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  1. Thank you. Why the FUCK did that not come up in page after page of google results?
  2. Is there seriously not a simple way to do this? I'm not going to take screenshots of fucking hundreds of thousands of messages.
  3. Why is it creepy? My GF wants our conversations saved... Text messages via phone.
  4. I searched google and youtube only to find a bunch of shitty videos with more dislikes than likes with the microsoft sam voice. All I want to do is save my GF and I's conversation from the past two years to a thumb drive. What is the easiest and least BS way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  5. I've been using Opera for years and years and have never had any issues. Now, however, whenever I launch a YT video, I get a playback error. An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: xhtL6NwuksNVWsOf) Learn More This error appears at the start of every video, but the video will then play after displaying this for about 15 seconds. I have cleared my browser cache and flushed my DNS cache but the problem persists. YouTube is the only site I'm having issues with. What else could be causing this? (No, I'm not switching to Chrome or FireFox, so don't waste your time posting that.)
  6. I had a pair of G. Skill Ripjaw 3200 8GB sticks. Water damage ruined one. I can't find a single Ripjaw module (only kits), but can find an Aegis 3200 8GB stick by itself. Does anyone know if these sticks are compatible, or somewhere I could buy a single Ripjaw? Thanks in advance.
  7. The cheapest I'm seeing that board is over $80 and only with blue switches. I can't stand blues, I should have mentioned that.
  8. Less than $50 if possible. If not, as cheap as possible while still being a decent board.
  9. So my trusty Rosewill Apollo finally started acting up after about 7 years of daily use. I'm just looking for a budget mechanical keyboard to replace it. I prefer brown switches and would like one with a number pad. The cheaper, the better. They don't have to be Cherry MX switches or anything, just a decent quality board. Thanks in advance.
  10. So I built my first PC in 1996 and have no problems working my PC to this day. This phone bullshit, however, is a different story. Am I wrong in assuming that I should be able to view my phone's contents (especially when connected to a PC) without installing some bullshit app that has ads? And then wants access to my data after launch? Let's say I have a text conversation with my gf that is two years in duration. How can I access all the photos and files that have been sent via said conversation without installing some corporate application that still doesn't work as intended? Edit: Android. LG G6 if that matters.
  11. I knew I should have bought that one. I thought the HDV offered a "cleaner" look with its two RAM slots, and of course was cheaper. Thing is, this board is great so far except for this issue.
  12. My room mate had a similar problem. He dusted out his case and when he turned it back on, it would not boot, yet you could hear the CPU trying to do something. Turned out that the motherboard had just died. We replaced it and it booted right up on the first try. Probably not what you wanted to hear, though.
  13. I am leaning towards this option. I am using a micro-ATX motherboard in a mid-size ATX case. The cables wouldn't reach to the front of the case. Are there PWM extension cables, and if so, would these affect the performance of the fans if they are connected to the HUB?