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  1. Hi all, I currently run a hybrid cooling system with a micro-ATX board inside an older Lian Li PC-V350B. But recently when upgrading, I find the case to be rather cramped. I got the case because of its form factor and 5.25 inch bays. But now I'm thinking of moving back to small tower cases, especially because it makes upgrades more convenient. Plus, I have 5 RGB fans, 2 of which I had to give up when moving my tech into the Lian Li. I have shortlisted a few cases, but I'm somewhat divided. What would y'all pick? 1) Tecware Nova M3 - SGD 58 2) Tecware Nexus M - SGD 49 3) Tecware Vega - SGD 89 4) Cooler Master NR400 - SGD 78 5) Apevia XpackQ3 - around SGD 70 without shipping 6) Aigo Darkflash DLM21 about SGD 55 7) Aigo Darkflash DLM22 about SGD 55 Tecware Quad - SGD 55 9) Gamemax H605 - SGD 55 Prices are the best ones I could find around. Also, does anyone have experience with the Aigo cases? How is their cooling like?
  2. Finally got myself a GTX 1060! And it's the OC V1 from MSI too! Not too bad. Don't wait for benchmarks tho. I'll be too busy. Also a Thermaltake Riing!
  3. Herman, the codes appear to be obsolete: http://www.lazada.sg/promo-details/#HurryGrabSuper30
  4. Dayum, I'm inclined to get the zotac GTX 1060 mini 3GB or the palit GTX 1060 3GB... Alas, waiting for pay-day. Well, the argument is, for an extra 20 or so dollars, you can get a bump in about 0.5 GHz clock speed vs a 6500 to 6600 jump which has a bigger price difference but smaller clock speed increment. TechDeals talked about that in one of their videos.
  5. Yup. I played LoL at high (okay maybe that doesn't really push the GPU as much as AAA titles) and temps rose to around 50 C. With a stock cooler. At most just get an extra fan and play in a cool, well-ventilated room?
  6. Yep! I'd say the same if you really want those deals.
  7. Speaking of games, THE CREW IS FREE ON UPLAY!
  8. It doesn't say whether there's individual warranty for the parts, so you may be taking a risk there but I think it's really bang for your buck! Add about SGD 140 for an SSD and you're ready to go. Although, you must also add about 220 usd for shipping.
  9. Here, dude. https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-Xtreme-GXiVR8020A-Gaming-Desktop/dp/B01HNBLHAA/ref=as_li_ss_tl?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1472146210&sr=1-3&keywords=cyberpowerpc&linkCode=sl1&tag=tecdea0f-20&linkId=3275b62a100b03abea0a4e4036fb06b6&th=1
  10. Oh shucks... That may be true. After all, I'm rather new to this. Happy that it's running really well now! Faster even than my old laptop.
  11. Agreed! And you can even watch yazid assemble the build if you want to try a future build yourself. Learned quite a bit and was greatly impressed by his speed at putting the whole thing together! Loved how he cable-managed mine. Initially the OS may run rather slowly so just remember to install the MOBO driver when you get back. Haha read some posts on HWZ and the comments on tradepac were hilarious.
  12. Haha I had trouble signing back in to HWZ so I just gave up :P. The price differences appear to be minimal from update to update, although there were some price drops in some products.
  13. One thing to let you know, tho... if you plan to purchase the parts from PCThemes, their price list from 15 days ago is already outdated for some things (like RAM). Also, it may help if to mention about your, ehem, predicament as a student saving up money...
  14. Also, it would have been helpful if you could mention the purpose of your build. Is it primarily for gaming, for running certain apps, school work, etc.? There's a thread that guides new posters on new threads for PC builds and it may be helpful if you could stick to it as close as possible. Ultimately, you decide what's best for you based on personal research.