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  1. Hey everyone, Lawbreakers is now in a free open beta. You can get it on Steam. I don't play Overwatch, but I hear this game is supposed to be very similar. So far I'm really enjoying it. The graphics are really nice and it seems very well optimized, especially for a beta. It's also (as far as I know) the first UE4 game to have SLI support and it is glorious! I'm getting +90% utilization on both cards. Anyways, just thought I would give everyone a heads up if you haven't heard about this game yet.
  2. Sorry, thought you were referring to that temperature triggering the auto fan which it does even without WE running. Only 3440x1440 wallpapers in WE make my idle GPU clock this high. Obviously it's this high or higher when I'm gaming, but I just didn't know how safe it would be to run all the time. I'm thinking it's probably not worth it.
  3. Hello, I have been running a 4k Wallpaper in Wallpaper Engine and I just noticed that the GPU clock speed on my GTX 1080 is between 1200-1800MHz. My GPU even goes up to 50-60C which triggers the auto fan. Is this safe to be running in the background all the time or would you advise against it? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I had only played FPS games like COD and CS:GO before playing The Witcher 3 and was surprised at how much I loved it. That game has something for everyone.
  5. I would say try ASUS again. I got a 279q months ago and was super worried about the noted BLB issue, but the first one they sent me had only a little in the top right corner so I kept it. Unless it's a totally black screen it is not noticeable at all. In dark environments it does become more apparent from different viewing angles so try to find one that minimizes whatever BLB you do get. Anyways, I voted for ASUS since I had no issues and they did come out with a press release about a year ago stating that they were aware of the complaints and would strive to do better. They also seemed to be pretty active in reaching out to unhappy customers in the Amazon review section. Hope something works out for you soon.
  6. HungryHamster

    New games

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of the best games I have played and the graphics are amazing. I got it during a Steam sale a while back not even thinking that it would be that good, but I was really surprised.
  7. I am a very old school Counter-Strike 1.6 player and used to play on a team with jdm so I usually cheer for whatever team he is on (right now it is Liquid). I also watch a lot of Cloud9 games because n0thing is another player I recognize and I like it when people spam "1.6" in the chat whenever he gets good frags
  8. 180-190 sounds like a lot. I have 2x 1080 SLI, i7-6700k and playing 1440p but I only get about 110-120 AVG with highs to 160 and lows to 70 FPS. I've noticed that FPS drops seem to occur more after a lot of destruction/mid round modification to map terrain. It's almost certainly a CPU bottleneck. I've heard of people with 2x 1080ti still dropping to 60 FPS on Soissons and some other maps.
  9. No, I don't recommend the EVGA 1080 FTW. I have two of them. I have had to RMA two times and one of those times it was because one of them literally exploded (due to a bad 12v capacitor to the power delivery circuit) and left burn marks on my motherboard. The main issue of disproportionately high numbers of cards with bad capacitors is still an issue, but this has little to nothing to do with the now resolved thermal pad issue.
  10. Hey everyone, Did any of you enjoy this game as much as I did? Oddly, it seems many of my friends do not share my same enthusiasm. I know graphics aren't everything, but this level of detail just blew me away (click to enlarge):
  11. I was really impressed with the graphics (especially texture detail) in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Here are some screenshots I took to show off this absolutely beautiful game:
  12. I got the pg279q a few months ago and have no regrets. G-sync is great.
  13. Hey everyone, It's been about 6 months since I put together my build and I noticed that my CPU seems to be getting hotter than it used to be. If I remember right, it used to peak at around 50C and now it's almost to 60C after gaming for a while. Is this something to worry about? Although I have a dust filter, it appears that some dust has been gathering on the front of the radiator but it's not too bad. Maybe this is responsible for the higher temps? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. I went with the PG279q and it's great. Despite many poor reviews, the display I received has almost no BLB.
  15. Hello, I have a Corsair RM850i. Does this have an "active PFC UPS?" I have no idea what that is, but it was recommended. Thanks.
  16. Hey everyone, This might be a ridiculous question, but is it possible to have a RGB (color cycle) desktop background in Windows 10 instead of a static image? I'm rather obsessed with RGB stuff and I recently started using the new Razer desktop background that was being displayed at CES - http://imgur.com/a/EtGCs I thought it would be really cool if I could find a way to take that desktop background and make just Razer logo part of it continuously cycle through RGB colors. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. I have two 1080s and your story of how you ended up with SLI is comically similar to my own. That being said, if you're worried about them not being fully utilized, I'd run games with an OSD that shows your GPU usage to make sure it's working properly. Something like Afterburner or Precision XOC should work. You might also try Firestrike or another benchmarking program. As others have said, SLI is pretty hit and miss and depending on the game, you might only get a 10-20% boost. Yes, even with games that say they "support" SLI. I play lots of games and the only title I can think of that has given me 90% + utilization on both cards is The Witcher 3.
  18. You might consider getting a larger SSD to use for games as well as your boot drive.
  19. Nothing wrong with the z170-a, but it's pretty basic. For a build of this quality I'm surprised you aren't considering a higher-end ("enthusiast") board like a ASUS Maximus Formula, Extreme, Hero, etc. You won't get a big performance difference, but they look a lot nicer and some of their additional functions are quite useful in some cases. Also, I think the new models for 2017 just dropped at CES so i'd check them out.
  20. I have a g-sync monitor (pg279q) and can confirm that it does not eliminate stuttering.
  21. ASUS PG279q. Don't worry too much about the poor reviews on Amazon/Newegg. Most of them were from the initial release but ASUS has since stepped up their QC. They even made a press release about it. I didn't have to "play the monitor lotto" or anything like that. First one they sent me was perfect with little to no backlight bleed issues.
  22. They have some microstuttering issues even with a HB bridge and a G-Sync monitor. That being said, when they work, they are freaking awesome. I tend to disable SLI for games that I can already get 80+ FPS with just one because the improved FPS isn't worth the trade off of lower frame times.
  23. Hey everyone, What are some games that have high resolution textures? I know Watchdogs 2 has a HD texture DLC and Rainbow Six: Siege does as well. Are there any others you can think of? Thanks.
  24. Wish it was ultra-wide and didn't have a hideous base design.