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  1. Then the only question which remains is if the Samsung Space Monitor S27R750Q, 27" is a nice monitor with nice colours and Specs or should I consider an other monitor?
  2. I ve to buy 2 (ore one ultrawide) to new monitors for work (mostly programming) I can also use them for private stuff outside of working hours. When I am working I will use my Laptop (7700 HQ | 1060 6GB | 16GB) or Remotedesktop with my (8700K | 1070ti | 32GB) machine, depending on the workload. A few days ago (At that time I did not know that I would have to buy new monitors) I saw the Samsung Space Monitor S27R750Q, 27" and I thought it has nice image quality. (I can get it for 250€ = 270$) Are there other monitors with similar Specs and price which you can recommed? Should I get one ultrawide 1440p instead of 2 27" 1440p? Budget 500 to 600€ (Everything more than that I ve to pay myself)
  3. Does anyone have specific recommendations? Ive looked at these ones, each TV has a lot of different Models which seem to be all nearly the sam but their price varies a lot: Comparison between all of them Samsung UE65NU7090 Samsung UE65RU7172 LG Electronics 65UK6300LLB LG Electronics 65UK6400 Samsung UE65RU7099 Sony KD-65XF7096 Sony KD-65XF7005 Sony KD-65XF7004 Sony KD-65XG7005
  4. I am searching for an TV: 65" 4K apple air play would be cool the only important thing is a very good image quality at an price point of 600 to 800€. My favourite Brands would be Samsung or LG.
  5. no, every Laptop is compatible with every SSD aslong as they have the same interface for example:(sata or m.2 nvme)
  6. I would get a 600 to 700 Watt Seasonic PSU. something like the M12II-620 EVO
  7. If you ve got some spare time you can check out these vidos from Roman (der8auer). Ryzen 3000 without heatsink: i7 8700K wihtout heatsink (sadly only german, but ther are egnlish subtitles)
  8. I will get an oscillioscope in the next few days (the Siglent SDS1104X-E) Now I also need/want a function generator: at least 40Mhz 2 Outputs (probably not needed, at least not for my current Projects) PC Software (which works out of the box with win10 or Linux) My preffered Price range would be 100€ to ~200€ maybe 300€
  9. I think I will buy the Siglent SDS1104 and use the rest of the money for a function generator. Thanks for all the advice!
  10. We in Austria have a Shop called e-tec.at there I get discounts everytime I ask if they can still do anything with the price. But they only have very little margins on expensive PC components like CPU MB and alike. You can get a better price cut on cheap things like USB sticks.
  11. I want to buy a oscilloscope for little electronic Projects like creating VGA signals or simple arduino Projects. Requirements / Nice to have: >7" Display 200Mhz / 1GSa (?) FFT (pretty much a must have for me) Function Generator (or should I buy an extra Function Generator? what's more budget efficient?) 4 Channels (Nice to have) VGA/HDMI output (would be really nice) Decoding of SPI, I²C,... My preffered budget is in the range of 400 to ~700€ If really needed and or there are features which are worth it I can spend up to 1200€.
  12. a thin wire is an excellent idea, have to use it next time ^^. I ended up heating the cooler with an hair drier, about 60 to 70 degrees and with a lot of force it came apart. I never saw a thermal paste that hard after such a short time span, even 10 year old PCs I disassambled never had this hard thermal paste. Thank for the advice!
  13. I just disassambled a 2200G build to update a X470 MB to support a 3600. I ve used the stock cooler with stock thermal paste. The cooler got with the CPU on it nothing odd yet. But I cannot get the CPU off of my cooler, its like the ve used thermal addhesive instead of paste. the paste which got out on the sides of the CPU is not hard just like dried out thermal paste. Any Ideas how to get the CPU off of the cooler with out the risk of bending the pins?
  14. effectively its an open case PC.
  15. Out of these three cards the MSI would be my choice, because I do not like the EVGA translucent design (but I never saw one myself) If I have to choose an EVGA card my choice would be the XC ultra, because its only 10€ (roughly 11 USD) more expensive. If your case supports it you could go for a vertical mount to counter GPU sag. I cannot comment on how silent they are, I do not have any of those cards nor do I have cards from that brand.
  16. is that a madcatz logo on the right of the CD Drive?
  17. The only problem I can think of is when cooling subambient, your radiator will warm up your water, you would have to make a valve to decupple the radiator from the loop. Also water temperatur probes are probably a must so you do not freeze the water when the CPU is at idle. and of course condense water.
  18. it will bottleneck the CPU, but because its PCIe it will work with any new motherboard, also Z390
  19. Or just lay it on the PSU and tape over it, it's not very fancy but works.
  20. I ve a PC with in HDD just hanging from the top, it still works, as long as it won't hit anything and makes a short you are fine
  21. with the 3700X you can use a cheaper X470 or B450 Board and with some of those you will even get pcie 4.0 also 2133 ram is well in spec with 3 Gen Ryzen Chips. (it would be even better to have faster RAM for added performance, maximum 3600)
  22. If it was my Project, I would mount the HDD to the air flow holes ore drill new holes there. (maybe add some padding to minimise vibration) Or doublesided Tape on the PSU ^^
  23. Aslong as there is not anything obvious all your equipment schould be fine