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  1. That would make a pretty incredible combination. Would like to witness both, where everything is static and you have to turn physically to look around. As well as on that acts as normal, where all movement/looking is done by the mouse and it cascades across all screens.
  2. Oh yea, it would be a ridiculous monstrosity, and I can't really think of a way to make it fluidly useful. That is to say, how would one sit and use the monitors when they're also behind you. But that's not really for me to figure out...
  3. Hello, I had this idea a few months back, and recently figured it would be a perfect fit for Linus to attempt. On the basic level, I envisioned a 360 degree monitor set-up using curved monitors. I don't know the insanity it would require to set up and sync however many monitors it would require to complete a circle, but I figured someone at LTT would be more knowledgeable than I. Gaming, video editing, general productivity.. it would probably be terrible for all three, but man do I want to see it in action. Anyway, had no where else to post this with any hope of it actually being accomplished aside from here, so here it is. Worth it for the small chance that someone at LTT sees it and decides it would be worthwhile content for the effort required. Thanks for reading.