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  1. so i benchmarked my cpu. and this doenst seem right to me. if i stresstest the cpu multi thread goes up to 8k
  2. is it possible is had something to do with my cpu?
  3. atm 78.9 of 232 gb is free. there were no updates on the day the lag started.
  4. ran it and doenst help on the low performance. i have a 250 gb samsung evo ssd, i am using more than half of it. i am using more than half of it for a pretty long tim (around a year i think)
  5. nothing changed, i didnt install anything or deleted anything. in the morning i played a game of league with some friends and in the afternoon when i started my pc and wanted to play another game it was lagging and my pc was slow. my pc is not watercooled, i have a noctua nh-d15
  6. i ran tests on both ssd and hdd the ssd is my bootdrive
  7. in the games i get around 30 fps, and in chrome and on my desktop it reacts really slow and things take a long time to open or load
  8. pc specs: asus z170 pro gaming intel i7 6700k (not overclocked) nvidia gtx 1070 a few days ago i my pc lost performance, i now cant play league, watch youtube or browse the internet normally. when i play other games like overwatch i dont get any issues. anyone have an idea whats happening and what i can do to help it?
  9. i would love to have the New Razer Blade. this way i can go to friends and play at their house