thread, I do not like battle royale games. I do however love titanfall 2, and guess what, ITS BASICALLY TITANFALL 2 WITHOUT TITANS. So I don't see this game as a bad thing, especially with it drawing attention off of fortnite which is the spawn of the devil. Also, a quick note, Grammarly (yes I use Grammarly) still doesn't know Fortnite as a word (woohoo!)
  7. Bigbootyjudy

    Good TI-84 emulators?

    I have one on my phone that works perfectly. If you have an iPhone I don't know if it will be on the app store but its call wabbitemu. I think there is also a windows version.
  8. Bigbootyjudy

    Apple Will Award Teen Who Discovered FaceTime Bug

    THIS KID LIVES IN MY HOME TOWN. There was a column in the local newspaper and apparently, it took a week or two for Apple to even acknowledge that there was something wrong after he and his mother contacted apple in several different ways.
  9. Bigbootyjudy

    What's your avatar all about?

    Its my PS user icon but I also like ape escape (Old ps1 game if you weren't aware)
  10. Bigbootyjudy

    FBI Conducted a Sting Operation on Huawei at CES

    Okay hopefully this thread doesn't get a lock but wow, Huawei is dumb. They make good products but wow, they are dumb. I was looking at some of their phones the other day because I'm a teenager that doesn't care about security (@ facebooks vpn app that I missed ) I guess they won't have me buying anymore because this is just "tech plagiarism".
  11. Bigbootyjudy

    What Happend To Bitcoins

    My disappointment is immeasurable as Shaggy doesn't have a percentage of power, his power is infinite.
  12. Bigbootyjudy

    [urgent] How to convince your parents to get faster internet?

    We are supposed to have 16mb download and 8mb upload and I get about those same speeds but it can be spread over more than 3 devices. You may want to get a new router if yours is over 3 or 4 years old as there are new standards for wifi and yours might be getting "tired". I tried to get my dad to upgrade our wifi for the longest time but then I realized the speeds we have are fine for basically everything we do. Sure we may not be able to stream a 1080p video with 4 other people watching youtube but I can comfortably play online while my family watches a movie. Also, think of the other people that have worse wifi. My friend has internet that is 700 kb per sec and he hates it.
  13. TIme to download every angry birds game.