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  1. I was wondering if the second thing was possible (1440 on one card and two 1080s on the old card)
  2. I asked this over on r/pcgamingtechsupport and the r/pcgaming techsupport thread, but I'm seeing conflicting answers. I have three monitors (one 1440p two 1080p) Each does a different job (1440p= games/ general use like movies when not gaming. One 1080p= discord... and usually nothing else. The second 1080p= general use like youtube/ podcasts while playing games) I am running all of this from a GTX 970. My question is: If I buy a new GPU could I keep running the two 1080p monitor from the GTX970, and use the new card for games on the 1440p? (EDIT: I'm not looking to SLI) I'm trying to be cost effective here, I don't really have the money for an RTX 2080... but I could get a GTX 1660 or an RTX 2060 without a problem. IF this does work- what are my limitations? Someone said that if I open a program on one of the 1080p monitors then that monitor would always render the window even if I moved it to the 1440p monitor. If you guys cant help me, IDK what to do other than to find another card and do some experimenting.