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  1. PandaDroid

    Make dsl router receive internet through Ethernet

    Turns out that the feature was deleted from the newest firmware, which was installed on it. Downgraded it and it was just as you said ! Thank you !
  2. PandaDroid

    2 Different GPU's - Running Two Monitors

    I think you can but...
  3. Hello guys ! Today my dad brought home an older dsl router he found at his work, but our internet at home is provided via ethernet. My question here is : Can I use the DSL router as an AP, or as an ethernet switch?
  4. PandaDroid

    Cheapest internet from point a to point b

    Do u think that he would invest in ubiquity? He needs cheap man, cheap..
  5. PandaDroid

    Cheapest internet from point a to point b

    That's why we thought that wireless would be cheaper..
  6. Okay, so my friend has a farm, and he needs to transmit internet from his house to the farm, he lives in a village,and the farm is like 300-350 m away from his house so it's not a big deal.. but the hard part is, he wants to go the cheapest way possible. My question is : does anybody know a cheap way to transmit internet to like 300 m ? What is the cheapest way? Cable or wireless?
  7. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    You were right. Tried a brand new router. Same thing. Two router setup is the only solution
  8. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    Yes, right. I need a more powerful router than the one i have right now
  9. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    it's not a combo, already tried that with 2 different routers, one was borrowed from a friend. still no wifi coverage in the next room.
  10. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    coax cable not long enough. I cant move it in the center room because it is currently under the external part of the wall, and the isolation is over it.
  11. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    I only need wifi in the other end of the room near mine.
  12. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    Okay, so the room where the modem and the router are is my current room, the outside of the house is isolated so i can barely get wifi outside. Moving the router and the modem is not an option currently
  13. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    Just smartphones. I go in the other room and i have 0 wifi access ( 10-15 M away from the router )
  14. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    It's about the phones. i use a wired connection with my laptop.
  15. PandaDroid

    Any good routers ?

    any thoughs on this ? http://www.tp-link.com.au/products/details/cat-9_TL-WR945N.html#specifications