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  1. Intel Whiskey Lake(This is not a joke!)

    I can see it now... "Our CES 2018 unveiling of Whiskey Lake is brought to you by Budweiser."
  2. This is amazing:



  3. Is that kid One Punch Man in your profile pic?

  4. Microsoft Photos is retarded.




    I mean, JonTron has a tendency to make me laugh or smile, but that is NOT a smile.

    1. LordTaco42


      Microsoft Photos can be a sarcastic smart ass sometimes kind of like my 3rd cousin twice removed...

    2. PCGuy_5960
    3. TurbulentWinds


      The only picture it tagged with "smile" for me, was one from when I busted my head and had a bandage completely wrapped around it. Thanks Microsoft . . .

  5. Why isn't Linus in YouTube Rewind?

    I'm going to politely, but strongly disagree with all of you. YouTube still stuck to the same formula of big content creators and trending music and trending topics. Markiplier was in it. Vanoss and KSI were in it. The Slow Mo Guys and Epic Rap Battles of History were in it. Smosh was in it. Yeah, Felix wasn't in there, but the controversy surrounding him this year did legitimately hurt his public image. As far as the high number of viners, R.I.P. Vine was a big thing this year. Therefore, it would only be logical to do something like that. And fidget spinners (as dumb as they are IMO) were HUGE this year, so they were everywhere! TL;DR...maybe YouTube is starting to stray from what is actually popular, but they aren't completely off the rails yet, either.
  6. The Yankees picked up Giancarlo.




    Well then, I guess the rest of us are f**ked! :dry:

  7. Not Portal 3?! Aww... Oh well, at least I have actual incentive to buy a Bridge Constructor game now! This could be fun!
  8. Cut your life in half in "Half Life: Ninja Edition"! Out now!
  9. Nice grammar, dude!


    1. NinJake
    2. wkdpaul


      *status update, profile pic and profile banner approved*


      *you can now resume you regular activities*



  10. [small update]First ever AI presidential candidate

    I question Alisa's true ability to run an entire country. I'm not convinced that AI has progressed that much yet. And besides, if Alisa were to be elected, wouldn't her programmers truly be the ones running Russia at that point? Having an entire company as a president is a recipe for disaster.
  11. "'Source: Goodell signs deal to...' -- wait WHAT?!"


    "Oh.  Ok.  Good!"


    I first read this headline as "Goodell signs deal to remain commie" xD 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. techstorm970


      Wow, really?  Good job!

    3. PCGuy_5960


      Yep, thanks. :D

    4. Ryan_Vickers


      I read it correctly but thought the same thing anyway

  12. _Solved- Windows Driver Verifier Slowed my computer

    Restarting your computer will fix the vast majority of its issues.
  13. _Solved- Windows Driver Verifier Slowed my computer

    First, I'd try booting up Task Manager. It'll tell you which programs are using the CPU, memory, disk, Internet, and GPU the most.
  14. "Experiences with non-techies" thread be like...



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    2. YedZed


      @techstorm970 Yknow what else is- never mind

    3. techstorm970


      Dad gummit, @YedZed! xD 

    4. YedZed


      @techstorm970 Mom gummit as well #feminism