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Mike Soda

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  • Birthday 1991-02-26

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    Hiking, Gaming & Automotive
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    Growing up I never had a whole lot of electronics besides my N64 & V-tech wanna-be PC. My basic toys & bike riding were all that I knew until they broke. Being irreplaceable I then turned to junk food for entertainment but that had some bad consequences. Which to this day, years after a diet overhaul I'm still struggling to reverse the damage caused by it. There's a lot I would've done differently regarding that & my computer choices.

    My first giant Gateway PC came late in life, when I was about 15. That outdated machine didn't last long & was once again replaced by another Freebie. An HP Pavilion 513x that I still have in the closet collecting dust haha. Neither of which I used cautiously but I've run a wide range of scans on the HP & all say its clean. With the purchase of my current cheap gaming computer in 2011 I started practicing extremely limited safe browsing. Despite how much of a rip-off this PC was, bad Display Drivers & a PSU fan are the only major issues I've ever had.

    So what does my future hold now? Well I've finally built my own PC & it runs fine but seems that for overclocking I'll eventually need more, better fans & a heatsink. Other than that, I'm just continuously trying to increase my knowledge & hopefully be entirely self-reliant someday. I know perfection is impossible, but in my opinion striving towards it helps minimize downward spirals.
  • Occupation
    Groundskeeper & Upholstery Apprentice


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Motherboard
    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
  • RAM
    16GB G.Skill DDR4 3200
  • GPU
    3GB MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
  • Case
    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3
  • Storage
    250GB Samsung 850 EVO
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 550W
  • Display(s)
    Acer V206HQL
  • Cooling
    Nocuta: NH-U14S with an NF-A15 HS-PWM chromax.black.swap + 4 NF-A14 PWM chromax.black.swaps
  • Keyboard
    CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Corsair Katar
  • Sound
    Logitech Speakers + 1 Sub
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Mike Soda

    Help Chosing A Hidden Camera

    I've heard of gearbest, thanks I'll check there.
  2. I'm looking for a very small wireless security camera I can hide in my house. It doesn't need to be 1080p, honestly 480p would be fine or even 720 but it does need to have a wide viewing angle & good low light performance. I'd like to be able to monitor it from either my phone or desktop PC. I've already browsed Amazon but there's a ton of results so I'd like all your opinion on the brands that're out there if any of you have experience with this. Ideally I'd want something 1/2 inch in diameter or smaller. I'm not sure where I'd place it yet, maybe within some little 2-3 inch square decorative fake bird houses that're above our coat rack. As far as price goes, around $100 or less is preferred but if you know of a great product for $200 suggest it anyway.
  3. Although tempted in the past I never did, just now tried conversing with Cleaver Bot AI Chatbot. It was worse than having a conversation with a drunk & I mean someone totally wasted. The vast majority of things I said it ignored or went way off topic on other tangents about. At one point it even appeared like it was confusing me with someone else who was chatting with it. Accusing me of saying my name was Larson or something when the only previous thing I said were 2 of my friends names that don't even contain L's. So now I have to ask the odd question, is there a decent, real, safe, A.I Chatbot out there? By that I mean one that's far more advanced than Cleaver Bot & is real, not some underpaid Chinese or Indian kid a company is forcing to pretend they're A.I. Which I've heard some websites have done in the past & it IMO wouldn't be hard to still pull off. I'd like to not get infected either so yeah that's why the other stipulation. So yeah if any of you have suggestions on where I should try next leme know because I'm really bored.
  4. Mike Soda

    Windows Headphone Bass Settings

    Thanks all, I'll just adjust it then.
  5. Mike Soda

    Windows Headphone Bass Settings

    Within my Windows 10 Audio settings for my headset (Hyper X Cloud Stinger), the bass adjustments have me a little confused. Currently it's frequency is set to 80 Hz @ 6 db but what exactly does it mean if I change this? I know there's selections that range from 50 to 600 hz. Additionally the boost level can be tweaked from none to 24 db, but are these levels at said frequencies always active? If not & bass boost is only activated on the selected frequency, which should I have it set at to produce the most realistic yet bass filled sound? I know this is probably entirely a preference based thing but I make better decisions when I'm influenced by others with more experience than me. So please, fire away on whatever suggestions ya got.
  6. Mike Soda

    Second Display Issues

    Okay I think I've figured it out but I'm wondering about something else now. I have my Acer V206HQL plugged in via DVI-D, while the HP S2031 is on a DVI-D to DisplayPort adapter cable. If I switched that around would there be anything to gain having that on my primary Acer display in gaming? I only ask because I think I remember reading somewhere that DP is faster than DVI-D.
  7. Mike Soda

    Second Display Issues

    I just asked my friend & he said if I leave the HP on for a bit the grey part will go away. Although I still need to be able to change which monitor is 1 & 2 & set desktops up between the 2.
  8. Mike Soda

    Second Display Issues

    I just unplugged it & went back to my single Acer V206HQL, everything looked okay though but I don't really know what I'm doing. Nope I didn't touch any of that, I just want to be able to setup desktop 1 on my center Acer monitor to be primary & the HP for secondary desktop.
  9. Mike Soda

    Second Display Issues

    For now I'm gonna have to go back to just one because what I'm experiencing is completely unusable. This is my first time trying multiple monitors so I'm extremely confused as to why it's acting this way & why it wont let me change or toggle between multiple desktops with alt tab or whatever key it should be. The grey bar on the HP S2031 is really annoying as well but I don't think it's damage to the monitor itself. Since if I bring up a window it just looks more like a slight grey tint & not dead pixels. I'm using Nvidia Display Driver 416.34.
  10. Mike Soda

    Surge Protection

    A surge protector power strip yes, the long things with multiple outlets you plug into an existing outlet. Yes I know the washer is already damaged, I want to plug it into a power strip anyway so when a cycle is complete, all my mother has to do is flip the switch on the power strip mounted elsewhere. Currently she has to try & reach behind the washing machine & unplug it so it doesn't randomly start washing all over again. Because of her health & height though she's unable to unplug or plug it back in all the way. So a lot of the time it's partly exposed which I know could cause a spark & fire. We've replaced the timer before but for this model they only last a couple months. We can't afford to keep going through them like that nor replace the machine either. The timer is faulty because it's so cheap it couldn't handle the rare power outages we get during storms. I'll link below the ones I'm considering buying, I've found out I just need to check the back of our washer to ensure it's at or hopefully below their max amp rating. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000WJCXR2/?coliid=I1DAY849IRYAP8&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000L9OQ3C/?coliid=IUZUVZ438CEHV&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0006BC5YC/?coliid=I1Z6A41EUQC0B1&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007ZT2XT0/?coliid=I3G0IRL9QN6OCE&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FPDF5M/?coliid=I32AU6CDK9JQ0I&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000KKNFMU/?coliid=I3P9CI97DUXJSX&colid=1KUQ3J3O8PWFO&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  11. Mike Soda

    Surge Protection

    This is sorta tech related but I put in off topic anyway. I need to get a surge protector for our washing machine. I know you're not technically supposed to use an appliance on one but it could really benefit us. Currently our washer's timer is deflective. So unless the lid is lifted ASAP when the load is done, there's a good chance it'll start washing all over again. So each night we have to unplug the stupid thing so it won't start randomly washing on it's own. I found this model on Amazon which should handle the load. Most washers are 15 AMP & it's rated for 20, although the plug is different, ours are just the normal 2 straight with 1 round ground at the bottom. While one of it's are sideways, would I need an adapter or something? I've tried finding others but the only 2, 20 AMP surge protectors Amazon has have that same design. All the 15 AMP ones are normal plugs but I've heard that if I get a surge protector with the same max load as what our washer would put out all the time, it could constantly trip itself. Any advice y'all have I'd appreciate it, we've tried having the timer replaced but they go out too often & replacing the washer itself is way out of budget for a very long time & we've already had to put up with this for years.
  12. Mike Soda

    Going Dual But Which Plug?

    Thank you so much! I decided on DisplayPort to DVI because of the locking mechanism although I need to ask Amazon if theirs actually has it because from the pictures I can't tell.
  13. Mike Soda

    Going Dual But Which Plug?

    Thanks & finally, is there a better brand you'd recommend?
  14. Mike Soda

    Going Dual But Which Plug?

    Thank you, I wasn't sure if running dual monitors on 2 different connectors would effect latency or something. I won't have both running the same image, just each dedicated to a different desktop so I can multi-task easier. Here's a couple I found on Amazon, these are the correct thing right? I just want to make sure I'm not getting my inputs & outputs confused. AmazonBasics HDMI INput to DVI Output Adapter Cable AmazonBasics DisplayPort to DVI Cable
  15. Mike Soda

    Going Dual But Which Plug?

    My friends recently gave me a second monitor, an HP S2031 which I plan to pair with my Acer V206HQL. Both are 1600x900 resolution but the most advanced connector either offer is DVI-D. Although I would need to purchase a DVI-D cable for the HP display, unfortunately my 3GB 1060 Gaming X only has a single DVI-D input along with 3 DisplayPort & 1 HDMI. So I'm unsure what kind of adapters I should get & how many to run this upcoming dual monitor setup in the best way. 1: Should I buy a single DVI-D to HDMI & DVI-D to DisplayPort adapters? 2: Should I buy 2 DVI-D to DisplayPort adapters? 3: Should I leave 1 monitor on DIV-D & only get an adapter for the other to run on either HDMI or DisplayPort? 4: Lastly, I do need a power cable for the monitor I was given, should any flat-screen monitor cable work regardless of how old? I have 2 from a NEC MultiSync LCD 1545V & Samsung LS19GSESBY/XAA older monitors that barely work.