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    Ryzen 5 1500X
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    MSI B350M Gaming Pro
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    16GB G.Skill DDR4 3200
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    3GB MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
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    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3
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    250GB Samsung 850 EVO
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    EVGA G2 550W
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    Acer V206HQL
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    Nocuta: NH-U14S with an NF-A15 HS-PWM chromax.black.swap + 4 NF-A14 PWM chromax.black.swaps
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    CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair Katar
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    Logitech Speakers + 1 Sub
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    Growing up I never had a whole lot of electronics besides my N64 & V-tech wanna-be PC. My basic toys & bike riding were all that I knew until they broke. Being irreplaceable I then turned to junk food for entertainment but that had some bad consequences. Which to this day, years after a diet overhaul I'm still struggling to reverse the damage caused by it. There's a lot I would've done differently regarding that & my computer choices.

    My first giant Gateway PC came late in life, when I was about 15. That outdated machine didn't last long & was once again replaced by another Freebie. An HP Pavilion 513x that I still have in the closet collecting dust haha. Neither of which I used cautiously but I've run a wide range of scans on the HP & all say its clean. With the purchase of my current cheap gaming computer in 2011 I started practicing extremely limited safe browsing. Despite how much of a rip-off this PC was, bad Display Drivers & a PSU fan are the only major issues I've ever had.

    So what does my future hold now? Well I've finally built my own PC & it runs fine but seems that for overclocking I'll eventually need more, better fans & a heatsink. Other than that, I'm just continuously trying to increase my knowledge & hopefully be entirely self-reliant someday. I know perfection is impossible, but in my opinion striving towards it helps minimize downward spirals.
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    Groundskeeper & Upholstery Apprentice

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  1. What Does This Mean?

    That's true, like my phobia with flying beetles in particular. Many I know won't bat an eye even at a Titan Beetle but even smaller Blister Beetles I'm terrified of.
  2. What Does This Mean?

    Thanks, it is really confusing though or maybe contradictory is the right word to describe the individual & the drug(s). Although I do understand that anyone can say "yes I understand its bad" but for those words to lack true meaning. Kind of like when you talk to someone & they nod their head but are daydreaming about other things. Maybe I try too hard to understand people who're doing wrong but I can't help it, especially when it's someone I know personally. It just baffles me that with all the information available online these days, that one can still intentionally continue down a bad path. On a somewhat related note, when I found out what foods I was allergic to I had no problem instantly cutting them out. Even though I absolutely loved junk food containing dairy, wheat, peanuts & soy (don't actually like the taste of soy but it's in everything that tastes good), they were instantly cut out of my diet & I've never looked back in order to avoid any allergic reactions.
  3. What Does This Mean?

    What does it mean when a person responds to a serious, health & welfare related question by laughing while walking away? I already sort of know the answer but I'm not 100% sure about anything ever so that's why I'm asking anyway in addition to providing my own thoughts & further information now. Let's say you're or someone else ya know is doing something harmful to their own health & welfare that'll also effect those around them. It can be smoking, drinking or the abuse of any other recreational or even prescription drug. A situation where the individual's health is showing an obvious rapid decline due to the substance abuse. One so profound that it can't be denied by them selves even while under the influence of whatever they're taking. The person claims that their family & friends are of the utmost importance & they care about them more than anything in the world. Yet somehow when asked "what's gonna happen to us when you die from (whatever)?", the person's only response is seemingly sarcastic. Furthermore, upon confronting this individual about their odd response & asking them in a respectful manner why their answer was that way. They outright deny ever doing it or even having that intention & suddenly you're the one in the wrong for supposedly being too sensitive. Yes I understand that any form of alcohol or drug can stay in a persons body for a prolonged period of time. Although I would assume that if a person has slept an entire night without having it, there would be a period of time where their responses should be more rational. So what does it mean when a person's rational thinking appears to always be inhibited even when they're not always under the influence of something?
  4. Ergonomics - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Mine only charges me $38 but I won't be going to this Chiropractor in the future after my final 10th visit this Thursday. Next time I'll go going to another who's visits only work out to be $32 but are purchased in a 10 adjustment bundle. That office is much more professional so hopefully when I have the money for that I'll get better results.
  5. Racing Chairs

    I gotta agree with Oshino Shinobu, I bought an Autonomous Ergo Chair 2 online & it's still pretty painful. Although from what I can find, I'm the only one who's ever complained about any sort of discomfort in it. So that IMO means it's still something wrong with my back. Maybe I just have RSI really bad from several years in a sunkin in swivel rocker. The pain has gotten better since going to a Chiropractor though so all I can recommend for you is try em out & if you do decide to order one, return it within the trial period (if applicable) if you don't feel comfortable in a couple weeks. Unfortunately I'm stuck with mine as that time frame is past & there literally aren't any other adjustable options in the sub $300 price range. Most of the stuff in Staples or Office Max I've heard is extremely cheap so don't expect anything from there to last past a year. Personally the next time I get a chair it's gonna be a Steel Case Leap, even if I have to sell everything I own (again) to get it.
  6. Ergonomics - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    That's the mistake I made when I built this desk out of 2x4's from motorcycle crates & the top from an older free desk. I used those screw leveling steel glider feet & made the legs a given length. So in order to adjust the height & only by an inch or so I must take everything off the desk, get on my hands & knees & slowly adjust each of the 8 feet (2 per leg) independently. I've put it back up to where I had it before these pics but the pain is still there. I know I have snapping scapula syndrome to some degree but it doesn't bother me if I'm moving around or standing up straight.
  7. Ergonomics - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I've owned my Ergo Chair 2 by Autonomous for about 3 months now & I've had 9 minor spinal adjustments at a local Chiropractor. Yet somehow I'm still in an intolerable amount of pain in my shoulder blades & sometimes lower-middle back. I've shown similar pictures to my Chiropractor & he said the chair looked fine but my upper back was rounded. Ever since then the pain has gotten a little better but not by much, the back stretches he recommended do help but I've realized that it's more because of the movement alone & not really any significant overall progression from the adjustments. I know LTT has made an ergonomics video in the past, which is why in these pictures my arm rests are on their lowest setting, a ½ inch lower than normal. The pain seems worse though & I feel all the more like I'm occasionally falling/hunching forward at times. I'll be raising them & my desk back up to the height I had it at while awaiting replies but I really do need some advice. Do my shoulders look too low? Does anyone else on this forum own my same chair & how is it so far? Does my upper back still look rounded? Could it be the headrest? Someone, anyone help I'm desperate because it appears my doctor doesn't know jack lol, or maybe I'm just impatient & this is gonna take years I don't know .
  8. MMO & Image Editing Mouse Pad?

    Sorry for the late reply, it never notified me of yours. That crosshairs for mouse tuning isn't there, I'm using Logitech Gaming Software version 8.96.88. Maybe they removed it or it's just not available for my mouse in particular.
  9. MMO & Image Editing Mouse Pad?

    Final update, the G240 is just too big. I made a model out of paper & didn't realize it'd be that massive. At the DPI & sensitivity I use that much pad would go to waste. Maybe if I had a bigger monitor someday but that wont be for a very long time. So the Small MM300 it is, unless I find something just a tad deeper but the same width we'll see.
  10. MMO & Image Editing Mouse Pad?

    Just measured my desk, distance between my PC's tower & keyboard & front of desk, I can't even fit the medium MM300. So it's either the small one or the G240 which would just barely fit, if only I needed a new keyboard right now. A 10-keyless would fix this issue haha.
  11. MMO & Image Editing Mouse Pad?

    Even on the bigger desk I built there's still not enough room for the QCK+ lol. Although that's mostly due to having a full size keyboard while trying to not have my arms spread too far out. Thank you so much, I'm going to eliminate my QCK option so it's a draw between the G240 & MM300. Because if the other 2 will stay cleaner I might as well go for 1 of those & the G240 is already really thin. I never play FPS games so precision is key for me but where are the options in Logitech's software to pick what pad I'm using? My only concern other than frying with the G240 is that repetitive lifting & setting down could cause the mouse to break if done too hard as this guy covered.
  12. MMO & Image Editing Mouse Pad?

    Now that I've gotten used to my Logitech G600 & saved some money I'm in need of a bigger mouse pad. Nothing insanely huge, just around the size of the Logitech G240 would be fine (11 x 14in). As a matter of fact I'd simply buy that specifically which would make this thread pointless if it weren't for one important detail. It's marketed as moderate surface friction, which to me is completely alien since I've never used anything other than small round free generic ones. I use 1200 DPI for gaming & 200 for when I'm cropping images or even changing the color of individual pixels. Other than that though I have no idea what type of resistance I need for what I do or what I'm accustomed to. Alternatively the MM300 by Corsair is very appealing because of it's anti-fray edges. Although I've heard that SteelSeries makes some of the best bang for the buck mouse mats so you can see why I decided to ask here after all. I've also gotta consider compatibility, naturally the G240 should perform the best with my mouse because it's "tuned" for it as Logitech claims. I'm well aware though that I can't trust marketing claims so I've gotta ask y'all, what do you recommend for me?
  13. I've never used the Whitelisting feature on my uBlock Oirgin extension for Firefox before but now I really need to learn how. I know that initially it seems pretty simple, just add a URL to the list & all ads that appear on that site should now come through. That's not what I want to do though, I need to allow the in-video ads on Motor Trend On Demand's website so the videos will play. However I'd like to still block any side, top or bottom banner ads that might be present. So do any of you have the same extension & browser as me that know how to do this? Can it even be done or might the entire website block all playback until every single ad is displayed?
  14. Copyright Strike Confusion

    Thank you, I've only ever had 1 strike years ago for using Fuel by Metallica for burning a jack-o-lantern with break cleaner. Although once I learned about some of their major lawsuits over petty things I avoided them completely. Oddly when I deleted that video the strike was removed with it, I thought they were permanent or maybe because that was so long ago I don't know. The hard part about royalty free music is trusting the publisher to not embed malware just to help spread their track or profit in some other way. Although I understand in the long run that would only forever damage their reputation once discovered so long as something is fairly popular & highly rated it should be safe I guess.