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  1. i know that all is base model but which one of them is the best choice? i am not only talking about gaming performance, but also thermal, noise, reliability, etc or should i just get one of them randomly?
  2. topic, just can't decide which one to go Colorful – RTX 2070 SUPER 8G-V Galax – RTX 2070 Super EX (1-Click OC) Colorful – IGame RTX 2070 SUPER Advanced OC-V MSI – RTX 2070 SUPER VENTUS OC Palit – RTX 2070 Super JS Zotac – Gaming RTX 2070 Super Twin Fan thx
  3. which one should i get, lg 29wk600 or msi optix g24c? lg 29wk600 https://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-29WK600 -21:9 -29 inch -75 hz -ips -flat -5ms -99% srgb msi optix g24c https://www.msi.com/Monitor/Optix-G24C -16:9 -24 inch -144 hz -va -curve (1800r) -1ms -110% srgb i play game a lot but also doing some browsing, productivity stuff and also stock trading, i think the lg is better for my non gaming use while msi is better for gaming, to be honest i have never experienced 144hz or 21:9 ratio so should i embrace a newer aspect ratio, or should i embrace a higher refresh rate?
  4. sorry for intruding, if you register your new pc with your old key, then what happened to the old pc? will it get blocked or something?
  5. i am a casual gamer, and these two priced similar in my country indonesia any other brand with similar price is also welcomed thx
  6. i know it is diagonal but what diagonal? is the bezel counts or just the panel? is it true that thinner bezel=bigger panel? thx, and sorry for noobish question
  7. i need a new monitor and i don't have speaker, should i buy monitor and speaker separately or a monitor with built-in speaker? since i try to find a budget one, i find that the cheapest monitor with built-in speaker is more expensive than monitor(no built-in speaker) and speaker combined thx
  8. SAMSUNG 23.5" LS24F350 Flat Monitor SAMSUNG 23.5" LC24F390 Curved Monitor LED VZ239H ASUS LG 24MK400H LG 24MK430H i need something 24"ish that will not break my wallet thx
  9. sorry, after i re-check it it is indeed splitable so does that mean "as long as it can be plugged in then it is ok" rule apply?
  10. can i assume that if it clicks then its ok? it seems i can plug it like this x x x x o o o o x=unplugged pin o=plugged pin
  11. so basically i just plug in wherever i wish? 8 pin non separable
  12. is it possible to use psu with 8 pin at mobo with 4 pin? if yes then how to plug it?
  13. is silverstone ET650-HG a good power supply?