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    The D shape goes into the square. Just not the other way around. If that connector isn't going in, you're doing something wrong.
  2. Are there many case releases at PAX?

    PAX isn't a show for DIY hardware. Usually just CES and Computex are where PC hardware gets shown.
  3. Bigger than your current UPS. 1000VA would be about 600W. I don't know how much power your monitor uses.
  4. I'm not saying you need a true sine UPS or online UPS. Just a bigger/better one. Especially if you have a monitor plugged into it as well.
  5. PSU cables

    Maybe the wire gauge is different? If the Seasonic wires are smaller gauge, the voltage can drop more under heavy loads.
  6. Corsair PSUs high death rate?

    It's just you. There is no HX500.
  7. I feel electricity on my case.

    No. I cannot.
  8. I feel electricity on my case.

    No difference. I'm out of this conversation. There's too much speculation as to what the issue is to confidently tell you that your PC is safe or not. You need to buy a tool to check to see if your Earth ground is good or call an electrician. This has already been suggested a number of times.
  9. PSU cables

    You are one lucky duck.
  10. Hold old is it? Could be just the batteries are bad. Could be that it's not a big enough UPS. UPS companies tend to cheat by rating their products with "VA", but hiding the actual wattage support capability. For APC, a 625VA UPS can only support 325W. You could very well be loading it more than 325W.
  11. I feel electricity on my case.

    By "off" I assume the OP means "soft off" and not shut down via AC input (i.e. PSU switch off).
  12. Is this a good psu? Corsair TX650M

    Ahh.. Brazil. I can understand now. Yes.. That's probably the best you can do for the money.
  13. I feel electricity on my case.

    I'm going back to bad ground. When I worked for Razer, I initially launched the Blade with a two pin AC cable for the adapter. Some people complained of a "tingle" through the Blade's aluminum housing. We added a ground pin to the adapter and the tingle went away.
  14. I feel electricity on my case.

    Ok. So we're back to square one. Problem must be a short somewhere. Like an extra stand off or a cracked PCB. Still could be dangerous as a short can kill components if not caught.