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  1. hotbrass

    DIY WiFi Cam Tutorial

    Or get a USB Ethernet adapter
  2. hotbrass

    Water wetter additive

    I have found that it really does not make much difference. I use it mainly because it is a good biocide with distilled water. At least Redline Water Wetter is, not sure about others.
  3. If I changed only my CPU from a 95w TDP CPY to a 35w TDP CPU, how much drop in power at the wall will I see? Thanks!
  4. hotbrass

    Anyone else have this problem? WIndows 1809 update

    I know this doesn't help, but I have installed 1809 on all my computers except two laptops and none of my folders or files were deleted. Maybe I am lucky but I suspect that deletion of files and folders is not the norm since I updated 1809 when it was first available before they stopped deployment and have updated to the latest version without much problem. There were a few "Features" that were installed that I did not want and some settings that I didn't like which I finally got straight.
  5. hotbrass

    Notification Panel Not Working

    Yes. And which settings are you referring to exactly?
  6. hotbrass

    M.2 Nvme VS SSD

    I have several of both SATA SSD and M.2 NVME. I cant tell the difference in windows load time. Both are really fast! I lean more toward the M.2 NVME just because it takes no room or cables and is faster at most tasks. Load time, not so much. Transfers, yes! Just dont buy cheap SATA with slow read/write. YMMV
  7. hotbrass

    Notification Panel Not Working

    My Notification Panel is not working in the new windows 1809 release. How do I fix this?
  8. hotbrass

    PURE PC 2.0 (E-ATX + SLI + 1500W @ 25L)

    OK, so who makes it and where do I buy one?
  9. hotbrass

    Windows 1809 will not Shut Down

    Was that in response to your computer not shutting down?
  10. hotbrass

    Windows 1809 will not Shut Down

    Nevermind. I found the fix.
  11. hotbrass

    Windows 1809 will not Shut Down

    I was not aware it was a pre-release version. It was pushed out by MS yesterday.
  12. hotbrass

    Windows 1809 will not Shut Down

    What patch is that? Are you referring to the 1809 update itself or has MS already started releasing patches???
  13. hotbrass

    Windows 1809 will not Shut Down

    I installed the new Win 1809 release on four of my computers yesterday and on my computer that I use as my daily driver, Asus Z170-A, i7-6700K, 32gb ram, 480gb NVME, I am not able to use the Shut Down to turn the power off. I did find that I can hold down the Shift and then click Shut Down to power off but I want it to work properly. It has never done this before. It goes through the shutdown process then goes right back into the windows boot sequence, but no POST, not the same as restart. Help! Thank you!
  14. hotbrass

    Windows 10 Scroll Won't Work In Settings App

    I have the same problem now after installing windows 1809 yesterday. I never installed a mouse driver, its a usb mouse just plug and play. Scrolling works on all other pages that I have used except Windows Settings. Thanks!
  15. hotbrass

    DIY WiFi Cam Tutorial

    Mr Ben, I too live in Texas. Forget about humidity if you are running cameras full time. They run plenty hot which keeps them dry. ALL cameras should be shielded from direct water contact. I have not built one of those kits, but my cameras run 24/7/365 for years and they are all hot but have never failed even in the 110 heat we had this summer..