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  1. NFS and BF got it on and made a baby?
  2. Sorry i meant 27 or over, bad wording
  3. Anyone know a decent one? I dont mind what it is but it has to be 27 inches or over
  4. If you have hamachi or hotspot shield or anything like that it can slow your internet down even when its on stand by
  5. In theory yes but DRM files could be a problem.
  6. Who else has got over an hour for the queue to reach your turn?
  7. Its not just minecraft its everything with java
  8. So im having a problem that everytime i try to open minecraft or technic launcher it crashes before i even get to the launcher. this is the debug file: Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: Xmx512M Unrecognized option: Xmx512M
  9. Avrill lavinge is pretty good
  10. Do you have any material that may help me learn?
  11. It will be mobile and yeah im completely new