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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
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    16GB G.Skill DDR4 3200
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    3GB MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
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    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3
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    250GB Samsung 850 EVO
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    EVGA G2 550W
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    Acer V206HQL
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    Nocuta: NH-U14S with an NF-A15 HS-PWM chromax.black.swap + 4 NF-A14 PWM chromax.black.swaps
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    CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair Katar
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    Logitech Speakers + 1 Sub
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    Windows 10 Home

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    Hiking, Gaming & Automotive
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    Growing up I never had a whole lot of electronics besides my N64 & V-tech wanna-be PC. My basic toys & bike riding were all that I knew until they broke. Being irreplaceable I then turned to junk food for entertainment but that had some bad consequences. Which to this day, years after a diet overhaul I'm still struggling to reverse the damage caused by it. There's a lot I would've done differently regarding that & my computer choices.

    My first giant Gateway PC came late in life, when I was about 15. That outdated machine didn't last long & was once again replaced by another Freebie. An HP Pavilion 513x that I still have in the closet collecting dust haha. Neither of which I used cautiously but I've run a wide range of scans on the HP & all say its clean. With the purchase of my current cheap gaming computer in 2011 I started practicing extremely limited safe browsing. Despite how much of a rip-off this PC was, bad Display Drivers & a PSU fan are the only major issues I've ever had.

    So what does my future hold now? Well I've finally built my own PC & it runs fine but seems that for overclocking I'll eventually need more, better fans & a heatsink. Other than that, I'm just continuously trying to increase my knowledge & hopefully be entirely self-reliant someday. I know perfection is impossible, but in my opinion striving towards it helps minimize downward spirals.
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    Groundskeeper & Upholstery Apprentice

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  1. Woot! Got my 1500X to 3.9GHz on 1.3625V, could've maybe tried 1.35V that worked for 3.8 but no time & it's not a significant voltage/heat increase anyway for my NH-U14S.

  2. Wish there was an advanced Ryzen 5 overclocking guide that went into detail about LLC & which voltages to watch while tuning it.

  3. Going For 3.9

    Yeah I've heard it's not the best, I just need clarification by someone who has it with my BIOS or newer who knows what specific voltages I need to keep an eye on regarding what I set & LLC.
  4. Going For 3.9

    At the time of purchase, it was the only decent one available. I know though, next time I build a new PC it'll be after the "new" hardware has been out for at least a year. That'll give companies time to refine BIOS & whatever said companies true colors to shine through regarding optimization & laziness.
  5. Going For 3.9

    It's fine lol, hell they recommend up to but never over 1.45V for Ryzen but personally I don't want to go over 1.4V on air. A 70C spike but usually stayed between 57 & 60C. My motherboard doesn't have offset settings I don't think.
  6. Going For 3.9

    With only 10 days remaining on my second Aida64 Extreme Trail, I want to try getting 3.9GHz out of my R5 1500X now that I've got temperatures under control with my NH-U14S. A quick over hour long test I just now ran of 3.9GHz on 1.3875V revealed some new questions though. With that voltage set in my 7A39v28 BIOS, it auto adjusted it up to 1.392 but during Aida the CPU VDD stayed between 1.344 & 1.356, only once for less than a second spiking to 1.388. That ran for over an hour until I manually stopped it, but before I proceed with a 10 hour run of those same settings or adjusting anything else I'd like a little guidance on fine tuning LLC if what I suspect to be true. By the way, motherboard CPU VCore stayed at 1.400V 1: Does that above mean the auto LLC settings are currently under-volting? 2: Should I start out at 5 & try adjusting them up or down a little until my CPU VDD under load stays at or very slightly above 1.3875V or whatever I set? 3: The 2 newest "stable" BIOS's MSI has released have known voltage issues, should I try the latest beta E739AMS.2D2 found here now or after I play with LLC?
  7. Windows 10 Equalizer?

    Well I just tried the MSI Realtek HD Audio Driver that supposedly comes with my motherboard. That was the worst sounding thing I've ever heard, went back to the Windows Basic HD Audio Driver. One good thing came out of all this though, now Windows let's me adjust the bass boost amount & frequency that effect does. Although I've found leaving it at default is best, otherwise it sounds muddy or tinny.
  8. Logitech G600 Review In Progress

    Woot someone moved it, thank you to whoever !
  9. Logitech G600 Review In Progress

    I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to tag you this thread unless you just meant send a link. But yeah I reported it myself too & changed title to include asking it to be moved as well.
  10. The Logitech G600 is sooo heavy & big lol! I'm already getting a tiny bit used to it although I can tell I will need a larger mouse mat & G Pro Tenkeyless keyboard. Right now there's just barely enough room to move without knocking my hand against my CM QuickFire full mechanical keyboard.

  11. Opps, already did under Peripherals, hopefully a forum mod will move it for me as I'm not sure how to request that.
  12. This thread is an active, in progress review of my new Logitech G600 & will be edited as updates arise over time. Day 1: So far it's working fine on my small, free, multi-colored cloth mouse mat. I haven't experienced any tracking issues, even did a circle & line drawing test between this & my G100s, no difference that I can see. While we're on the subject of consistency though, here's an odd one. Whether I turn the Windows setting Enhance Pointer Precision on or off it doesn't seem to effect anything. Maybe this is because it's a Laser mouse I don't know but there was always a noticeable improvement while having it checked on with all my past Optical mice. I've disabled the ring finger click for now until I get more used to the design because I kept accidentally hitting it when moving the mouse to the left. Aside from that though there's only one other issue so far, right out of the box there was a small scratch on the back piano finished surface of the mouse. I can't feel it with my finger or hand, only finger nail if I glide it across multiple times & just barely at that. I've already told Logitech about it in a Contact forum I submitted asking other questions as well but made it clear I don't want a replacement. Oh & while typing this I noticed the mouse makes a scraping sound when I lift it unevenly on my mouse pad. I guess it's just the edge/side texture of the mouse gliding across my mouse pad, hopefully this wont sound even louder if I go with a hard pad in the future. Scratch Pic: Day 2: I've had to reduce the DPI from 300 & 1300 to 200 & 1200 respectively, I had heard that laser mice have built in acceleration but this is the first time I've witnessed it. Also scroll wheel tilt, G7 & the ringer finger buttons are disabled for now until I find a use for them.
  13. Yeah I saw some reviews on that, got my G600 now & am going to post a review in progress thread in the mice category of this forum in a few minutes.
  14. Just checked Newegg, G502 is the exact same price as the G600, it has plenty of buttons too. I've made up my mind, if the G600 doesn't work out well enough by the end of this week I'll try exchanging for the G502, maybe then Newegg will cover shipping because on returns I know they don't.