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  1. I think mine is pretty nice and has some unique parts. http://pcpartpicker.com/guide/dyH9TW/msi-build-your-dream-pc-guide-your-tittle
  2. I have a cheap gearhead mouse
  3. The problem with doing benchmarks is that the tests always use the integrated graphics over the dedicated card. Is there a way to change that?
  4. I just bought a new Lenovo y40-80 and it's suppose to come with the R9 m275x yet when I look at my GPU-Z specs it doesnt seem to match up with the ones on wikipedia and other tech sites. The TMU and pixel fillrate is different from spec and the whole memory section is not right.
  5. It's apparently the graphic card for the new Lenovo Z51 but there seems to be no info on it other than 2GB DDR3. Can you guys help me find the specs?
  6. People steal everything. Haven't you heard of people stealing the rear(easy to remove) seat in vans?
  7. I use tenkeyless keyboards. I've gotten used to mot having a numpad on my laptop.
  8. It looks like half of them are just using the silverstone rvz01b.
  9. Are you sure the towers aren't Norwegian and spying on the people around the building to prevent terrorist and spys?
  10. I like how you can chose your color instead of being handed one and told to deal with it.
  11. Was Linus standing on a stepladder for the review?
  12. The next hot phone is getting Kickstarted! The NoPhone! It's basically an IPhone but better! It even includes an upgrade for a selfie camera. Basically it's a plastic block made to look like a smartphone and the "selfie camera" is just a mirror. source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nophone-usa/the-new-and-unimproved-nophone