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  1. cheesepizza

    which among these monitor should i get?

    SAMSUNG 23.5" LS24F350 Flat Monitor SAMSUNG 23.5" LC24F390 Curved Monitor LED VZ239H ASUS LG 24MK400H LG 24MK430H i need something 24"ish that will not break my wallet thx
  2. sorry, after i re-check it it is indeed splitable so does that mean "as long as it can be plugged in then it is ok" rule apply?
  3. psu: silverstone et650-hg mobo: msi a68hm-e33
  4. can i assume that if it clicks then its ok? it seems i can plug it like this x x x x o o o o x=unplugged pin o=plugged pin
  5. so basically i just plug in wherever i wish? 8 pin non separable
  6. is it possible to use psu with 8 pin at mobo with 4 pin? if yes then how to plug it?
  7. cheesepizza

    NEW PSU Tier List

    is silverstone ET650-HG a good power supply?
  8. i am not really into overclocking, so paying 10 eur for better overclocking is definitely a no what does performance means?
  9. i dont plan on upgrade, it is a new build isn't turbo boost considered stock speed? i am not planning on overclocking what part is getting hot? just vrm? chipset? what about opening the side panel and put desk fan near it?
  10. is it ok to put ryzen 5 3600 on b450 mobo? i am talking about a CHEAP b450 mobo such as msi b450m pro vdh, gigabyte b450m s2h, Asrock b450m hdv, etc
  11. i do not plan to buy gx-f 550 but gx-f 650, are they the same thing? because i heard several brand using different component for different wattage even though it is the same product line
  12. i am glad you mention platinum king, here the price is slightly higher than golden green and gx-f but slightly lower than focus gold and pure power 11, so still recommend gx-f or go with platinum king?
  13. cougar and seasonic is bad?
  14. corsair rmx is significantly more expensive