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  1. https://medium.com/@derek./how-is-nordvpn-unblocking-disney-6c51045dbc30
  2. My wife and I won't be able to attend, due to our jobs' schedules changing. I have two 2-day passes and one merch-pack. I bought my tickets early, so I can negotiate a price lower than the current price. I have no idea how to sell/transfer tickets. (plz halp) If I'm not able to sell our tickets, then I'll just have to get a refund on them. Cheers, and best of clockspeeds to y'all.
  3. Motherboard names, sizes, and where they got their names from.
  4. I just woke up (sorry) but I'll get there ASAP.
  5. @CPotter Will there be wifi? (Even if it's super slow because of QoS.)
  6. That actually won't work, because I'm walking from my hotel, and it is south of LTX (Westward Inn & Suites), however, this Tim Hortons is south of the event center as well, and thus I would pass it on my way. Tim Hortons 19941 72 Ave, Langley, BC V2Y 3J2 https://goo.gl/maps/tQVShNeyGZD2
  7. See my Instagram profile (mr_iceslice), Discord, or FB to get a good idea of what I look like. Coincidentally, I'm Nathaniel. Gonna get showered and rested for tomorrow! EDIT: I'll be wearing red and black T-shirt and jeans, with a fūl backpack (also red), black rectangular glasses, and my Moto Z with dbrand skins.
  8. Actually, yes! I'm down for a pre-LTX meetup. PM me: Messenger: m.me/nathaniel.wyatt.1998 Skype: mr_iceslice Discord: mr_iceslice8909
  9. I'm already in Langley (I got to my hotel last night), but could you please swing by my hotel and give me a ride to the event center? If not, I was planning on walking anyways, or I can catch a bus. https://goo.gl/maps/LSo2r9m788K2 PM me: Messenger: m.me/nathaniel.wyatt.1998 Skype: mr_iceslice Discord: mr_iceslice8909
  10. GETTING ON MY FLIGHT FOR CANADA!!! See y'all there!!!
  11. WOO!!! I've got my $75USD ticket, my airplane tickets, and my hotel. I'm flying into Vancouver YVR airport from Tennessee. What do y'all local folk recommend as the best way to get to Langley? PM me on Skype or Discord mr_iceslice#8909 with info, because I don't check the fourm too often. But I'll try to check here if no one feels like PMing me. Thanks for any advice you guys have!
  12. No NCIX, y'all are bae! I want the New Razer Blade 14 please! I will use my my Blade to make the world a better place for all. *kneels as an honorable knight at the throne of NCIX* I will do so by using it's GTX 1060 GPU for engineering CADs in college to prototype my invention ideas and even integrate one of my inventions into the Blade itself, so that it can have a self sustaining battery life. After my proof of concept is constructed, I'll then show it to Elon Musk and/or other world shaking entrepreneurs. Said invention would allow any battery powered device to recharge while in use, effectively making endless battery life/power. I will use my Blade well! ...and I'll also do some gaming, for sure! ^.^ I prefer the Blade to the Blade Stealth because of it's superior processing power and dedicated VR ready GPU. The Stealth is just too tiny for my tastes. Thank you for reading my entry! CENTRAL PAHK!!!