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    intel core i7 6700k
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080TI
  1. so i finally decided to overclock my core i7 6700k. currently ive overclocked it to 4.5ghz at 1.3v. ive been running aida64 for around an hour now i was wondering how long more should i keep running aida64 before considering it stable. also would you recommend any other stress tests applications before considering it stable other than aida64?
  2. random2234

    Pc won't boot after I installed a new CPU.

    take out the cpu and have look on the cpu socket on the motherboard for any bent pins or anything. i reckon it could be some bent pins thats causing it not to boot or a simple reseating of the cpu could the answer. before you changed the cpu was the pc booting up as normal? it could be the cpu has gone bad but i highly doubt it
  3. random2234

    is my GPU faulty?

    i built the PC recently back in august and bought everything brand new at the time. ive tried my old gtx 970 in the system and everything seems to be fine.
  4. random2234

    is my GPU faulty?

    hi so ive been having some problems with my gaming PC. i have a nvidia geforce gtx 1070 and lately all my games are crashing. sometimes if i start up GTA 5 or any other game it simply crashes within 5 minutes but then sometimes it loads up fine and works no problem. ive checked my temperatures to check if maybe its overheating but the max my GPU temperature goes to is between 50-55 degrees. ive tried reinstalling my drivers and updating it to see if that solves it but still the same problem. i then tried to run heaven benchmark but it simply crashed within a few minutes. so does this mean my GPU is faulty?
  5. random2234

    Wait for AMD or going with Intel?

    depends. i mean personally its pretty unlikely that the zen will peform better than skylake i mean at best maybe on par with skylake and thats a big if. we just have no idea. not to mention its a while till it releases and even then you would ant to wait till people have tested in and posted reviews until getting one so it could a be alot longer than your willing to wait. right now 4 cores is more than enough and i don see that changing any time soon. remember its not just cores its also individual core speed. thats why intel performs generally better than AMD despite many AMD processors having more than 4 cores. so a 6600k would be great for gaming right now and should be able to last for a good 2-3 years unless something drastically changes not to mention if you get a decent motherboard you can overclock it. or you could get the 6700k which has hyperthreading if your that worried
  6. so i just built a new system with a intel core i7 6700k running at stock speeds with a noctua nh-u14s as my CPU cooler and decided to use Aida64 to stress test my system. i ran it with stress CPU checked for 4 hours and my max temperatures went to around 46-50 degrees on the individual cores and 49 degrees for the cpu reading. i then ran it again for another 4 hours this time with stress FPU checked and my temps went higher with 63-70 degrees for the individual cores and around 67 degrees for the cpu reading. im wondering is it normal for "stress FPU" to produce higher temperatures than "stress CPU"