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  1. The worst thing can happen is your card/mobo get burned. But base on my eGPU experience, normally the game would crash and the screen go black.
  2. zhubaohi

    [Rumour?] Huawei P30 Pro "fakes" moon photos automatically?

    As I person who were following the incident on Chinese forum for the past few days, I'd like to share some popular opinions & test results in Chinese tech community. 1. Huawei clearly uses a trained AI model in the moon mode, but the AI is trained well so that it won't pop up when you are shooting other things. Trained AI model is very hard to fool. 2. The "underwear" photo is a scam, it's just an out-focused photo, the result cannot be reproduced. 3. More tests are taken these days, according to these tests, the P30(pro) IS adding more moon detail when it's shooting photoshopped moon pictures, and it's ONLY-TRIGGERED when you are shooting moon, it won't trigger even when you are shooting bright circles in an dark environment. 4. It is NOT faking a moon picture thru photoshop, the phone uses the results of you actually shoot, and uses an algorism to make the photo look better. This is very common nowadays, every phone company does the same thing. This is how Pixel 3 can shoot amazing photo with it's dark mode. The discussion is already over in the chinese tech community, and our conclusion is: YES, Huawei IS adding more moon details to the picture, but it's nothing new in the phone business. I get that NA people don't like Huawei, same as your government. But there's really no reason to BS everytime you see the word "Huawei".
  3. zhubaohi

    Coolers for Ryzen 5 2600

    Stock cooler is a good choice if all you want is 4.0 Ghz on your 2600.
  4. zhubaohi

    PSU vs. 4 pin connection on MB

    Sounds like CPU power to me....
  5. zhubaohi

    SSD for D:\ drive or storing data

    WD blue 1t is a very good option for storage. This is now my go-to choice for gaming storage ssd when I build a PC, and it certainly can be used as your main drive.
  6. zhubaohi

    Huawei is offering 330,000 USD for Android themes.

    Have you heard of taobao? On taobao you can pay 10 RMB(which is 1.5 USD) for the BL unlock code of any huawei phone.
  7. zhubaohi

    Huawei is offering 330,000 USD for Android themes.

    You can actually unlock BL if you don't mind paying 2 bucks for it....
  8. zhubaohi

    1st PC advice and comments needed!

    1.2600 is a better value CPU than 2600x, as 2600 can be manually overclocked to 2600x is capable of, so if you want to save a few bucks, you can do the swap. 2.For mid range card like 1660ti, you should go for the cheapest one out there @280 USD.
  9. https://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-defining-essence-future-digix-huawei-global-smartphone-theme-/2019/04/15/8938118.htm Everyone: EMUI sucks! Huawei: So you guys don't like EMUI? Why don't you design something?
  10. I would love to see a Freesync version of X34 Predator with the same panel but lower price.
  11. EMUI is made for Chinese market, where Google and Stock android is banned by the Great Fire Wall. EMUI is easy to use when you don't have access to Google, but it is hard to use when you HAVE access to Google. People just prefer stock android when Google is available. As a person who travel between 2 countries very often, my experience is that EMUI is much worse than stock android when I'm in US, yet so much better when I'm in China.
  12. The build quality of Honor phones is generally worse than Huawei products tho.
  13. zhubaohi

    AIO vs air cooler

    AIOs less than 120 USD usually perform worse than air coolers @ the same price. However, AIOs can save space in the chassis, and can make cable management/swap memory easier.
  14. zhubaohi

    Is NvLink really that bad?

    Not huge, if it compares to twice the money you spend.
  15. zhubaohi

    Can you realy get windows 10 pro for under 15$?

    You can get Windows 10 pro for free, if you want software piracy. Buying a key with 20 bucks is also pirate, so spending money doesn't make your copy of windows legal. If it's illegal anyway, why are you paying for it?