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    B.C, Canada
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    Games, piano, books, nature, dismantling things


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    i5-4670k @ 4.5 GHz
  • Motherboard
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    8gb Cosair Vengeance 1600MHz
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon 7850 (temporary)
  • Case
    Cosair C70 Gunmetal Black
  • Storage
    120gb Samsung 830 SSD & 500gb 7200RPM HDD
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    Cosair HX750
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    LG Flatron W2353V
  • Cooling
    Cosair H100i (Stock Fans)
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600
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    Razer Deathadder 2013
  • Sound
    Sennheiser 449
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    Windows 7

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  1. Applepienation

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Gaming mostly, but I've also always wanted to try some 3D rendering and having this much power would give me the encouragement to try.
  2. My grandfather used a Macbook Air and Ipad Mini. I don't remember what my grandmother used, I think it was some older ASUS laptop. I have it sitting on my desk at home but l don't know it offhand.
  3. Applepienation

    2005 F.E.A.R. AI & physics, nearly a decade without progress

    I loved the AI in that game. Could never finish it, bitched out 2 or 3 times, but had a lot of fun while I was playing it.
  4. 7 people on earth, 8 people reading this thread. I'm scared. OT: I would have to agree. I occasionally use 2 monitors for my laptop and I find that to be perfect. 3 monitors would take too much horsepower for too little of a gain, and those bezels just.... Bother me. I'd much rather have an ultra-wide monitor than 3 regular ones.
  5. Applepienation

    What's The Worst Game that You Ever Played...

    Surgeon Simulator 2013 Hated it. It's currently the only game on steam that I have hidden.
  6. Applepienation

    Turn on, ram?

    Just remember it has to be DDR3 or else it won't physically fit in the slots.
  7. Applepienation

    Alienware Area 51

    Except it doesn't. If someone is asking for advice on something to build, it helps to explain why something might be, as he put it, crap. Other people have already explained why you shouldn't purchase Alienware, so I won't bother. I will say though, that I expected more from this forum. Maybe not much more, but still more.
  8. In no particular order: Liara Wrex Tali Garrus
  9. Applepienation

    GTX970 @ 1366x768 benchmarks

    Odds are you'll probably be able to max any game at 60fps. I haven't seen any true benchmarks for it though, but you could add about ~20% framerate to any 1080p benchmarks you see. It's still overkill.
  10. Applepienation

    Xbox One exclusive, sunset overdrive, locked at 900p@30fps

    Announced running at a substandard resolution and an unacceptable framerate to absolutely no one's surprise. Seriously, I mean no offence to the OP, but I really don't see a good reason to announce this as news. It isn't a surprise. Now if a game is announced to run at full 1080p/60 then I could see it being news.
  11. Applepienation

    Location Of PC

    If laptop, then on my desk, lap, or sitting on the couch next to me. If desktop, on the floor. I'm sharing a desk with my mother right now and only have juuuuussst enough room for my screen, keyboard, mouse, and a drink.
  12. Applepienation

    Which Fallout should I buy

    It's Fallout: Tactics you are thinking of. I would say start with New Vegas. It's only a marginal improvement over Fallout 3, but it's still improved.
  13. Applepienation

    750w enough for gtx 970 sli overclocked?

    It would be enough for OC'd 780 SLI. Maxwell chugs way less power, so you have more than enough headroom.
  14. Applepienation

    Guild wars 2 for £18 and endgame content?

    Don't entirely forget WoW, but at least combat wise it is a very different game. For starters, the combat is close to that of many other RPGs, where whether or not you damage your foe is actually based on whether or not your weapon or arrow actually collides with your targets hitbox. This opens a lot of different possibilities in combat, including evading attacks by pressing a dodge button. There's also no mana, any spells are just on a cooldown. As far as similarities to diablo, because of the above all attacks are AOE. You can fight entire crowds much easier than in WoW. Positioning is also much more important. Exploration is much more emphasized than in WoW. You can find chests with loot at the bottom of lakes, large jumping puzzles with great rewards at the end, and more. Oh, and two tips I wish I knew when I started playing: 1. Always carry around at least one of the best salvage kit you can. Any gear that you either can't sell on the trading post/auction house you should salvage. You get crafting materials and even "Essences of Luck" from them. Luck will increase your Magic Find chance as it increases. 2. You don't need to have a specific crafting profession to harvest materials. You don't need to learn mining in order to mine ore, you don't need herbalism to harvest vegetables and so on, so always keep the best harvesting equipment available with you. Even if you don't intend to craft stuff, still do it so you can sell it on the trading post. Of course there's more, but I'll leave it for you to discover.
  15. Is anyone else getting really, really tired of the WCCF witchhunt?