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  1. Thanks for all the replies I will try taking repair technician help as soon as virus starts to lower its spread in india.
  2. Warranty period is over I bought this PSU in 2017
  3. GPU-Z Sensor Log - Copy.txt My computer is restarting when I turn on game. I measured all Voltage of 24 pin corsair 550w PSU but blue wire is giving 11.25 which is out of recommended volt I saw on youtube. So does it mean I need to get new power supply? I think it's a PSU(VS 550 Corsair) issue but I want to make sure before I buy new PSU. Someone please help me confirm if it is a PSU issue or anything else. I don't have any other extra PSU to check by replacing current one. Below I have given GPU-z log before crash restart. I have also uploaded HWmonitor Data in Idle and under load CPU never goes above 80 degrees since I have applied new thermal paste of corsair TM30. Can I buy 450W PSU for my system spec - i5 6500 and gtx 960? I checked on PSU calculator it recommends 402W. Please help I don't want to waste money in this hard times GPU.txt
  4. This is my 1st build ever and my spikeguard fuse got broken 2 times with once shutting down my room lights. So i want to be cautious.
  5. MSI H110M PRO-VH where is the temp sensor on this motherboard. Is there any other temp software for my motherboard temp?
  6. I am from india btw i think we have 220v supply. I dont know much about electricity.
  7. ya i did. This one holding for now but still sometimes my room lights deam or flickr a bit.
  8. I made my first pc recently. But sometimes my spike guard to which my monitor, system box and wifi router is connected looses its fuse and the entire current of my room gets turned off. My smps is corsair 550watts, gpu gtx 960, cpu intel 6500, monitor dell 21inch, 1 8gb ram. Help plz.
  9. I would like to win razor blade stealth that 2000$ laptop he showed cause i have never seen 4k display in my life
  10. Thank you sir my both gpus are on. How to run windows using integrated intel gpu and games with nvidia?