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    i7 3770 @ 3.4 GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS P8B75-M LX
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengance LP @ 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabye 1660TI WIndforce OC 6GB
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    Antec Three Hundred
  • Storage
    Crucial MX300
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    Sharkoon WMP600
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    Iiyama ProLite X2783HSU
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    Alpenföhn Brocken 2
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    Ducky One TKL RGB
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    Corsair Harpoon WIreless
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    Win10 64-bit Pro

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  1. After a while of just daily use etc i can report now that up to 2866 (1.35V CL16-18-18-38) everything is just smooth and no issues. Going above will not POST when all four slots are populated leading to the mentioned before behaviour. So this is where we are.
  2. Thanks, that is reassuring in what we have been expecting basically. So we will continue going this route and i will post again once we get stable!
  3. Hi all, coming to you with an issue I need advice on. We got new additional 16GB (2x8GB) of G.Skill DDR4-3200 RAM (identical to the kit already installed!) for our MSI Mortar B350M (with latest non-beta BIOS) with R5 1600. For over a year the system ran perfectly with an overclock of 3.8GHz on the CPU. Memory was simply set to use XMP and reported the expected 3200. Life was good. Now the following issues occur: when all 32GB are installed and set to XMP the computer will try to boot, fail retry etc a few times, then reset automatically to defaults, and it boots fine then into the OS. The memory then is set to 1866 only. So we tried a few things and ran memtest86: Now i looked around and when similar issues are reported here it is usually pointed out that it may be also a motherboard or cpu issue. My questions now: Is it really so hard to get this to run right? 1st gen RYZEN issue? Should we return the ram and get a two stick 32GB kit instead to have the amount we want and ditch the 16GB we have now - assuming the problem is the use of all four slots at once?
  4. As far as I can tell it just takes (sometimes quite) a while to actually switch between loads. Same happened with my laptop - about a day into setting to full load it actually used the resources made available to it.
  5. Over the course for a day the laptop is now using all threads at 100% and it also boosts up from 2.6 to 3.1GHz so apparently it was only a matter of it finding the right load i imagine. thank you very much for the replies tho. P.S.: In the case on my Laptop I can only use CPU, because it won't run on Intel Graphics!
  6. Happily folding and this morning I also started to do so on my laptop. But for some reason, even when set to "Full" the CPU load according to Task Manager is only between 30% and 50% on my Thinkpad. It also only heats up to around 55°C. Any idea why this might be?
  7. Very cool! I have been doing the BOINC seti@home thing for over a decade again and again, never really thought of making it a competition. Now i have started folding just this month and after seeing WAN show, here i am on the team! Why not get a chance to win a proper graphics card while doing a good thing :D
  8. picked one of those up for 125 USD a couple months ago as well to use while i had no access to my desktop, now it stays because its a really decent laptop. and the rock solid build quality makes it a great always with me computer as well!
  9. Good job! Really comes down to what you like i guess. one thing that comes to mind would theme-ing it along with the rest of the vibe of the room. I would just clear coat it i guess though.
  10. Twin-desk is instant thumbs-up in my book, fallout and especially the trek posters are AWESOME! I like the overall tidy and yet functional look (top on top monitors)! Is the twin-desk unpainted, or is it just me?
  11. Don't worry. I am fairly certain the majority of people buy low end just as a rule of thumb. So it is in AMD's best interest to get those parts on the market. I think they went with the enthusiast lineup first to get most of the quirks ironed out to then release the line that the people will get that really dont want to bother with that kind of hassle or dont care to be early adopters of a fresh platform.
  12. I thought so, which makes me wonder tho how much in video is done in term of cropping in post, i mean it must be one of the reasons for crazy high res video ... hmmm would that make it also ture to just shoot as big as you can to give you the freedom to crop more to your liking afterwards? i am sort of bad in this regard anyway, never touching up other than getting some chromatic aberration out form a cheap kit zoom and such i dont even crop. guess i am one of "those" people lol. well anyway, didnt mean to blow up the thread. so i guess i will withdraw from this corner.
  13. I am interested as well, since this is pretty much what i want as well. (as soon as funds allow) PSU sounds sort of like a reason, but i am not certain about this. As a rule of thumb though: never skimp on your PSU to save money, ever.
  14. It comes down to framing preference. The long time photographer in me looks down on either ratio though j/k. But 3:2 is where it's at honestly imo, it is a very nice balance and if you learn anything about laying out in ratios (..) you will see how good of a balance it is Aside from that ... choose the ratio not by the image data, but by the image quality, Forums used to be and i am sure still are full of how you generally should trust a good lens more than a good body (yadda yadda)
  15. Would you also consider mumble? it is super simple, minimalistic even, and you can host servers yourself. We have a Pi running our server 24/7 for nearly two years. how secure and how accessible you want and/or need it you can tailor to your needs at no cost and completely independently of any third party.