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    Core2Duo E4400
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    4GB DDR2 800MHz Kingston and PNY
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    NVidia GT8600
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    Qube package
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    Seagate 250GB 7200 rpm
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    Samsung CRT Syncmaster 551v
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  1. Sorry. Just have to post this since it will be buried in YT comments. Saw the Techquickie on Powerbanks. Loved Linus' reaction as he was saying what he's listening on Audible now (at the end of the vid). Suggestion: microSD classes, speeds and suggested brands. Which one are best for phones, cameras and other devices. Example: most phones can only be expanded up to 64gb (unless it's a newer model). What's the difference between Samsung's evo, evo+, etc... then Samsung vs Sandisk if using microsd card as main storage for frequent input/output. Like if you move all your apps to it and use it like main memory. Thanks.
  2. AnnaLVX

    The WAN Show


    Sorry. Just have to post this since it will be buried in YT comments. Saw the Techquickie on Powerbanks. Loved Linus' reaction as he was saying what he's listening on Audible now (at the end of the vid).
  3. My Zenfone 5 used to drop from about 2 meters several times a day everyday for more than a year. It's still alive today and I'm using it now. Only thing I have for months since my custom pc rig already died after 10 years. Anyway, the reason I drop it a lot was because a new building blocked the network signals so I had to place it by the window and use it as a hotspot for my PC. I also had to plug in the charger since it was being used as a hotspot. I had new rescued cats so...every time they play, the wind and the cord, pulls down the phone and drops it. This is phone has a slight factory defect with the speakers when I got it but it still lasted me. Bought this August 2014. I only finally got a cheap plaatic jelly protector last month since I chipped the side dropping it almost everyday. But the screen still has no cracks. There's a little scratch recently but I got it from something in my bag and I got tussled commuting in crowds. I also clean this with alcohol every time it feels greasy so several times a day. Only problem is it gets hot but manageable. Also it lasted despite all the abuse and heavy use. I also only began to start taking care of battery now. Lol. I don't know about the newer models, but they say it's good. The earphones that came with this was also good. Wish it didn't tangle badly and finally died. Hope this helps.
  4. The link says unavailable product. What model is it? Thanks.
  5. Feels like newly installed Windows connecting online for the first time. I actually don't get any updates for quite a long time now. The phone brands are also responsible for delaying updates.
  6. If you're considering mid-range phones too, Asus Zenfone is also good. I have the first gen and it's my first Smartphone. Even when it was a little defective, it's still alive after everyday of falling from the window because of the charger cable and the cats. Had to place it there since phone signal has been bad since a new tall building was built beside us. It's tough and I have been able to be somewhat productive with it. Somehow since Android still need more apps. Camera is good. I take a lot of pictures with it. If you're considering Asus, try the Zenfone Max for longer battery or the Zenfone 3 if you want the latest processor. Mine is Intel processor. It's good even with mid-range specs and I keep on abusing it everyday for the past 2 years. If not Asus, go with Samsung. Or Oneplus.
  7. Congratulations on your 3 million subscribers and counting! Wow...you've come a long way from just a one person show (with your cameraman). I somehow remember the old videos and the useful tips. Thank you for all the reviews and for all the new tech updates! ...and the complaining since the companies really should listen. (That unscrewed case was hilarious.) As for the giveaway, I would like the Razer Blade 14. My 10 year old custom rig finally died on me and to check how long have I been without a PC, looked into my shiny new Steam account. Haven't logged in for 177 days and counting. Lol. Just as when Steam was finally made available here and had a massive sale...computer gave out. I've already maxed the specs and replaced parts but my 10 year old rig has reached its limit. It won't go past POST anymore no matter what. It would be really helpful for me to have a computer that has gaming specs. Not only will I use it for gaming, I will be using it for heavy applications. Although the Stealth would be great for graphics, other apps I use might have a hard time with it. It's funny how I'm I.T. grad but never got the chance to own proper rig and tech but that's okay. Someday, I'll be able to afford it. (Someday?) But trying out my luck here. It's better to try than not and it's awesome you're giving out stuff to celebrate. Although I'm okay if you have some old working laptop or PC that you want to give away. I'm reaching my limit not having a PC and being unproductive with a mid-range phone. Lol! Any working unused PC and only if you want to give it away would be great. >_< Thank you! Congratulations Linus, Luke and Linus Tech Tips team! May more channel growth and more years on YT to come!