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  1. "I do not know with what websites Web 3.0 will be fought, but Web 4.0 will be fought with BBS." - Al Gore, probably
  2. With this technology, who needs an adult industry anymore?
  3. This story is about Japan, where 60-80 hour work weeks are commonplace and widely accepted. Also, regardless of that, the story isn't about anyone complaining about anything, it's a company who decided to test a new business strategy and allegedly saw an increase in productivity. Whether it's true or not is up for debate, but if you could work less and achieve more, you would need to be stupid to pass that up as either an employer or employee.
  4. Imagine a world where concept artists were redundant because anyone could just render anything exactly the way that they imagine it in their mind.
  5. This time we're going to stop the piracy. Just you watch.
  6. I can accept that Youtube's bots are overzealous and banned people because they appeared to be spamming even though they weren't. It sucks, but that's YouTube for you. The bigger question is why on earth does a ban from chat involve an automatic deletion of your account? I could see spamming racial slurs or something resulting in a suspension or serious warning or something, but why is an automated system able to access and delete your personal account without any oversight. And even more so, how the hell does Youtube's automated system have the ability to elevate itself to delete your entire Google account. I realize that the two accounts are closely linked nowadays (for no good reason), but how is a piece of software built to manage YouTube chat etiquette even capable of wiping out private user data? Ignoring any safeguards and security best practices that obviously weren't in place, how does it even have the access necessary to do it?
  7. I have a GSync monitor and while the difference isn't nearly as mind blowing as a lot of people make it out to be, it does add a little extra something to the smoothness of certain games that I tested. Unfortunately due to some incompatibility in my setup it screwed around with OBS and I can't actually run VRR despite technically being able to. Honestly I think most of the benefit can be gained just by running at a much higher refresh rate - at 165hz any tearing is so brief that I can't recall seeing much if any in any game recently.
  8. I'm definitely not saying it's a good or logical name, but I'll take illogical and unique versus multiple distinct products with tangible differences using the same model number. Same deal with the RX 480 vs 580 - they may be fundamentally the same GPU and it easily could have just been "RX 480 (2017 Edition)", but at the very least when someone says they have or recommend a 580, you know exactly what they are talking about.
  9. Another good example there. As arbitrary as the 1660 naming is, at least there's no way to confuse it with any thing else. It's newer than the 1060, and it's less capable than the 2060. I'm just surprised it wasn't called the 2060u or something stupid like that.
  10. I'm fine with there being loads of products with loads of naming conventions, the problem for me is when they reuse/misuse specific names/numbers in a way that's misleading. Things like these 4000 series APUs actually being 3000 series based (same with Intel's older HEDT lines), or things like the 1060 3GB being way less than it should be based on the name. At least with Cascade Lake Intel is giving it its own arch name so it feels a little less BS when they call it 10 series. There are a lot of words in the world and last time I checked even more numbers. As annoying as added letters/suffexes can get, I know I'm not going to confuse a 2070 Super with a 2070 or a 3600X with a 3600.
  11. To be fair, Intel does have a shit nomenclature. As does Nvidia. I guess AMD was feeling left out.
  12. It was bad enough when the APUs were one number ahead, but now we have Zen 2 = Ryzen 3000 = Ryzen 4000. I hope that at some point they put out "ZenX" or something stupid like that and reset the numbering scheme to arch/desktop/mobile on the same page. Throw it on the AMX socket while you're at it.
  13. To my knowledge most nations (or at least the major ones who have been in space for decades) already have policies to either deorbit their craft or shift them to graveyard orbits. The problem is accidents happen and craft either lose their propulsion systems or they are impacted by existing debris (which can be dangerous even down to the scale of metallic particles of leftover rocket propellant). Although it's a serious problem, there's really not a whole lot we can do about it short of designing craft with enough redundancy and resiliency to take the brunt of the smaller impacts, and better tracking systems to allow us to dodge the bigger debris. Maybe someday we'll have autonomous ion powered drones that can hang around collecting and deorbiting derelict craft, but unless we find a away to deal with the borderline microscopic particles whipping around up there, it's basically impossible to keep it properly "clean".