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    Some Place In Singapore
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    I.T., Hardware, Art
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    In School


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    Intel Core i7 7800X
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    MSI X299 Gaming Pro AC Carbon
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    Corsair Vengeance D.D.R.4. 2600 Megahertz 32 Gigabytes, 8 Sticks
  • GPU
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    A Case With Tempered Glass
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    80+ Titanium Efficiency Fully Modular Silverstone
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    Some Random 1080p 60 Hertz Display By Samsung
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    Some Cooler Master AIO With 180 Radiator
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    Keyboard That Came With Some ASUS Gaming P.C.
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    Mouse That Came With Some ASUS Gaming P.C.
  • Sound
    Creative Technology Sound BlasterX Katana 7.1 Dolby
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Side Note To The Sushi: Has anyone watch that Buzzfeed video where a Sushi chef ranks all the fast-food sushi but supermarkets? 10/10 IGN if u love sushi and want fast cheap and gud sushi. Watch.
  2. You do know that was a joke right? I took it far, sorry.... Will be less edgy and forward...
  3. They will be able to witness this futility because LukeSaveije and I will still be doing this. As well as that other one guy he mentioned earlier in this thread who together we will go to fight against Crunchy Dragon's ban sniper in a futile attempt to become mods ourself. If u think I am bullshitting... (which I 999% you to) Look at some of the earlier posts of this thread. Somewhere between 76-89... I'm pretty young so I'll definitely be around for the next 20-30 years. Still wasting life shitposing and annoying mods...
  4. Very legitimate business, they have their logo's copyrighted and some of those mags come from reputable PC Websites, which ones, can't be fucked to gets my mags and tell you, but they are very legit and are useful.
  5. Gee, how much shit do you guys delete on a daily basis, what page are you guys on? 200? Also, why did you delete that stuff? That conversation was so fucking funny about how stupid he was, some of the mods destroyed him. I love stupidity, make me funnier....... Correction: I love stupidity, provided its not me...
  6. 1. Welcome to the LTT forms, you will enjoy it here. 2. US and Canada is their main demographic (or some shit like that, check their video on how they make money or one of their honest answers videos). Like PopsicleHustler stated, ask us and we will give you some help. 3. TBH, there are some great value builds in UK PC Magazines. Don't ask how I got a hold of them in Singapore.... Just know that I know that I told you.... Good Luck with our PC build! (if you build one...)
  7. Mate, I congratulate you. You have been here for 2 less years than me and have posted 23 more times than me and 40 times more community rep. Tell me your secret mister.... ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iLostMyXbox21


      Pretty much just shitposting and being sarcastic a lot, most of my rep is funny ?‍♂️

    3. iLostMyXbox21


      Plus my school blocked discord so I come here all day during school and then at home too

    4. TacoSenpai


      meme magic

  8. This thread is till active because humans still need to waste life. Don't you?
  9. Correction: How many active mods are there? I can only name 3. I can name more active users than active mods. I mean 3 is still enough that I can't be doing stupid shit and no one notices... EDIT: I mean, not to offend anyone, I don't want to the the next guy who got banned on this thread. But it is true. EDIT 2: Then again, you guys live lives, I don't.
  10. I leave this form for one fucking month and people are still posting here? Man, I'm never gonna be the last person here unless I DDOS the shit outa here, wait, is that legal?
  11. This Chat Is Dead. I am the now the last person to talk here! Bye @everyone!
  12. Wait, what is WIP, I can't read the text very well, on cell phone...
  13. @OrbitalBuzzsaw Tell me your experience of you vs admins?