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  1. @AlexTheGreatish In the video after you figured out you lifted the pads you said the resistors were wired in parallel, they are not (how would the CPU read 2 different values) one side of them are(the side closest to the round metal cylinder) connected to vcc. The other sides both have separate traces going back to the CPU so if you want to fix it you will have to wire one of those wires back to the cpu. I have attached a picture showing that below. If you ever need to desolder a smd resistor/cap like that in the future just apply some flux then get a glob of solder on you iron big enough to touch both pads then apply it and the resistor will pull off and stick to the glob of solder on your iron, from there you can pull it off the glob with tweezers.
  2. would love the new blade. current laptop has integrated graphics