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    I should be doing more productive things...
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    C1int Mason

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    Metro Vancouver Area, Canada


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    Intel i5 4670k @ 4.0GHZ
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    Gigabyte Z87x D3H
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    16GB 1333MHz Memory
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 780 SC
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    NZXT H440
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    Seagate 1TB and ADATA 256GB Marvell
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    OCZ Gold 850W
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    Dell U2414H / Acer H235HL bid
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    Corsair H55
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    SteelSeries Rival 100

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  1. C1intFunWood

    Nvidia Surround DisplayPort Daisy-Chaining

    I was going to use the setup for gaming. That won't work, will it?
  2. Hey guys, I've done some searching around on Google and I'm trying to find if Nvidia Surround supports DisplayPort daisy-chaining. All that I'm getting is that it doesn't, but it's all from forum posts from 2015. I was wondering if this has changed. I'm using a GTX 780 Thanks
  3. C1intFunWood

    Pc not going into windows

    Here is a forum post on the Microsoft site explaining the steps to repair your boot files https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance-winpc/repair-windows-10-using-usb-drive/35c9a8f8-dde5-4370-a8fe-5a84b9e00ebb
  4. C1intFunWood

    Pc not going into windows

    Try going into your BIOS and seeing if your motherboard detects your boot drive. If it does, then try getting the Windows 10 installer on a USB and boot off of that and run the Diagnostics tool to fix your boot files. If your motherboard doesn't detect your boot drive, then you might have a bad connection or a dead drive.
  5. C1intFunWood

    Help for flashing the BIOS on my GTX 760

    No worries.
  6. C1intFunWood

    Building a server for storage & hosting games

    OEM Servers usually have a custom form factor for their motherboards, if you're going that route, you'd have to buy a complete used system as most of the components are proprietary except the CPU, RAM and PCI-E add-in cards
  7. C1intFunWood

    Second GPU jumping 100% to 0% each second

    I used to have this exact problem with my CF R9 290s and coincidentally I discovered it in GTA V too, turned out that one of them was a dead card. Try some stress tests with each of them installed individually
  8. C1intFunWood

    Help for flashing the BIOS on my GTX 760

    If you believe that you have tried everything, you can follow this tutorial to flash your GPU BIOS: http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-2288384/upgrade-gpu-bios.html
  9. C1intFunWood

    Help for flashing the BIOS on my GTX 760

    This might not be a BIOS issue. Try booting into Safe Mode and running DDU, then starting the system again
  10. C1intFunWood

    New build instantly turns off

    Have you tried booting the system with nothing plugged into any of the I/O ports except the power cable? EDIT: Sorry didn't watch the video
  11. Aida64 is usually what Linus uses. It shows a lot of other system information as well and can perform stress tests and show thermal throttling
  12. C1intFunWood

    Help for flashing the BIOS on my GTX 760

    Did anything happen for the GPU to stop working or did it just die on its own?
  13. C1intFunWood

    NO operating system can see my network adapter/ethernet controler

    From my research, that system uses a Broadcom BCM5754 controller. Upon a quick google search, I found an ubuntu forums thread about some troubleshooting and some drivers from the Dell website... https://www.google.ca/search?q=Broadcom+BCM5754&oq=Broadcom+BCM5754&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.591j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Maybe give those drivers a shot
  14. C1intFunWood

    Need drivers for HP LaserJet 3052 scanner

    Some old XP 32-bit drivers can work in 64-bit windows 10. It doesn't hurt to try it
  15. C1intFunWood

    Help for flashing the BIOS on my GTX 760

    I can't help you directly. However, I can help you identify your BIOS. Even if you are booting from your iGPU, but you have your GPU installed, you can still use GPUz to find info on it through a dropdown box