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  1. i think it might be the mobo because the usb ports on the back now hardly work . i cant connect a usb anymore because it doesnt recognize it when i plug it in .
  2. aida 64 memory read 15533 MB/s memory write 13327 MB/s memory copy 13399 MB/s memory latency 80.7 ns cpu queen 22911 cpu Photoworxx 7910 MPixel/s cpu zlib 217.0 MB/s cpu aes 11008 MB/s cpu hash 2601 MB/s fpu vp8 3724 fpu julia 8641 fpu mandel 4417 fpu sinjulia 1776 fp32 ray trace 1645 KRay/s fp64 ray trace 848 KRay/s Prime 95 after 5 mins the no signal sign appeared on my screen . my keyboard and mouse lighting shut off . i waited 2 mins and nothing happened so i restarted the pc Heaven direct x 11 quality high no tessellation no stereo 3d no multi monitor no aa fullscreen 1080p fps 44.4 score 1118 min fps 20.4 max 89.8
  3. Im gonna try these stress testes . No blue or black screens yet .
  4. i have a asrock 960gc-gs , fx 6300 , 8 gb ram ddr3 , amd radeon hd 7850 and a 500 watt psu from superflower . No i dont overclock and the temps look good
  5. This problem started a while ago . I noticed that sometimes , in overwatch , my fps dropped from 120-140 to 50 . I didnt really care at that time because it didnt really annoy me . Now it got worse . This happens is almost every game and the fps drops to 20 I noticed that when this happens the audio also gets distorted . I tried reistalling the games , windows and nothing has worked so far . Any clues on what i should do ?
  6. Thanks dude i think ill chose that one
  7. so i want to build a pc and i would like to have it on my left side but the problem is that i cant find any inverted pc cases that have a good price . i looked at origin pc `s but their prices are too high any recomandations ?