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About Techstorm970

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    The Dipshitter
  • Birthday 2001-07-06

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    Ask for it
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    Ask for it
  • Heatware
    the f**k is that?
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    F**k EA and their microtransaction bullshit
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    I left.
  • Star Citizen
    Don't play it
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    Ask for it
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    Not a streamer
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    F**k Microsoft

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    Somewhere next to nowhere
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    Weather, computers, sports, video games, music, percussion, the American dream, my girl
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    I don't know. What's your job?


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Whatever Dell puts in their G7 laptops
  • RAM
    16GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4-2666MHz
  • GPU
    GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q
  • Case
    It's a laptop. Figure it out.
  • Storage
    Toshiba OEM M.2 SATA 256GB + Samsung 860 EVO 1TB
  • PSU
    56Wh battery, 180W power brick
  • Display(s)
    Some LG laptop display (1080p, IPS, 60Hz)
  • Cooling
    Two blower-style fans of unknown size
  • Keyboard
    Dell G7 built-in keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech G603
  • Sound
    Dell G7 speakers + Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. A24F9919-DF59-41C2-968E-8457EEDEDD20.jpeg.647319c6217e2782c468f1e422cf3cd1.jpeg

    Seems legit...

    1. kelvinhall05


      I bet it's that you buy it and then you can have free refills. It's probably a "size" of a drink or something.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Mr.Krabs is that you?

  2. Wow...it appears that much of my tech has been centered around a well-defined color scheme...



    It's kind of beautiful.  It all started with the phone, and then the rest was added within the past year.  Black with white and/or grey accents across the board.  (And most of it wasn't even intentional!!!)  You know what, it looks so great, I think I wanna keep this scheme going for a whi--









    "Congratulations, Techstorm!  You found an iPhone XR 256GB in the chest you opened!"


    1. LukeSavenije


      i have that calculator

    2. TopHatProductions115


      and this, my friends, is why we hate iPhone X :P 



    3. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      My color scheme is black and... black.

      no that's not how I like my men specifically, I have more of a variety

  3. So @Schnoz had a sneezing fit...


    1. Schnoz


      seasonal allergies woohoo

    2. dizmo


      Are you sure that's what it was? Usually it's BS 😂

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      meanwhile i was attacked by a slimy python yet again.



  4. The Logitech G logo on my G603 has been fading away.


    When I bought it: It's a bright and somewhat reflective silver.



    2 months later (today):



    I tried to fix it with a silver Sharpie a couple of weeks ago.  It only worked for a day before my stupid sweaty palm started to smear it away.  The Sharpie was gone without a trace by sometime last week.


    Don't worry, I have a better solution now...




    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus


      The Silver logo on my G700s is still the same as a few years ago, 

      Logitech must have cheaped out on the paint on the newer models.

  5. Yo @Schnoz I found your cousin. xD


    1. Schnoz


      @Techstorm970oh no the paternity check was real /s

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Initiate booger DNA analysis to confirm it's his long lost twin, i mean , who nose?

  6. Techstorm970

    When you just want to Buy a laptop and you get this off topic BS.

    It is at this moment that you press the "f**k off" button, as you did. Whether he's telling the truth or not, I think you just avoided a scam artist.
  7. Techstorm970

    What to get my girlfriend for a 5 year anniversary?

    I agree with @Dan Castellaneta. The soundbar is pretty dry for an anniversary gift. The fruit basket could work. Honestly, get her or make her something that will make her smile and/or laugh, or cry because of how touching it is. Something fun would be nice, too! An anniversary or Valentine's Day gift should be thoughtful more than anything else.
  8. Welp, the Carolina Hurricanes just got their asses handed to them...




    Last wild card team in the NHL is off the board.  No world-bending 8th-seed appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals this year!  (Awww...that would've been fun... :/)

    1. TheSLSAMG


      Hey, at least you aren't a Rangers fan.

    2. Techstorm970


      @TheSLSAMG Lol yeah I'm an Avs fan.  Honestly satisfied with kicking Calgary's ass and then the Sharks needing Pavelski to come back and be a hero in Game 7 to beat us. :P

  9. When Steam sends you a sweet coupon...


    ...for a game that you already f**king have...


    1. LukeSavenije


      at least you get a discount


      fine: pay 25% extra for your next game

    2. Dan Castellaneta
    3. Schnoz


      just return it and re-buy it



  10. Techstorm970

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    When Linus tells you to spend over an hour roasting him.
  11. Techstorm970

    Folding PCs? Lenovo says "yep"

    Yeah, technically one of those goddamn smart-fridges with the screen on them could be a PC, too.
  12. Techstorm970

    Folding PCs? Lenovo says "yep"

    How to pulverize your fingertips: Step 1: Be a finger-punching style typist like me. Step 2: Buy this foldable PC. Step 3: Type up a college-level essay using it. How to avoid this problem: Step 1: Quit drinking the hipster Kool-Aid a buy f**king laptop, dumbass...
  13. What are the chances of this actually getting exploited on an everyday consumer machine??? I'm tired of hearing that my i7-8750H is a block of swiss cheese.
  14. Techstorm970

    Creative Labs (Sound Blaster) Logo Stolen?

    When you call out a "Creative Nails" artist for not being creative and they be like