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About jonnyGURU

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    Grouchy old fart.
  • Birthday 1971-01-29

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    Bay area, CA
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    Former lead tech support @ TCWO.com
    Former Avaya PBX installer
    Former owner/reviewer @ jonnyguru.com
    Former PSU, case and cooling PM @ Ultra Products
    Former PSU PM @ BFG Technologies
    Former PSU engineer @ Razer
    Former technical marketing manager @ Corsair
    Former PSU PM @ Corsair
    Currently Director of R&D (PSU's, cables, connectors and other skunkworks projects) @ Corsair

    No.. it's not that I can't hold onto a job. It's that I'm really that old.

    Love what I do, but jaded by the industry. When poked, I do bite.
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    Trying not to get COVID-19.

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  1. Title

    Not here


    you liar


    on a unrelated note, i saw you discovered the psu hellhole known as the tomshardware forum?

    1. jonnyGURU


      I'm just taking LTT and Tom's in smaller doses.   The high doses I was doing before was raising my blood pressure.