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  1. For the dell rack it's not bad the split back is my preference. Sound dampening will help minimally depending on your servers. if its in an office environment might look at filtering\extra meshing front and back to add more sound damping again depending on server and loads and ambients.
  2. 8320 is a bit of a power hog in the cpu world but its not super crazy if you have it. My nas box runs an 1100t which is same tdp lol. Undervolt its all good. can it handle a load? you bet. YMMV.
  3. Do you have one of those auto buttons for this monitor. my freenas does this with the monitor. if everything boots fine it should boot past this screen to your freenas. makesure you install on one thumbdrive and remove your installation usb after it is installed. and they cant be the same device. could also just be a corrupt freenas image?
  4. APC makes like 90% of the racks on the market and they get re-branded. if you want to fully spec one out i would start with them. the dell half racks are sweet. Post racks are cringe to myself but thats because they are always half assed and cables always suffer.
  5. One time cost means you're inherently squatting on someone else's bandwidth and electricity. How much data are we talking? Just toss a server at a relatives house kinda deal is what this sounds like. Minimal bandwidth needed if your just mirroring updates to it.
  6. The 4 Watt settings are to high on your monitor if you turn them down you can clearly see the Intel logo on the exposed CPU.
  7. I still find this hilarious so many people were confused about this, Confusing Time Warner and Time Warner Cable.
  8. Right, I didn't elaborate because I didn't think it was necessary but this is the separation of Server\Network. Simple answer to the question is Yes you can have multiple IP's for nics. Notice the add button on the Pic.
  9. The number of IPs assigned to a NIC is based on the subnet given to said nic. Example subnet of this is a subnet of 8 addresses with the last being the broadcast address. and the first is typically the main and the rest are hosts.
  10. I would agree if I was being paid the standard in my area, I wasn't. My bosses boss even said they wanted to keep me just couldn't meet my salary requirements. Just have to know what you're worth and go get it. After getting on some where after that and leaving again I now make 2x what I was making originally. Principles aside getting paid bread crumbs and having a boss like that isn't worth it, IMO.
  11. Your boss is the one whom assumes responsibility. You have presented the options and your opinion, nothing more to do. When you become the boss you can make the decisions and accept the responsibilities. A word of advice, "local repair shops" are A-Typical just like best buy know how to sell crap but know very little of the industry. Also like most have stated current server hardware configurations will only allow ecc ram generally in good principle should stick with it. I had a boss once that would give a complete 1 minute deer in headlights stair when I said something technical or asked something technical, highlighting she didn't know shit. When I asked for a 10k raise and didn't receive it, I had no quams about applying else where and getting more money. To each their own.
  12. Here is a simple run down, VPN - this is network stuff not really server stuff ssh - not 100% why you need secure shell when you can securely vpn to everything, so no idea on this VM1- Minecraft Server\Teamspeak VM2- Best practices is to always have mail server separated VM3- File storage\Owncloud\FTP server VM4- Plex\Docker Personally I would do 2 boxes with second having 2VM 1 for FreeNas-Filestorage\plex\OwnCloud 2 for a. Mailserver b. Minecraft\Teamspeak\docker\ftp
  13. Generally if it says your trying to install an update and wont let you there are other issues. This can be the update is installed already, not needed for this system etc. If it says you need to run it as the admin. Try a different admin account, only admin?, create new account and add them to the admin group, and log in as them. The whole Adobe CC is a big pile of dog doo doo for an installer, even more so for windows server. Is this a VM? Make sure you have the minimum requirements(Namely OpenGL 2.0)
  14. for Servers I typically do it like this. memory gain/$ so if I have a server is 96GB of memory and 8 slots open if I do 8X4GB and match I get total of 128Gb/cost of 8 sticks. I also did price of 16X16GB = 256 + 64from left over 4GB moduels total gain = 224GB/price for the memory. Of corse this all depended on my final goal of what I needed in the system.
  15. I just checked my 380 and the default is dhcp. so w/e your dhcp is handing out. I found several posts around the web saying this would be CPU related. If you have dual try each only individually. again still don't think it is the igpu.