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  1. Good evening. I was watching the WAN show and i noticed you talking about amazon affiliate links and stuff. I click on those links all the time wanting to buy stuff but they all go straight to amazon.com and i shop almost exclusively on amazon.ca because the US version of site with regards to most tech products does not ship to Canada. I almost always have to launch amazon.ca and then search for product as the links you guys provide never go to a site i can use. I would love to support you guys by using those links but i don't have a US address. This has been an issue for me for many years and i imagine you are aware of it or amazon is.
  2. chrome is default web browser in settings and i have open in external web browser turned on. This issue is caused by instant article redirect inside facebook. I have not figured out how to disable instant articles the default answer is its a feature and you cannot disable it.
  3. Ok i have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy A50. I have android 9 and facebook is opening some links in spotify. I see a news article and when i click on it expecting a web page instead i get the spotify app opening to its default home page in android. I mean the main page when u open app. I have facebook set to open links in external browser set, I have app integrations with games and stuff turned off. What is super annoying is the only way i have currently of stopping this is uninstalling spotify. I have not figured out how to stop this behavior by facebook. Oh and i have instant apps turned off too. I just want links to open in external browser for webpages and not randomly redirect to apps like spotify!
  4. i clicked on link and no affiliate discount appeared that i am aware of I got it all set up and its working but i have no idea about billing other than signing up and giving my info they have not billed me or dinged my credit card at all lol. Nice easy vpn setup and i like the price of 3.50 usd that is a nice price for 500GB of data.
  5. My concern was that i was paying to convert Canadian funds to a foreign currency for a Canadian company. I thought that was odd. As to hurting or damaging the company it never was a factor. I have no resources and/or plans to do anything beyond moan about it on the forum here and see what reply i get from Linus Media/Floatplane club employees. As of now i am done moaning and complaining. I fully admit i have no clue as to why or how things are run in your business or any other. I am completely ignorant of the factors and decisions made in matters like this.
  6. Thank your for reply. I will drop this topic now. I was mad about it. Not enough to do anything about it mind you. Just wanted to rant about something that puzzled me. I really wish and hope in the future that you can offer floatplane club in Canadian dollars. I understand it may be an issue in logistics and you are not set up and/or too small a company to offer payment in local currency. I will re-sub to floatplane when it becomes available in local currency. I really do appreciate the responses. Have a good week.
  7. Well thank your for your replies everyone. My concern now is if it is legal for them to behave this way. I always thought Canadian businesses had to accept CAD as a payment option. The fact that a Canadian media company is catering to foreigners and offering the only payment option in another currency is kind of a slap in the face to Canadians. I will check with google then maybe contact the better business bureau to see if there is any legal action that can be taken to either make them take Canadian currency or shut them down and/or filing suit in a Canadian court.
  8. Is Linus Media and/or Floatplane Club a Canadian or American company? I was a member of floatplane club for months and was very unhappy as i was being charged in USD and not CAD! When i signed up i was a little shocked to realize i was being charged in a foreign currency for what I assumed was a local business. I mean they are located in the lower mainland which is the same are i am in. I know their audience is mostly american i assumed because they mention american prices when doing reviews and talking about products. But i always thought of them as Canadian. But when months went by and i was having to shell out for floatplane in USD i thought. WTF is going on? Never though i would see the day when a Canadian company started charging for services in a foreign currency. Really surprised this continues still. I have since unsubscribed to floatplane as i find it a little misleading when i see the advertised price and nowhere do i see it identified as being in USD. So i decided that was annoying. But adding the fact i pay a fee again to my bank/credit card company to pay in a foreign currency to a business that is less than 20 miles away just gets my mad on! Would love to be part of floatplane and do miss being a part of it and seeing things early and stuff like the office videos but the deceptive behavior of charging fees in a foreign company by a local company is just too much for me. I wonder if it is even legal to have a Canadian company only have an option for a foreign currency as a payment method? I mean is it not required that they offer a comparable rate in Canadian dollars not American? I apologize if Floatplane is in fact an American company and i am mistaken in thinking a local business is Canadian.
  9. Well for mainstream 4K like 1080p is now your looking at a minimum of 5 to 10 years for full adoption i would think. Maybe 5 years for 30 to 40 percent as a lot of mid range gaming systems now have 1440p as an options. Many phones and tablets already have better than 1080p. I use a Insignia 4K Roku TV as a gaming monitor. I think the refresh rate is super low too. I have no way to measure it but it is reported as being super low. I Have a 4790K and GTX 980ti and I game just fine playing at high settings on most games. I do play WoW and The Division and Star Wars Battlefront and those games do not have any issues playing at 4K. The only issue i have is when i run OBS and want to record at 4K and stream to twitch at 1080p it really does not like to do that. But other than that one weird thing I try to do it works great. I notice when i stream from youtube at 4K my CPU fans just about start humming too. But I have no issues with it. As for mainstream adoption price needs to go down significantly. Also there needs to be more content available for Movies and TV shows. With almost no TV network ( Could actually be zero not sure) broadcasting at 4K 24/7 or even showing any content at 4K outside of youtube and netflix with very little of it and the price of an Ultra HD Bluray player sitting around 400 to 600 CAD it is not going to happen any time soon. I mean I can play 4K with a good software Bluray player but I'm not shelling out $500 to $600 dollars Canadian for the ability to play a movie. Also there is almost no movies available in Ultra HD that I am aware of. I can play a movie on Netlfix in Ultra HD only if i use the smart TV feature and not a web browser or third party device. The funny thing about that is I have bemoaned for years the hassle of plugging a good headset into an HD TV as it was a complicated process before but now my new tv has a 3.5 inch headphone jack and volume can be controlled by remote for it. So yeah no so much of a headache but the fact that the only paid content provider has only a very limited rollout of devices on which it supports that resolution troubles me. As for gaming I can game at 4K without any real issues with max settings on games that don't have high requirements like WoW and The Division. I should mention TV refresh rate is 60hz but gaming i see FPS around 150 to 200 for WoW. Yes I know the difference between FPS and Refresh rates I just mentioned it because at 4K at max settings having 150 to 200 FPS is kinda insane. I admit that is only WoW but still. So I see 10 Years at the minimum before we have over 50 percent adoption where there is a lot of content and it is not a niche market thing. Say 15 years and we start to see either a drastic change in technology (Most likely) and then we end up with even higher resolutions and newer technologies.
  10. Well my internet is ok. I have Delta Cable (An Eastlink Company) which used to be privately owned but got bought by Eastlink 5 years ago or so. My Bundle includes Cable (160HD Channels) and 150Mb's Down and 10Mb's up. Cost is about 130 dollars Canadian a month. It works out they have started usage based billing and i have 450GB cap. They are charging a maximum of 10 dollar a month overage which I manage to hit every month by gaming and youtube. I have to download patches frequently and I buy new games which have 30 to 50GB downloads LOL. I Stream games to twitch and upload 4 hour long video's to youtube of World of Warcraft Raids so I end up uploading a couple hundred Gigabyte a month.
  11. Yes it happens. I just thought i would gripe about a few issues i have had over the last few months about the show.
  12. Ok I tuned into the Wan Show today and the stream appeared to be having many issues. Was up and down quite a few times? I have noticed issues before like intro music and video not working properly. They have had issues with there VOD software and simply viewing their own notes as they have mentioned in stream before. The Wan Show rarely starts on time and has frequent issues with hardware or software? I am almost convinced they walk into studio or go to there Wan Show set and just start when they are ready. They don't appear to test equipment or stream before starting. I just can't believe they don't do any preparation for twitch broadcast beyond making notes and getting ready with talking point? Linus do you test equipment same day of broadcast? Do you verify that stream is working or that you can connect to twitch and you have the equipment set up right? I mean I stream once a week for my weekly Mythic raid and i spend half hour to an hour verifying everything is working right. Sometimes i test stream with a separate account just to verify the setup and equipment is working. I also have a dedicated laptop that just displays stream so that i can see that it is working. Yes it takes time to verify equipment works etc, but I can't imagine you would not delegate testing if you did not have time to? Or you could just delay stream by another 10 to 15 min to verify it all works on your end? I mean you were already 20 to 25 min late adding another 5 min to fire up test stream on random twitch channel for testing can be done quick? I can understand that your busy Linus and that twitch is not your primary concern as I imagine that you do not do that many shows that broadcast live? I watch some of your youtube video's but most of the time I know of you because of the Wan Show and pay little or not attention to the rest of your offerings. I really like it and how you format it. I really don't care about the VOD issues beyond the fact I could not watch it live. I can always catch it on youtube. But If you are having basic issues with simply pushing live content out and having your hardware behave what does that say about how much crap has to be going on behind the scenes that causes that? Is time management so much of an issue that after years of putting out a show you are still having issues simply putting up sponsor banner on lower third? Really? This should all be tested long before you go live. If this is a time management issue with respect to other commitments I don't know what to say. I love the Wan show and very rarely have any complaints beyond what I have stated here. But if you do not have time or the staff to commit to getting it right why are you doing it when simply displaying a web page or getting a banner or video to display is so problematic that it affects the quality of the broadcast? I have noticed your youtube video production quality is top notch. No complaints there. Looks very polished and professional. I am of the opposite opinion of the Wan Show. Almost seems like an after thought goes into production and such. Btw i am not a professional or highly educated. My opinion is from the back seat and I have no experience running a business or working in an office environment. I know nothing of video production or about how to go about running a media company. But I hope you improve the Wan Show production efforts. I will still watch it regardless of quality but would love to be able to watch it on twitch live and not have to wait in channel hoping you show up as you can be like half hour to 40 min late some times. You have issues where you do not even have the doc working when you start and/or your laptop you use misbehaves or your streaming equipment is not working right. I'm sure today was just twitch be ddos'ed or such or your internet hiccuped. But you should be ready for that and just put a message up saying what is going on and yada yada. Most twitch personalities i know that stream every day have issues too but they talk about them and post about it not just gripe mid stream about software and equipment failures. I had been commenting on the video you put up about stream starting and was going to reply to a comment about a post i put about it but when i went to do that video said it was private. That kind of makes sense if it was just there temporarily to announce stream. Would be a good idea to turn commenting off if you can because when you get many many replies and a discussion in youtube comments that suddenly disappears it can be very annoying to people discussing the video. Sure I am little bit of an idiot for posting in what appears to be a video that was only a placeholder for stream starting. Would be nice if commenting had been turned off as everything i wrote is now gone. Wasted my time as no one can read it. I am not a troll and rarely make comments or post on forums. I am frustrated and do not even bother posting in twitch stream as you on screen behavior towards twitch chat appears very negative from my POV. I am sure there are many people that are rude and/or trolling. But not everyone does. I love your show but your apparent indifference to quality based on past behavior with regards to twitch alarms me as I can't see how you profit from it and I don not see a business that does much that is not profit driven. Again I don't know how to run a business and only have a high school education but I worry that you might decide it is too much trouble if current attitude on stream is any indication of what is going on.
  13. Ok well i bought one of those new Insignia 4K roku tv's that came out in March of 2016. I know the story about input lag. IDK I play WoW and if you raid like I do input lag does not really matter after several hundred pulls on Mythic Reaver LOL. I currently have a Core I7-4790K and an Asus Maximus Hero VII Mobo and 16GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 980ti and 3 Samsung 850 EVO Pro's in Raid 0 running Windows 10. I have a 850 Watt PSU (bronze), and I am using a couple 2TB drives for random video's and backup for movies and tv shows etc. I have no data that i care about on SSD's. I can easily get another one and toss the failures and reinstall. I know raid 0 is bad idea but again nothing but games installed and chrome. All data is not work related or any such thing LOL. What i want to do is set up SLI with 2 GTX980's and I was thinking the best idea for that would be an X99 mobo and a 5960x for the pci-e lanes and performance of 6 cores so i don't end up with the performance hit in games i would if I went from a 4790K to a 5820K vs simply going for a 5960x. My budget is whatever it costs. And no that does not mean the sky is the limit. It does mean if what i have will drive two 980's and not have cpu bottleneck i will not get the upgrade. The main issue i am having is WoW at ultra settings is sitting at around average fps of about 100 to 110 and that is just unacceptable with everything maxed for settings at 4K. I want to go as high as I can and still stream. I have it setup so i can currently use max settings and stream at 1080p with downsampling the resolution and fps output to twitch is a horrible 24fps but it works. So if i can get WoW average fps over 200 by adding a 2nd GPU without bottlenecking i will do that. The obs issues can be resolved cheaper by simply buying a 2nd system configured similar to current and using it with my Game Capture HD. Unfortunately that does limit me to 1080p. So my question is it better to build another midrange system and get a 4K capture card or build a 5960x with 32GB of ram and X99 mobo? I do not believe even bottom end cards that capture in 4k are cheap? But is it cheaper to do that or build the x99 system?
  14. Ok looks like the individual unit i bought was faulty. Today i noticed the blue led light beside the brand name was blinking 2 times rapidly every 2 seconds or so. I contacted geeksquad at Bestbuy who told me that was normal but suggested i contact roku to enquire further. I contacted roku who told me it was normal for it to do this and was a feature that they could not fully explain except to say that the tv was talking to the remote. I told them it was not talking to the remote as i had down checked that as a possibility by removing the batteries etc. So they suggested i contact Insignia support. I contacted Insignia support who asked to to follow a procedure to test. I turned tv off and unplugged it and held power key down on tv itself for 20 seconds. Then plug it in a different outlet and turn it back on and see if light stopped blinking. It did not. It continued to blink rapid twice every two seconds endlessly. Very annoying. The tech on the phone said it was one of two things. Either i had bad power connected to the tv, ie. faulty wiring or the tv power supply was bad. Either way the told me to return the tv and not turn it back on. So off to Bestbuy and I did get a replacement very quick. It took a total of about 10 min of waiting and filling out paperwork and back home. Plugged in new unit and went through setup. No blinking blue light so all is good so far. Hope this unit does not have a faulty power supply in a few days. Too bad their is no user manual available online or such. Well I hope this helps anyone else out there with a blue led light blinking two times rapidly every two seconds. Return it right away and get a new one.
  15. Found a review that says it has hdmi 2.0 and hdcp 2.2 http://hometheaterreview.com/best-buy-debuts-insignia-branded-4k-roku-tvs/ quote " Best Buy is now selling three Insignia-branded 4K Roku TVs on its website, and the TVs will be available in stores early next month. These 4K TVs feature a fully integrated Roku operating system and provide access to streamed 4K content from Netflix, Amazon Video, UltraFlix, and more. These TVs won't support higher-end technologies like HDR or wide color gamut, but they will have HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2. The lineup includes the 43-inch NS-43DR710NA17 ($399.99), the 50-inch NS-50DR710NA17 ($499.99), and the 55-inch NS-55DR710NA17 ($649.99). " un-quote