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  • Birthday 1996-10-26

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    i like trains
  • Occupation
    breathing air


  • CPU
    i7 4770S 3,9ghz
  • Motherboard
    H81-Gamer ASUS
  • RAM
    16gb 2x8GB Red RipjawsX
  • GPU
    R9 390 NiTRO from Sapphire Ghetto Rigged a Seidon 240v on it =D
  • Case
    Modded Spec 1 with RGB
  • Storage
     1x 128gb SSD 1x 500gb SSD 1x TB HDD
  • PSU
    650watt corsair
  • Display(s)
    Samsung T27C370
  • Cooling
    Arctic i32
  • Keyboard
    Razer Widowmaker 2015 (Green)
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Elite
  • Sound
    Razer Kraken Pro (Green)
  • Operating System
    Win 10

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  1. well reinstalled on ssd... loaded 4 secs and now working =) tox for helping guys
  2. if its still the same in gonna install it on my ssd
  3. im gonna try to disable all mods and dlcs and try run it!
  4. not on steam and with all Dlcs..
  5. I tryed with no mods.. its the same after installing mods still same
  6. Tryed to Play Fallout4 today... Startet a New game now the Game is just Loading Infinite... Well i have it on my HDD but still... it shouldn't take that long..
  7. Well it is 1:1 like Msi Afterburner im gonna use cam
  8. searching an alternative who works for everything but thx for helping =D
  9. Idont wanna use Msi afterburner anymore so i need a new Programm who shows me Fps in games (Automatic not like Fraps and stuff) It would be best if you could even Customise the Text Font and stuff.. Or how to use Rivatuner without Msi Afterburner? (Or without Afterbuner Changing Clocks)
  10. ok i figured it out you only need to force synappse to load in *Admin* mode..
  11. Razer Blackwidow.. Synapse problems..(image failed to load)
  12. my rival has now sensor problems too... f*** this.. well lets look if zowie and logite has good mouses =) thx guys