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  1. O_G

    asus suit 3

    Hey i have the Asus z97 ar and my gpu does not show in the suit. Want it to be tuned with the 5 way ting. I also have some frame issius in dayz. Iknow this is a game with bad framdrops but mine are extremly bad (some times it stops, this has been happening more and more) The gpu is Asus r9 280x.
  2. Okey I think one of the dimms are broken Got the other one to work in all dimm slots
  3. I have not tested that yet. I will try it to day. Thx btw for the truobelshooting
  4. yes the same and they came together
  5. Ye, first thing i did. Did not bot with the recommended ram config
  6. Asus z97-ar 16Gb ram Hyper x savage 2400 cl 11 Pentium g3258 Asus r9 280x evga 750w Will only boot with one of the 8 Gb dimms in A_1. Get Red DRAM_light if i try anything else or boot loop. Have tried diffrent slots and mem ok. Dont know what to do Zorry, bad english --> From norway
  7. Not booting z97-ar asus Hyper x savage 16gb 2400 cl 11 R9 280x Evga 750w HDD 1tb DRAM_LIght is red Tried with 1 dim and 2 dims and mem ok Nothing worked Plz help
  8. will it be better to buy a cheap case and motherboard and buy a op graphics card? op gpu: g.skill 8gb r9 290 fx 8350 ASUS Sabertooth 990FX ( or just go with a ceap one) Corsair Carbide Series 200R 750w corsair modular h100i 1 tb baracuda overall better build: i5-4670k msi gaming g45 gtx770 msi gaming Fractal Design r4 1tb baracuda h100i g.skill 8gb 750w corsair modular
  9. O_G

    R9 290

    Which brand is the best in terms of most bang for the buck
  10. Hi btw i am Norwegian i was just wondering about what will fit when i have an atx, haswell , 780 and want to oc the 780 and the cpu . for an example will an h100i fit?
  11. Which cpu cooling system for the H230 from nzxt (not custom) What will fit?