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  1. Sounds like that. I already have added the calendars, but I am not sure where is the sync function is?
  2. Hi, I just read the post on xda website https://www.xda-developers.com/microsoft-outlook-android-supports-2-way-sync-google-calendar-others/amp/ regarding the autosync. Anyone knows how to enable it? I have the latest outlook android app.
  3. I see. If I get a nvidia card that supports NVENC, will it solve my problem? Will the encoding be offload to the GPU?
  4. I see. Thanks. With a H81M-HDS R.20 Asrock motherboard. Will it work?
  5. I found the Adobe Premier Rush and Pro requirements . My system is quite behind, not meeting the minimum spec. Both GPU and CPU
  6. I have not OC yet. It is the work pc. Should I do that? What GPU can handle 4k encoding? My Samsung phone is recording 4k h264 30fps. I saw the LTT video on 4k on a budget. Maybe ryzen 5 3600 is the way to go? The original pc was i3-4310. 2 years ago, I bought the i7 4770k used. I would like future upgrade options I'm still keeping the SSD, GPU. Not sure about the case though. Maybe I get all usb 3.0 front ports?
  7. Hi, I am actually fine with my pc which I use it for work. I have 2x27" 1440p Dell UHD monitors and 1x1080p 24" monitor. The system is a i7-4770k, 16 GB ram, GTX 770, crucial m500 480 GB sata SSD on a Asrock H97M. It is more than enough for me to view/manipulate a 3D specimen and DICOM files. I'm not doing 3D editing. Then as the pandemic continues, all classes have to go online. I find myself having to edit 4k video (captured with my Samsung Note 9) on Adobe Rush. Viewing 4k files (not encoding) in Adobe Rush pushes the CPU usage to 100% as the screenshot below indicates. Ignore the ethernet part as I sync all my files (documents, download, desktop folders) to Onedrive Enterprise on-demand. I don't loose any work, and I don't care if my PC fails as I always have a backup online. So that is just encoding/modifying the files as I go along. When I play 1080p videos in the same Adobe Rush, CPU usage goes down dramatically. Is there something with 4K that pushes CPU usage in Adobe rush to 100%. Since I have lots of monitors, I tend to do other work at the same time while viewing the clips. I also add clips will scrubbing. The sound itself is fine, but the video is ok to downright unplayable (sound does still come out nicely though) in Adobe Rush depending if I'm viewing it alone or doing other work while viewing it. I sometimes open other apps outside Rush to play clips before adding it. This includes a simple moving tracks. When I encode a 10 min 4k video, it will take around 2 hours or so. I don't mind slow encoding time. I just encode before I leave work for that day. My question is, given my CPU bottleneck, is this a problem specific to 4k? Will OC solve the problem? If not, what is the most sensible upgrade path with recycling most of the items?
  8. Thanks all for the replies
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Will look at the video. HTPC is a good idea, but I don't have time sit and to watch TV. A luxury for parenting. I will use that time to actually sleep. The TV is running nursery or educational kids shows with some normal programs in between. Most of my media consumption is on my phone. Sometimes I just listen to whatever is showing like the WAN show while driving, doing house chores and even shopping for groceries. The powerbrick of the laptop output is rated at 1.9v 4.74A. Not sure how that translates in 24 hour usage.
  10. Hi, My Asus U46SV is showing its age. I've upgraded the SSD, but it is still slow for me. Here are the specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (came with W7 and got the free upgrades) Intel Core i5 2410M 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) ASUSTeK Computer Inc. U46SV (CPU 1) Intel HD Graphics 3000 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (ASUStek Computer Inc) 476GB M4-CT512M4SSD1 (SATA (SSD) MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8A2ASW My workplace also gave me a new laptop, so I went and bought another Asus laptop. A UX461u. i5 version with 512 GB SSD. I've upgraded the HD to SSD, but it is still slower compared to the newer laptop. The laptop works, but the exhaust grill is actually hot.The screen border has this rubberized bezel, which is now sticky, that everything sticks on it. Now it is full of tissue paper remnants. The only reason I use it is for using the DVD drive and the SD card slot since my newer laptop comes with a microsd. I also open the laptop to download free games (not sure when I will play those). Also, it has a VGA port, which is good for projectors which don't have newer ports. Read this article;on how recycle it, but not sure I want to any of those. parents use phone for skype. I have a office365 as part of my work. Don't need a NAS.Games, not yet until my kids are old enough to be responsible. Also, i've kind of grown out of it. Donating it while possible, is not that good since the laptop itself looks bad for donating, especially since the bezel and parts of the body where the bezel meets is also sticky. I don't have time to watch TV with small kids running around the house. Both speakers are on one side, the battery, even though still functioning, does not last more than 2 hours. The battery is removable and it still functions without a battery. The keyboard metal is slightly deformed because the service center accidentally stretched it too far while fixing the cover for the hinge. The earphone jack has artifact noise. Bluetooth does not function anymore. The keyboard works, but jumps around if you put more pressure sending the cursor somewhere else while typing. Is there a method to make my pc even faster? Any suggestions on recycling it? I think using it as a clock would be nice, though overkill. Windows give good background with the lock screen, though a clock with weather would be more useful. I've converted the original nexus tablet into a permanent clock, removing the battery, running direct from the wall and downloading a desk clock app. Only need to turn it on if there are blackouts which is rare. The android-clock has lasted more than 5 years now. This laptop is heavier at 3.2kgs. So I will need to have a proper shelving and mounting it. Wifi still works, so if I just remove the password and autoload a clock background or so, it will work nicely right? Just need to find a software to automatically load into windows and use some live wallpaper. That way if I do need to use as a laptop, I can just take it and use it again.
  11. Hi, I have a generic android head unit in the car and a Samsung note 9. The android head unit is not android auto and is a stand alone unit. When I say "ok Google", for navigation, both devices respond which is annoying. When I use voice command to make a call, the phone will dial and the head unit will access the phone through Bluetooth and dial the phone number. It becomes more annoying when other people/devices in the car. Every device wants to navigate. I think the solution is to rename the car trigger commands to somethings else. Any easy method to change the voixe trigger command but still retain the the Google handling the voice recognition?
  12. Hi,A little bit of background:I had previously converted my original nexus tablet into a clock. I followed a guide on YouTube by cutting the wires from the battery. Then, just connecting the red wires from the battery to a spliced up micro USB cable (red wires). Trimming all other wires. Cut a hole at the back of the case so that the USB port can pass through and connecting straight to the USB charger. The modified clock has been running steadily for more than 5 years now. Aside from power failures which I need to turn it on and turn on the clock app back, no other issues. The battery indicator is 0%, but charging. Direct power, no battery in tablet. So I thought the same technique would work for the galaxy tab s 8.4. Did the same like the nexus tablet. It kind of work, until I noticed the battery is draining. It starts at full charge (100%), then it will slowly drain to 0% and the battery will die. At first I thought I did a bad job at soldering or connnecting the wires, but after a week of trial and error, I finally found the problem. With the tab s, direct connection does not work. The battery appears full, then slowly charges down. The tablet does not detect a charge, even when it is actually connected to the wall.Does anyone know how to fix this problem?One method I did think was rewiring the battery csbles so that it loops to itself. Red to red, black to black, without the spliced micro USB cable. Then power will come directly from the micro USB port. I noticed that if I connect the charger to the port, there is a charge. But since I have two power sources going to the tablet, connecting through USB port will cause the tablet to turn off. Maybe overload or something.I don't think removing the battery connection and just using the micro USB port port for direct power supply will solve the problem as I did try to just connect it while removing the power source which is attached directly to the battery. It did register a charge, but it can't turn on.
  13. Hi, I have 2x1440p 27" Dell monitors arranged in an angle to the center. My office table is straight 5 foot (no angles). My keyboard and chair is almost all the time angled to the left facing the left monitor, and rarely go to the right. I also have another 24" 1080p monitor for the customers facing them and use screen mirroring when showcasing items. I have few items regarding triple monitor setup. I work in an office environment, almost all the time at the desk. I have a GTF 770 (taken from my gaming pc at home since I sold the components off) 1. Is it worth to add another 1440p 27" dell ultrasharp monitor? I use all the real-estate of the screen using the windows left/right buttons to get 4 screens. This so that the keyboard be dead perpendicular to the center monitor and I view items to the left and right. 2. There are 2 types of triple monitor bracket. Lengthwise and one monitor on top with two at the bottom. I understand the lengthwise option allows the monitors all to be angled to me. But, not sure about the 1 monitor at the top function with two at the bottom. Since I don't have a standing desk, not sure if tilting my head up is more conducive than just shifting my head left/right depending on monitor. 3. Will a 5 foot table fit all 3 27"monitors? Or will one monitor hang from the side?