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  1. Am I crazy or is the whole tpb mining thing a pretty legit idea for a business model. What if you could get access to extra features on a site if you do x amount of mining for them. Just install, set some times or even manual activation and you'll get premium access to a site. Like x hours of mining for x days of premium access.
  2. The only thing that could've tempted me was a promotion display. 120hz on a phone, that'd be really great! Now it's just meh.
  3. I am currently running Windows 10 on my 128GB SSD. I'm thinking about buying a bigger one and starting fresh. I was wondering what the best SSD caching solution would be to take advantage of my smaller SSD? I have 2 x 2TB HDDs and I would have 1 smaller and 1 bigger SSD. Currently I'm thinking about installing Windows on a new 1TB SSD and using the 128GB SSD as a cache for the 2 HDDs with something like PrimoCache. Is this the smart way to go about it?
  4. Maudima

    Corsair One

    Anyone got specs on the baby?
  5. They really need to plug that ModMic into a cheapo USB soundcard. The reason they don't sound good out of the box is because they're almost always not getting enough juice from the mobo.
  6. This video was really A+. Seeing @Slick baby the parts and having this lowkey smile of joy the entire video is so fun to watch. Also loved the whimsical editing with the classical music. This might be one of my favourite LTT videos ever. That's one sexy Geodude.
  7. Unless by worth you mean the seconds you shave off with workflows that handle really big files, probably not. There is something to be said for the space savings and form factor if you want more of that in your life. If you're talking about Windows/game performance, totally not worth the extra cost if you're looking at price/performance. Edit: the reason it doesn't make much of a difference is that the extra speed doesn't come in when opening files. The seek time on both is pretty much instant. The benefit is visible when handling files that are multiple times the max read/write.
  8. Just wanted to add my Wendell appreciation post to the thread. Would love to see him more on LTT. Cute how Linus is extra careful not to talk over him out of respect. They seem like the professional wise master and the savy street guy together.
  9. I expected the Fractal Define cases to be way more popular! The average build is although cookie cutter, pretty baller. Sounds like something that's easy to recommend to someone that isn't pinching pennies. I am very surprised you guys didn't include a privacy disclaimer! I can imagine some folks getting sketched out over this video! Maybe it'd be good to include one in the description or something. Anyway, great vid! I'd like to see something like this every few months but maybe only if something changes. A benchmark of the system that rolls out would be pretty cool too! Almost a must..
  10. Thanks! Yeah the site is a bitch. Thanks for telling me this. I found this DigitalFoundry video which stresses the importance of faster Memory. I'd rather go that way to squeeze the most out of the i3 instead of downgrading the GPU.
  11. The reason I went for the i3 was budget and because no cpu heavy games are going to be played on this pc. I also checked out some benchmarks and as long as it can hit 60 it's good enough. The only way I could stretch the CPU up would be to get a lower tier GPU, I don't know if that would be worth it unless there are benchmarks that show another story!
  12. Wow thanks! The site I made the list on doesn't have a compatibility filter. Do you have a suggestion for a mobo/ case combo that would fit the same budget? Doesn't even have to be itx but would be nice. Now I think about it, would the GPU even fit?
  13. I'm building this for someone else but I'm wondering if this build is balanced and compatible? It will mostly be used for playing action/fps triple A games. I had a 1060 in there previously which was about €20 cheaper but I like the gains the rx 480 is showing in dx12 and Vulkan. Is it possible to overclock the 480 with this build? All parts will be ordered from https://azerty.nl
  14. Maybe it's the mobile implementation of Gsync? That persists through a drive format.
  15. The article you linked doesn't provide a source. I'd love to know if anyone has any technical insight on the matter. I read somewhere Microsoft started forcing Vsync on all apps from Windows 8 forward? Windows 7 didn't do this as far as I know? Questions... But I'm probably going too far off-topic. I'm thinking about starting another thread when I feel like looking up and chewing through some documentation. There's a lot of conflicting information around.
  16. I've never experienced tearing in windowed mode when the DWM applies tripple buffering. Though I have read about people who don't share that experience which is odd to me. Edit: This post contains a technical error, scroll down for correction!
  17. In which scenarios is Fast Sync beneficial? Is this a new type of tripple buffering? I wish Nvidia would just support Adaptive Sync already. I have no idea about the engineering cost involved but it seems anti-consumer not to.
  18. Rig name: EeveeCpu i5 3570kGpu MSI GTX 970Ram 16GB KingstonScore 7.7
  19. I had to find this thread through search. Couldn't find the place to enable dark mode. Looked in Profile, account settings and in the 'Forum' section FAQ before using search and finding the answer here.
  20. Thanks OP, this is just what I was looking for! The site doesn't include Windows 10 in their 'supports' list but it works just fine. Another tip: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Late update: Windows 10 anniversary edition supports audio switching pretty natively, just click the volume icon and click your audio device, you'll get a list.