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  1. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Droidbot in Question about the life span of a ssd and m.2 sdd   
    They would have similar lifespans in terms of writes. 
    For the longest lifespan SSDs, get MLC (Samsung 850 PRO/960 PRO) instead of TLC (EVO) 
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    HungryHamster got a reaction from UglyDuckiling in Thoughts on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided   
    Hey everyone,
    Did any of you enjoy this game as much as I did? Oddly, it seems many of my friends do not share my same enthusiasm. I know graphics aren't everything, but this level of detail just blew me away (click to enlarge): 
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    HungryHamster got a reaction from ivan134 in Thoughts on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided   
    Hey everyone,
    Did any of you enjoy this game as much as I did? Oddly, it seems many of my friends do not share my same enthusiasm. I know graphics aren't everything, but this level of detail just blew me away (click to enlarge): 
  4. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to done12many2 in Corsair H110 w/ i7-6700k Getting Hotter After 6 months?   
    Could be a couple of things, but the bottom line is that your temps are still more than fine.
    It's that time of the year when ambient temps are starting to rise again.  As ambient temps increase, expect CPU temps to increase almost proportionately.  Combine this with possible influence from the dust you mentioned.  Your thermal paste may need to be reapplied depending on the quality of whatever you used.
    Like I said, you're still fine at your current temps so there's probably no real rush to fix any of this stuff. 
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    HungryHamster got a reaction from xMLxDefault in ASUS MG279Q vs PG279Q   
    I got the pg279q a few months ago and have no regrets. G-sync is great.
  6. Agree
    HungryHamster reacted to SPG in When does 144Hz 3440x1440 ultrawide IPS come?   
    2-3 years down the road when a new single GPU is released that will actually be able to run that on modern games
  7. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to W-L in Does my PSU (Corsair RM850i) have "active PFC UPS?"   
    All modern PSU's have active PFC to ensure it is capable of supplying the full labeled wattage on the unit. 
    A UPS is a separate unit as said that provides a battery backup if there is a power loss. Where they cross is the active PFC and UPS's can sometimes have issues with compatibility. 
  8. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to zMeul in RGB Desktop Background Possible?   
    you can create a video file or a gif and set it as desktop background with VLC
  9. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to azninvsn13 in RGB Desktop Background Possible?   
    What I used to do was just use a simple image editor and change the color or tint of the image to different colors and then put it all into a folder (obvi not 16.8 million files, but enough) and set it to just cycle through these images.
    Or look at wallpaper engine?
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    HungryHamster reacted to smicha in 14x GTX 1080 watercooled network workstation   
    1. This is a dual 7x GTX1080 network render system - each node is a 7x GPU - single slotted (custom cut DVI ports) and watercooled.
    2. Both machines are based on 2x Xeon E5 v4 with ECC DDR4. 
    3. If needed one case can be stacked on anther to save some space (some redesign of a loop would be recommended in this case). Anyway Thermaltake Core X9 gives here some flexibility. Just keep in mind that both machines weigh 80kg (176lbs). 
    4. Approximate speed on network rendering is about 2200. 
    5. Power draw on 14 GPUs while rendering shall not exceed 2kW (2x1600W PSUs will be used).
    6. Approximate cost is around 20 000 EUR.

    For those who are curious on parts:

    2x Thermaltake Core X9
    14x GTX 1080
    2x ASRock Rack EP2C612 WS with custom bios for 2x 7 GPUs
    4x Intel Xeon E5-2620 V4 3 GHz boost
    6x Kingston Server DIMM ECC REG 6x32 GB (4+2 config)
    2x Super Flower Titanium 1600 Watt PSU
    2x Crucial MX300 SSD 500 GB
    1x Western Digital Black, SATA 6G, 7200RPM, 2 TB
    2x Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit SP1, DVD - iso conversion (EN)

    14x EK Water Blocks EK-FC 1080 GTX - Acetal+Nickel
    2x EK Water Blocks EK-FC1080 GTX Backplate - nickel
    4x x99 CPU Waterblocks nickel

    6x 480mm Radiators 
    26x Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro Fan PL2 - 120mm
    4x Aquacomputer and Phobya fan splitter

    2x aqua computer aquaero 6 Pro
    2x aqua computer Displayglas
    2x aqua computer aquabus Y-Kabel

    4x EK Water Blocks EK-D5 PWM G2 Pumps (12V DC PWM Motor) 
    2x EK Water Blocks EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 Serial
    2x EK Water Blocks EK-FC Terminal HEPTA Semi Parallel

    4x PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 15,9/9,5 mm - clear
    2x Mayhems XT-1 Clear - 150ml
    2x 5L Distilled water

    40x 90 deg. fittings 1⁄4 inch
    40x compression fittings - 10/16mm
    20x extender fittings
    10x plugs
    2x pressure equalizer
    2x anticyclone
    2x water temperature sensor
    2x air temperature sensor
    2x reservoir 220mm with mounting mechanism
    2x valve for drainage system
    2x laser diode
    cables, extender cables
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    HungryHamster reacted to DND in 1440p 144hz 27" monitor   
    I could only think of recommending the Asus PG279Q.
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    HungryHamster reacted to Ivan Duque in My First 1440p Gaming Build (Updated)   
    I've had this rig for some time now, but recently I upgraded some of the components so I wanted to post some pictures here since I've been a big fan of LinusTechTips.
    Sorry for these bad quality pictures but I'll upload better ones as soon as I get a decent camera.
    I had 2 GTX 970 on SLI, the stock cooler for my i7 4790k and just 4 SP120 high pressure fans plus 3 stock fans that came with the case, so I decided to buy a single GTX 1080 to get some more juice of my 1440p 144hz GSYNC monitor, the Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler to replace that stock CPU cooler and 3 more SP120 high pressure fans to replace those stock case fans. Also, I added a 5TB HDD for backup purposes, a hot swap mobile rack for that HDD and some light with a NZXT 2 metres LED kit as a final touch. Last but not least, I've got a new desk made by my dad because with the old desk I had no space for the new z506 speakers I bought.

    You can check the full part list on the following link: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/MYcYcf
    This info is also on my signature.
  13. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Moress in Bought a Z170 motherboard and Kaby Lake comes out   
    Also, Kaby Lake CPUs will work on Z170 motherboards, but will require a Bios Update to do so. You can do so without a CPU installed on some motherboards, but others will require a Skylake CPU to be installed first. If you have a nearby PC shop they should be able to flash the bios for you if you do pick up a 7700k.
  14. Agree
    HungryHamster got a reaction from niofalpha in ASUS announce their ROG Swift PG27UQ 4K 144Hz G-Sync HDR monitor   
    Wish it was ultra-wide and didn't have a hideous base design.
  15. Agree
    HungryHamster reacted to ionbasa in Nvidia Keynote at CES   
    You guys really buy into all the rumor mill hype don't you? 
     If you're betting on a 1080Ti, a better bet would be that it might get announced at Computex, just like the 980Ti. 
  16. Agree
    HungryHamster got a reaction from BingoFishy in Best way to clean a Arcylic side panel without leaving mirco/light scratches on it?   
    I'm not sure about cleaner, but I use a microfiber cloth.
  17. Agree
    HungryHamster reacted to Electronics Wizardy in 4 Way Long SLI Bridge   
    You can't do 4 way with 970's, only 980's and 1080's and titans.
    Don't run more than 2 way though. Your much better off with a single 1080.
  18. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Joseph Hartness in Room for another SSD?   
    There is always room for ssd's, you could always get double sided duct tape and tape it to your case near your cable managment area.
  19. Informative
    HungryHamster reacted to Phentos in Room for another SSD?   
    You can add as many drives as you have SATA ports.
    No more places to put an SSD in your case? Duct tape it to an obscure spot and route the cables through.
  20. Agree
    HungryHamster got a reaction from Joseph Hartness in Room for another SSD?   
    Hey everyone,
    Can I add another SSD to my PC? I think I remember hearing someone tell me that I don't have any more room to add one, but I'm not positive.
    Case: Corsair 760t
    Current Storage: Samsung 850 EVO (500GB) and Seagate Barricuda (2TB)
    If not, maybe I could scrap my HD and then I would have room for another SSD?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Informative
    HungryHamster got a reaction from Pachuca in LED RGB what's good and what to avoid?   
    Unfortunately, despite being advertised as being "ASUS Aura compatible," the Cable Mod LED strips do not work well with the Aura software. I have ASUS Maximus VIII Formula with a Cable Mod LED strip attached and the colors are rarely able to synchronize.
  22. Agree
    HungryHamster got a reaction from PCGeek in 4k or 144hz?   
    144hz for FPS games
    4k for MMO's
    Even with the best hardware you will still get low FPS trying to run games at 4k. I think 1440p/144hz is still the sweet spot for gaming. 4k should be ready in 2-3 years.
  23. Agree
    HungryHamster got a reaction from isaac22701 in 4k or 144hz?   
    Oh, wow, well if you're fine with getting 30 FPS constant, then you should be able to get that with a GTX 1070. You might need to turn some settings down in some games though. I consider anything below 60 to be low and for most games I play 80-120 is preferred.
  24. Funny
    HungryHamster reacted to ARikozuM in Is RAM cooling worth it?   
    Not worth cooling something that only outputs about 3W of heat.
  25. Agree
    HungryHamster got a reaction from App4that in Anti-Aliasing Lowering GPU Usage?   
    Strange, The Witcher 3 is one of the only games that I really notice significant increased performance from SLI. I have two EVGA 1080 FTWs with a HB SLI bridge and at 1440p/max settings I usually get 90% utilization on both cards. Running one GTX 1080 I sometimes drop to 50fps but running SLI I never drop below 90fps. Wish more games offered that good of scaling for SLI users!