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  1. LesTech. Not to be cofused with Les Paul. That PSU is absolute garbage.
  2. jonnyGURU

    Good 550w PSU

    The cap "brands" don't mean so much. At the end of the day, they're all made in China. Some have better materials and spec than others, but you don't know that based on only their brand. Very much like PSUs. And more caps doesn't mean better ripple and noise filtering. Better switching design, bulk cap, choke coils, etc. all contribute. Sure you can put more caps on a shitty design and "fix" the problem, but you're decreasing the efficiency and increasing the number of points of failure.
  3. jonnyGURU

    Corsair RM650x keeps blowing up

    I can't help much without the RMA being done through Corsair with a request for failure analysis so it goes back to HQ. But if the OP is switching the PSU off and on every day, that very well could be the issue.
  4. jonnyGURU

    is Corsair Vengeance 650M good psu?

    Oh. Grey label is what everyone calls it. Never heard it called silver label before.
  5. jonnyGURU

    What is COM?

    FFS guys.... COM is short for COMMON GROUND.
  6. jonnyGURU

    is Corsair Vengeance 650M good psu?

    Maybe because there isn't a Corsair CX550 Silver?????
  7. jonnyGURU

    White goop in my psu?

    Looks like you got a pretty unanimous response. This subject comes up probably two times a week with the occasional user completely freaking out thinking the RTV is from leaking caps. FWIW: Have you ever used caulk? It's easy to get a good bead of caulk when you have your caulk gun between the tile and the tub, and you can use a tool to smooth it out... but have you tried to control caulk coming out of a squirt gun in mid air? Not easy to keep it neat.
  8. jonnyGURU

    Good 550w PSU

    It's actually being worked on at the moment. Not final yet.
  9. jonnyGURU

    Good 550w PSU

    What do you mean "can't find your warranty"? You mean you can't find your receipt? Can you get a copy from the store in Bangalore?
  10. jonnyGURU

    Is my psu hindering performance?

    Because he can't "benchmark" his PSU.
  11. There are SFX to ATX brackets available everywhere. It's very common for people to use an SFX PSU in that case with an adapter bracket. Example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BYB33J8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_dYD6Bb8F7KEK5
  12. jonnyGURU

    Good 550w PSU

    Only 2.5 years? Then it's still under warranty. Contact indiaservice@corsair.com Absolutely. You're now manipulating a mechanical aspect of the PSU. Absolutely not. The "metal" only tells you how efficient the PSU is. Nothing more. Correct. They change the website's back end, it seems, less than every two years and with every change there seems to be a year's worth of corrections. I'll let them know. Thanks!
  13. jonnyGURU

    Ruling out the PSU

    You can also use a standard USB cable and plug it into an external port or a laptop or....
  14. jonnyGURU

    Ruling out the PSU

    Kill-A-Watt doesn't have any kind of logging feature. You're not going to know what goes wrong when it goes wrong. You have an HX1000i. Why wouldn't you just run LINK and turn on the logging feature to write a report of everything that's happening to the PSU??????