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  1. BattleToads

    Got an itch. Help me scratch it...

    Get out.
  2. Nope. It's back now. Must have been a glitch on their end.
  3. This is absurd. I'm assuming this is a stunt to attempt to get more people to watch more channels, but this is simply stupid. PLEASE undo this change to the site!
  4. BattleToads

    My Minecraft lags even though I have an overkill system for it.

    I too have this issue. I am using a relatively high res texture pack, though. (uses about 1GB of VRAM @ 2560x1080) I've allocated 12 GB to minecraft and it made no difference. If I am moving in the game, my frame rate drops substantially. It's like it can't load the chunks fast enough, even though the CPU percentage stays pretty low (although slightly higher during movement/chunk loading.) Is it possible to run in single channel with two RAM modules? I haven't messed with XMP or anything on my motherboard settings and my RAM is actually running at 1333 Mhz instead of the 1600 its marked at. This is by choice, as I didn't think it would affect framerate much.
  5. BattleToads

    Intel Core I5-2500 or I5-3470

    I'm running a Xeon E3-1220 4C/4T with an RX580 8GB. Only in very CPU demanding games does it bottleneck the GPU. I will probably upgrade to a 1270, as it is hyper-threaded and has a faster clock speed.
  6. BattleToads

    Got an itch. Help me scratch it...

    I haven't played any of the other Metro games. I guess I should start there. The Evil Within and Devotion look good too. I've already got DMC5, just waiting for release. (thanks, AMD!)
  7. BattleToads

    Got an itch. Help me scratch it...

    So, basically, I'm craving a good, new (to me) game. This battle royale flavor of the month has robbed us of real development for long enough. I've got nearly 100 hours on RE2 Remake and obviously it's fantastic. I'd like something that is addictive, fun, and has a decent sense of progression. A turn-based RPG would be fun, as would a horror game. I'm also up for other genres if they're exceptionally good. Any recommendations?
  8. There used to be an option for it in Wattman or whatever. I don't see it any more. How can I set a general "GPU target temp" without messing with the fan curve line graph thing? Basically, my GPU is trying to stay at 65C and I'd rather it stay at 75C so the fans aren't so loud all the time. It's an RX580 8GB if that helps.
  9. BattleToads

    Wattman interferes with HW monitoring?

    Only problem was, the program was working fine at first. (I'm also not running them all simultaneously.) My hypothesis is that Riva was reporting correctly until Wattman had to step in and make an adjustment to fan speed.
  10. I'm having issues with all my monitoring software since installing an RX580. HW Monitor, CAM, and Riva are all showing wacky numbers, freezing, or not detecting anything at all. I'm guessing this has to do with the AMD software? Is there any way to fix this? I need to know CPU utilization and fan speeds in real time while gaming. Is there a program that is compatible? Also, on the new AMD drivers, I'm not seeing a setting I used to have in the Wattman options. It still has the standard fan curve line graph, but it used to have a simplified one as well: a single vertical line for 'target temperature.' Did this get taken out?
  11. BattleToads

    Had to take out RX580 - too damn hot

    OK, so I rerouted my power cables, moved my hard drive, moved one of my fans from top-intake to front-intake, and put the RX580 back in. Everything runs great. Max GPU temp: 78C, max HDD temp: 29C.
  12. BattleToads

    Had to take out RX580 - too damn hot

    Ran the 1050Ti for a day, the HDD gets nowhere near as hot as with the RX580. My idea is to move the hard drive out of the bay and just kinda set it in the bottom of the case right in front of the intake fan. I don't have a sled that fits into the bay there for a 3.5 in. drive. Any problems with this? This, plus a bit of cable re-routing should hopefully let me run the card again.
  13. BattleToads

    Had to take out RX580 - too damn hot

    Below the hard drive. Also a giant hunk of aluminum that is riveted in right in front of where that intake fan is. Also, good luck having a fan with a cord long enough to reach the motherboard from there.
  14. BattleToads

    Had to take out RX580 - too damn hot

    The Rosewill Challenger. Horribly stupid design as the HDD bay is right next to where your GPU sits. 50+ C and I'm sure it's even hotter than that. It is HOT to the touch. No such problem at all with the other GPU.
  15. BattleToads

    PNY GTX1070Ti ?

    Looks exactly like my PNY 1050 Ti except with another fan and more heatsink area. It's a good card. You don't hear much about them for some reason, probably because they just work and don't give a lot of issues.