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  1. jonnyGURU

    Power Supply Fan Noise

    Oh.. He has an HX850. Ok. Damn... too many recycled series names and too many different warranty terms.
  2. You do realize that the Seasonic 760W in your signature does not operate this way, right?
  3. jonnyGURU

    Power Supply Fan Noise

    It's semi-modular? Then it's the older generation. Only the current generation has a 10 year warranty. Your older model only has a 5 year warranty. WD-40? That's a horrible idea. All that is going to do is wash out whatever lubricant is left in the bearing and attract dirt. Please don't tell me you use WD-40 on bicycle chains too.
  4. jonnyGURU

    Need help to choose PSU?

    What's clear is that you think efficiency and quality are mutually exclusive... which they are not.
  5. jonnyGURU

    Help with 24-pin ATX power connection

    Ah! Good catch! That would definitely prevent an ATX PSU from working in an HP motherboard. Wow.
  6. Is it the slim tower Optiplex? I hope you only paid what the CPU and GPU were worth and nothing more.
  7. jonnyGURU

    Help with 24-pin ATX power connection

    -5V isn't used anymore. -12V is rarely used. Theoretically, it should work, but we have a guy on the jonnyguru forums that had a HP ProDesk 400 G3 MT that he installed an ATX PSU into and it didn't work. Ended up buying a new motherboard.
  8. jonnyGURU

    Psu wattage

    No graphics card? If you plan on using the on chip 630 UHD, you could get away with running this thing on a power brick.
  9. jonnyGURU

    Power cable for evga g2 1000

    Why do you need a 1000W PSU? What was wrong with the Lite-On 500W?
  10. jonnyGURU

    650W vs 1000W

    Correction: The fan controller uses load AND temperature. The OP AMPs used to measure current for OCP also reports back to the fan controller. The reason an MCU is used instead of a standard thermistor fan controller is because there's a rather complex algorithm programmed into it to tell the fan when to spin and how fast it should spin.
  11. jonnyGURU

    Corsair RM750X custom cables

    Are you sure they mean 15 and 17 AWG and not 1.5 and 1.7 mm^2?
  12. jonnyGURU

    Corsair RM750X custom cables

    15g and 17g are weird numbers for wire gauge. Typically even numbers are used. Definitely not 17g across the board. And 15g is too fat. The stock wires are mostly 16g (the sense wires tend to be 20g and the -12V tends to be 18g).
  13. jonnyGURU

    Rm 750x power leakage

    Leakage current for a consumer grade PSU is generally 3.5mA. So if it's not grounded, you're going to feel it. Even a laptop with an aluminum chassis (like a Razer Blade, for example) in an ungrounded outlet is going to give you a "tingle". Only a medical grade PSU is going to have leakage current < 1mA.
  14. jonnyGURU

    Corsair RM750X custom cables