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    Chaftalie reacted to Windows7ge in Win 10 Reinstall but no Setup   
    Are you sure it performed the re-install or did it fail and bring you back to your old login page?
    Do you have a Microsoft account on this machine? If you didn't do a fresh re-install but used a built-in option that just deletes your files it's possible it's using your Microsoft account/password.
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    Chaftalie reacted to mariushm in SUB 3.0 Type A internal pin   
    Vbus gives 5v to the usb 3 port that's on that vertical row of pins.
    If you look at the picture, you'll see each vertical row of pins belongs to one of the USB 3 ports, they're just offset by one pin for keying purposes (so you don't plug the connector the wrong way around)
    So yeah, you can plug it in, just one usb port won't work. You can try to insert a pin or a wire in the plug and connect the other end of the wire to that other Vbus pin with lots of care to not touch the other pins in the row.  This way you'll get power in both usb 3 ports.
    An alternate way to fix it is like this... see picture below :
    Basically, use some fine strand wire, one or two strands of wire from let's say some power cable or some network cable, and insert them between the two holes. In the picture, the yellow is the fine strands of copper.
    Where you have the broken pin, insert some broken pin or some bit of solid core wire into the hole, so that the thin strands of copper are fixed and making contact with the metal inside the hole.
    On the other hole that has pin on the motherboard, when you insert the connect in the header, those fine strands of wire will make contact with the header pin and the tiny strands will be thin enough that they won't damage anything... so now power will be sent through those fine strands of copper into the other usb port's 5v power
    The fine strands of copper will not be able to carry a lot of power, but the length of the wire is short enough that it should be fine ... worst case scenario the thin strands will act like a fuse and simply break if the usb device consumes too much power.

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    Chaftalie reacted to MeatFeastMan in Used GTX 1080 or new RTX 2060   
    Is a new RX 5700 an option? Otherwise, the 1080 slightly beats the 2060 by a whisker while having 2gb extra vram, so I'd get that if I had to choose.
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from WikiForce in Laptop ssd speed   
    no, every Laptop is compatible with every SSD aslong as they have the same interface for example:(sata or m.2 nvme)
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from Ben17 in Which function generator should I buy?   
    I will get an oscillioscope in the next few days (the Siglent SDS1104X-E)
    Now I also need/want a function generator:
    at least 40Mhz 2 Outputs (probably not needed, at least not for my current Projects) PC Software (which works out of the box with win10 or Linux)  
    My preffered Price range would be 100€ to ~200€ maybe 300€
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    Chaftalie reacted to FunkyHunk in Powermac G3 Ryzentosh/Win10 Gaming Rig   
    Sharing is caring  
    Here you go, for all interested in macOS on AMD cpus: AMD-OSX Forums
    It requires some additional tinkering to get to work on AMD, a little bit extra in contrast to installing macOS on an intel system. 
    Also, Nvidia drivers for macOS is not released for Mojave yet, so if you want 3d acceleration in the OS you have to stick to High Sierra for now. 
    This is the guide I followed to install macOS 10.13.3 on my computer:  INSTALL AND POSTINSTALL OF HIGHSIERRAAMD V3 UNOFFICIAL
    You also have to do a separate guide to install Nvidia web drivers to get a nvidia gpu to work on macOS. 
    Most AMD gpus work fine natively in macOS. 
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    Chaftalie reacted to Fasauceome in Need a good PSU   
    I would absolutely not put an S12II with a Vega GPU.
  8. Informative
    Chaftalie reacted to Zando Bob in Need a good PSU   
    ^^^ I have the 620 Evo, never ran it with my Vega cards, too scared to. IIRC it's still running on a 10+ year old design and isn't too reliable so I haven't trusted it with my beefy hardware for a good long while, it just sits in a bin now. 
  9. Informative
    Chaftalie reacted to Fasauceome in Need a good PSU   
    It's unfortunate that Seasonic has a reputation now with bad transient response, the only Seasonic unit I'd trust with Vega is a Prime and that's not exactly budget friendly.
    That would be a suitable choice.
  10. Informative
    Chaftalie reacted to Zando Bob in Need a good PSU   
    Yeah. The bitfenix you recommended sounds good, corsair also has a bunch of solid PSU lines, the CX/TX/RM, etc PSUs. 
    Yes. TXM units are awesome. Semi-modular, very quiet, really reliable. Have one in a watercooled rig for a friend with a 6700K and R9 290X, Hasn't had an issue in nearly 2 years of running with basically no maintenance, I think it's been dusted out once? Still doesn't make any noise at all too. 
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    Chaftalie reacted to Mihle in Brand name   
    I personally would like it better if it was all one colour, or maybe ring one colour and letters another....
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from Origami Cactus in Where can I buy hardware in bulk?   
    Just go to your local retailer.
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    Chaftalie reacted to FRSHPRNCFBLR in Stock AMD cooler uses Thermal Adhesive WTF? (2200G)   
    That sounds like the thermal paste dried up. Disconnect the cpu fan and let the cpu and thermal paste warm up. 
    Then carefully twist the cooler from side to side. 
  14. Informative
    Chaftalie reacted to mariushm in Stock AMD cooler uses Thermal Adhesive WTF? (2200G)   
    Simple... just run the pc for a while then shut down, unlock the cooler and gently twist it left and right by a tiny amount while the heatsink is still warm/hot, to loosen the thermal paste. Don't pull straight up, because you risk pulling the cpu with the heatsink out of the socket.  It's a ZIF socket, zero insertion force socket, and there's just a small amount of friction force sideways keeping cpu locked in when lever is pressed down, so if you pull too hard up, you can beat those friction forces and pull the cpu out.
  15. Informative
    Chaftalie reacted to porina in Stock AMD cooler uses Thermal Adhesive WTF? (2200G)   
    It is normal... just the suction effect of the paste being strong enough to rip it out of the socket. Seasoned tinkerers would run a load to warm it up before removing, but that's a little late now unless you can remount it with the cooler attached? Otherwise, gently warm it up (e.g. hair drier) will make it easier to slide the CPU carefully off.
  16. Informative
    Chaftalie reacted to FRSHPRNCFBLR in Stock AMD cooler uses Thermal Adhesive WTF? (2200G)   
    Or, you know... use a thin wire or string in between cpu  and cooler to separate them. 
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from lamazes in new here   
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    Chaftalie reacted to SenioRR in learning linux   
    A couple of months back, I was getting really annoyed by Windows. Whether it was the constant updates that took forever or general instability, I wanted to get away from Microsoft and switch over to Linux. The first days, just like you say, are intimidating but eventually Linux will feel like home and your Windows habits will disperse.
    When I was getting started, and by no means am I an expert now, I watched pretty much all of Wendell's videos on Level1Tech and Level1Linux channels.
    Here are two videos which I would recommend to anyone new to Linux:
    Linux might be confusing right now, but you will eventually realize that it does many things better than Windows.
    When you are having problems with something, there is a good chance someone out there did too.
    There lots of answers and guides available to help you troubleshoot issues you might encounter.
    Don't get discouraged when things go wrong!
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    Chaftalie reacted to SirBilliam in High CPU usage on Steam Downloads   
    Thank you both for your input. Cheers!
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from RollinLower in Reusing the case from a Fiery Color Controller E-7200   
    Or just lay it on the PSU and tape over it, it's not very fancy but works.
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    Chaftalie reacted to Commodus in Cheap Tablet for just Note taking   
    iPad.  If the Apple Pencil pushes you past your budget, the Logitech Crayon will be fine when you're just interested in taking notes; the Pencil's main advantages are for art.
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from Breadpudding in Reusing the case from a Fiery Color Controller E-7200   
    If it was my Project, I would mount the HDD to the air flow holes ore drill new holes there. (maybe add some padding to minimise vibration)
    Or doublesided Tape on the PSU ^^
  23. Funny
    Chaftalie got a reaction from Mad153 in High CPU usage on Steam Downloads   
    In this case most of the time its not as simple as just downloading, many games on steam are pretty heavy compressed, so you Steam decompresses the download stream while downloading, so installing the game is faster after downloading.
    LTT Video where the download is capped by the CPU and not the connection:
    Downloading Games at 10 GIGABIT?
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.   
    its definitelly possible as this video suggests:
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    Chaftalie got a reaction from StarTheSoldier in Is my SSD dead or can be revived?   
    Ho old is it and which model?
    You could try to unplug you sata cable (let the power cable plugged in!) boot into the BIOS wait for half an hour to an hour,
    reconnect your drive and try if it is running again.
    You also could try to update the firmware of the SSD but I do not think thats possible in the state of the SSD right now.