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  1. oh man it was a long time ago i was looking for some reviews and unboxing for some hardware i can't even remember what was it and i found some of your videos and really liked it straight forward no advertising bullshit and honest opinions still the best channel and i trust your reviews and recommendations and i'd like MORE VIDEOS MOOOOORE good luck <3
  2. great info thanks man what about the sound stage ?
  3. thanks .. let me know what you think about them in couple of days and how do they preform in gaming
  4. i know the HE-300 and HE-400 are completely different drivers but i was asking if the E10 can drive the HE-400 just in case i change my mind and deiced to save more and go for the HE-400 good info how would you compare the sound stage and fidelity of HE-300 vs HD558 ? and which one would you recommend for FPS gaming and technical metal stuff like Necrophagist , Obscura ?
  5. will the foam mod for the hd558 give me a bigger sound stage ? and how dose the 558 compare to the HE-400 in terms of sound stage and fidelity ? as for the DT880/990 i wanna try a new brand since i already have the DT770 and i'm not a big fan of Beyerdynamics cables and i would like a detachable cable and the K612 and the AD500X and the AD700X i don't like the headband design
  6. when it comes to audio i trust this forum recommendations over pretty much any other sites .. so i'v been looking for an open design headphone for FPS gaming/music note i'v never owned an open cans before so this will be my first and i came across these 3 budget : 200$ source : FiiO E10 music : technical metal stuff , some DNB stuff but don't worry about the base side of the headphone since i have the DT770 so gaming : CS GO , BF3 , BF4 , COD4 warranty and customer service : i don't care about it so which one of these have the biggest sound stage and which one would you recommend NOTE : i really really hate the look of the HD598 Links : HiFiMan HE-300 : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00667F7OK/ HD598 : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042A8CW2/ HD558 : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004FEEY9A/ HD558 Foam Mod : one more thing .. can the FiiO E10 drive high end headphones like the HD650 , HE-400
  7. i'm not gonna take any chances that's why i'm asking in the first place yes i saw that and i'm still not sure .. that's why i'm asking i'm not gonna do anything before i'm 100% sure it's ok
  8. Corsair 760T hands down
  9. So currently i have RM850 in my rig and i'm giving it to a friend and upgrading to AX860 the thing is i like the RM flat black cables and i already done a fine job of cable management since the AX860 comes with ugly sleeving i was wondering if i can just use the RM cables that i already have and give the AX cables to my friend along with the RM850 so i end up with AX860 and RM850 cables because to be honest i don't plan to spend money on Corsair sleeved kit or a sleeved extensions
  10. yes it dose and runs cooler if not the cooler 780 on the market and pairing it up with the Hero motherboard is pure sexiness
  11. yes that's what i'v been reading it's just sexy .. but i like the clean sharp EVGA look too .. but no back plate
  12. i'm proud owner of 7970 and 780 .. with all respect to AMD my friend have 290 and it's running 93c on BF4 maxed out 1080p and he got a great positive air cooling in his case and he's ruining it stock .. 93c is still hot as fuck for me bro
  13. can it fits in Scout 2 and still be able to close the side panel ?
  14. if you want to set his house on fire i don't think it will make big temperatures improvement unless you water cool it and any release dates announced yet or just speculations ?