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  1. "making a joke" "he was baning people for spamming numbers i didn't spam anything now he permanently ban me" Hmm story doesn't add up
  2. ***PLEASE DON'T QUOTE IMAGES*** How hard is it for you people to listen...
  3. It is this one Dual monitor mount but with one monitor on it https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DGTP57A/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I got mad
  4. Could I possibly get a link to those cable clips??
  5. A Sony bdp-s6700 is what's under the router and the thing between the computer and printer is a synology ds716+ (Sorry for the grainyness)
  6. I think I saw you on 9gag "press any key" you press an actual key. Was that you? Setup looks very similar
  7. Oh man!!! <3 It's so pretty!! You did an amazing job on it man!
  8. Oh damn! Sorry to hear that... And can't wait!
  9. dual 780ti's in sli and a 5930K
  10. The difference would be me having to get a shorter gpu(might be wrong on that though) and less room to manage cables A very very loud cooler Yeppers
  11. I have the money I'm sticking with the dominator platinums but thank you!
  12. I got the cheapest dominator platinum and I want a sfx psu so I can have more room in the case so I could still fit a standard 2011-v3 mount on it? Thank you for the recommendation
  13. Because it uses a 2011-v3 server socket which isn't the normal x99 socket I'm an EVGA fan boy and I like the looks of the hybrid a lot more. I would get the g1 gaming but it wouldn't fit in the case
  14. So I'm going from my x99 rig down to a z170 and have a build already planned out but I would still like everyone's input on it. Rig is for gaming, photo/video editing, and general computer stuff I already have storage for it thus why I have none in the list
  15. Thats awesome! I might try the thing where you put the led strips under the mobo looks sick