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  1. Then you're not following the conversation. Someone said the audio processing would be bypassed because the audio is sent out to whatever decodes it, the TV, AVR, speakers, headphones, whatever. I was saying the processing happens before it gets sent out, and agreeing with you. The only DAC the Xbox would need really would be to send the audio over bluetooth to the controller. Otherwise it shouldn't have a DAC to send audio out over digital to whatever is decoding it. Umm... if you mean just left and right like a line that's technically 1D. Surround sound is 2D. I've mentioned this already. Because if I'm not mistaken (wasn't big into hardcore PC stuff until like... after 2012) those soundcards were like $200 or more. Most people still use crappy TV speakers. I think the later EAX implementations did it real time. Pre-baking isn't a terrible way to go about it, I think that's how Battlefield 3 did audio and just zoned inside structures to have more of a reverb filter. Not as accurate as real time, especially if the structure isn't square or it has other objects. A lot of these things also don't take sound absorption into account, which the video I linked actually does. Which no one seems to have bothered trying.
  2. I don't know about that. It's not a very good game, but This War of Mine has Steam workshop and proper mod support, but since Steam workshop is a closed and encrypted environment you can't access any of it. As such This War of Mine on Epic and GOG has very little mods since most are on workshop. At least, I think @Andreas Lilja was asking about the games from GOG. Otherwise it just launches the Steam version with all the mods n such.
  3. 8 months ago it was private beta, now it's public. And I have no idea why you'd rather have to check and remember all your games from every launcher.
  4. And with Galaxy 2.0 you can launch all your games from every platform, have your pointless achievement and time played stats, and message all your friends on other platforms. You can even auto close the other game launchers when you exit the game. So you don't even have to use Steams bad UI.
  5. It had nothing to do with the prices of the games. You mentioned the coupon. I literally attributed it to Epic Games coupon information. It needs a $15 minimum purchase, meaning you still need to pay $5. If you're saying the discounted price with the coupon is $4.99 then fine, but that wasn't communicated very well, and I'd argue not at all. In completely unrelated topic, did you know that Gog Galaxy 2.0 has gone open beta? I'd recommend giving it a try, it's pretty handy to be able to see all my games and stuff in one place.
  6. Why is the intro so terrible? How do I see keybinds?
  7. Ugh. Fuck my ass. I tried to use the fucking coupon and the store said it wasn't valid. Clicking on "Show me why" told me it required a $15 minimum purchase. It's a FYI. That's it. I work at a place where people bring in coupons for free stuff, but it has a minimum charge limit before you get the free item. If you somehow spent it on less that $15, I don't know how. That's it. It's really fucking simple.
  8. No, they're similar. Using an actual surround setup extensively I know what the limitations are compared to proper ambisonics. The later version of EAX and Aureal took information directly from the game and had them implemented directly in-game with EAX support, and commonly various versions of EAX support. When the fuck did I say that? I swear you're just trying to big brain and come up with straw man arguments for no reason. I have no idea why you're arguing this other than for the sake of argument. The XBox and PlayStation both currently and in the future only have digital audio output. I don't know why people are talking about analog when it's completely irrelevant. They aren't doing analog output. No shit the speakers need a DAC, but it's not the Xbox, so why the hell are we talking about it?
  9. The same people that literally say they do/will/are pirating games. The only games I've gotten that way are Dirt, Richard Burns Rally, and Driver San Francisco. None of which you can actually buy. Or I guess like, Midnight Club 3 and Burnout 3 for the PS2 because I had them on Xbox.
  10. Just an FYI about the coupon. It needs to be a $15 minimum price to use the $10 coupon. So you still need to spend $5. Not sure if that's total price or for a single item. Those games aren't very similar. One seems to be more "action sports" like the wingsuit or jet suit in Steep, the other is an exploration. Aer also has more colors and a less confusing layout. I played Innerspace for a bit, got to a new area, and then proceeded to have literally zero fucking clue what the shit the game wants me to do to progress. The exploration is kind of terrible because everything looks identical and you're always moving. I also started Black Desert because... why not? and holy shit is it a bad first impression. Doesn't explain anything at all and shits popping up all over the screen. It feigns to have some sort of story, I honestly don't know why. Glad I didn't buy it.
  11. Businesses rely on the average customer. The average customer will buy the product, be satisfied, and keep their product. Of course shit birds exist. As mentioned in the video you linked, of course people will take back empty wine bottles to Costco and say it gave them a headache. Or people that eat an entire meal at a restaurant and demand their money back. The amount of people that don't do that though far surpasses the people that do, and so much so that Costco hasn't changed its policies in 25 years while still being hugely profitable. Considering the majority of comments are concerns about how it could be abused, and not people stating that they will indicates that people generally won't abuse the system.
  12. Then you need to use GOG Galaxy, unless it has private servers I'm pretty sure. I think the only multiplayer game I have is Dying Light and I'm pretty sure that requires the launcher to play online. And that's only co-op. So does getting Starbucks every day, or Spotify. Yet people still pay for that. And again, there's also lots of people that'll just download shit illegally anyways. Right now Xbox Game Pass lets you join for $1. Then it bumps up to $5. Even the cheapest of shit birds can afford that. This also applies to any form of video streaming, and yet Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. are all doing fine. It's also not like these shit birds are killing Amazon. Amazon is still wildly successful. And honestly, making a new account to keep buying and refunding the game sounds like more of a hassle than just paying $15-30 and being the fuck done with it. And pirating isn't that hard. There's also frankly little risk. I don't know where you live where movies are still only $10. I spent $15 on Bayonetta, I'd still like to be able to spend it on something I'd actually enjoy, despite knowing before hand that it got rave reviews and that it was a spectacle brawler. Frankly, unless it was free I'm going to feel underwhelmed. It's nice that you don't have a problem flushing money away, but we aren't all Mr. Moneybags. Have you tried Divinity Original Sin 2? Pretty sure even Steam has people overseeing refunds.
  13. Only if you use the terms loosely and not respective to what they actually are. VSS specifically tries to simulate a 5.1 or 7.1 setup by taking that actual audio output and then processing it through a HRTF filter to get stereo output. EAX didn't do that. The HRTF was directly in the game engine so you had actual height and more accurate distance and direction information than simulating surround sound. Yes, they both use HRTF. Yes, they both output binaural audio, but the implementation is different and one is vastly superior. Well at least every Battlefield game since 4 has had the option. Off the top of my head I'm not sure about others, but I do know that the Naughty Dog games and Yakuza 0 on PS4 for at least surround sound allow you to set up your speaker azimuth. Which is neat. Can't imagine they didn't have a headphone option just placing the speakers directly left and right. Otherwise the audio was actually tuned for stereo in front of you. I think a lot of games just have the stereo option be the headphone option.
  14. There's a decent selection of indie games. And of course the old ones that GOG keeps running.
  15. So... Innerspace first impressions. Number one is that they never fixed the resolution settings, so it starts real low res and then you have to change it in game after the opening "cinematic" and basic tutorial. If you change it in the main menu it does literally nothing. That being said, it's definitely one of those "meditative" artsy games, and in particular I'm going to cite Abzu. It even lets you turn into a submarine and scoot around underwater. The issue is the color palette is VERY limited compared to Abzu with very flat lighting, which makes it hard to really tell objects apart. the fact that it's inside a sphere also makes traversal a bit logically tricky, even moreso when everything looks pretty samey. Otherwise there's not much to say about it. Decently pretty, gameplay is just flying or submarining around and looking for collectibles.
  16. "Qualifying games must be a minimum price of $14.99 after any promotions and discounts are applied. Taxes and other fees do not apply toward the minimum purchase requirement." -Epic coupon information. All I can say is, my buddy bought it for PS4. I tried it, and only played it for about 15-20 minutes before the reek of knockoff Forza Horizon and terrible physics got me to turn it off. Kind of the same way I felt about NFS Payback. The Crew 1 I've put some time into, and it's also not great, but it's... playable?
  17. To me, other than seeing that a game is generally favorably reviewed or maybe the first hour of gameplay, that's like watching a movie before deciding to go see it in theaters. Yep, Xbox Game pass doesn't exist. Nor just Cap'n Jack Sparrowing them. And once again, GOG reserves the right to refuse refunds.
  18. And then they don't refund you for continuing to be an asshat. It's very simple. It's almost like they've actually thought about it. It's a digital good. Why even bother with that when those people can literally just go to (certain unnamed sites) and just straight Yar-Har it? Which they can, will, and do... do already, regardless of DRM. Hell, one of the Assassins Creed games recently had EVERY line of Denuvo manually removed from the game. I think the people over there are big brain enough to not refund a purchase of 30 games. Mostly agreed. The generous overlords at Steam with their terrible 2 hour refund period also makes me still pinch pennies and not try out games. Meanwhile short games like Edith Finch or Ethan Carter I've still bought and I'm perfectly fine with the purchase, as were most people that bought it. I also haven't heard anything about the rampant misuse of Steam refunds, other than that time that one guy played a new Sonic game on stream, beat it in like 2 or 3 hours, absolutely hated it, and then refunded it. Which I still think is valid. If the game is that short AND you hate it, thus aren't ever going to play it again, I think that's a valid reason for a refund. Anyways, as to demos, I've been told/read from a few different devs that demos are essentially another build of the game that they have to make, so they just don't anymore. BeamNG for example has a "tech demo" available for download that's so old it's on an entirely different engine and they straight up say it's not worth the time and resources to make a new one. Oh, also there's a site called GameSessions that's legit, and lets you download the full games for an amout of trial time set by... presumably the publisher or developer, and then if you buy it they just give you the Steam key and it's already downloaded.
  19. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by your first statement. If it's correctly utilizing HRTF and binaural audio rendering it wouldn't be nor need VSS. It would just be stereo. A lot of games already have options to pick "home theater," stereo, and headphones. It would just be the headphone option and do it naturally. And then any stereo sound source would play as normal. I don't find it pleasant and it drastically reduces a lot of clarity compared to regular stereo, whether played back through speakers or headphones. What am I mixing up? Does it have an audio card to just not output audio? I mean, it's possible but it seems pretty stupid to process audio without sending it out. DAC circuitry? Whether it's going out over optical or HDMI (which are likely the only 2 only options) it's a digital signal. Otherwise it's converting it for bluetooth and sending to the controller for headphones. I will be absofuckinglutely amazed if the Xbox Series X adds in an analog audio output to just shit the bed with audio quality instead of having it be digital over HDMI. I have no idea what you think you're saying.
  20. Too bad you missed that 24 hour window of mass Steam refunds before Valve thought they'd lose too much money on something terrible and prevented people from doing so. The fact that GOG is already DRM free had that exact same argument. Yet like I mentioned earlier, the vast majority of pirated games (being available on Steam on GOG) are Steam DRM cracks.
  21. Not a thing that exists. Well if it's done properly at the system level it won't need to be a headphone surround DSP. I suppose the Hesuvi and anything else that is wouldn't be so bad if it read the channel outputs and reverted to regular stereo for stereo content. Not if the audio processing is done before the Xbox shoots it out. Y'know, like exactly how it already works. And in that situation it would also be rendered with that data and then sent out over bluetooth or whatever to the controller for headphones. I mean really, the primary output for audio on the consoles is HDMI. Do these people think they're going to add in a new analog output or something?
  22. If you buy a game and literally never play it I don't know why they would limit the refund period. GOG also has offline installers and you can play games without any launcher, as such they can't track your play time. But yeah, we'll call it stupid. Most of the people that use GOG are pretty respectable. Ironically for being completely DRM free, most of the games you can find at... certain sites... are still from Steam despite being available on GOG. And being DRM free GOG still finds this viable. Not everyone is a pirate and if they are, they frankly aren't buying it anyways. This is why GOG reserves the right to refuse refunds. If people keep being asshats they'll just say no. It's kind of like the Home Depot has a pretty good refund policy, and will give you 100% money back. My dad knew a contractor that would save time by buying 3 of everything he needed, and after the project return whatever wasn't used. After a while every Home Depot in the city literally had the guy on a "No refund" blacklist. Though technically he did still pay for everything he did use... Either way GOG can and will do the same thing, which is totally fine. People talk about alternate accounts but they could still look up IP addresses or probably credit card info.
  23. Yep. Freaking awesome. They basically just say they reserve the right to refuse refunds, so don't start using it like a "free" rental service, but otherwise being a normal person and just getting my money back for Bayonetta that got rave reviews but I just didn't like is totally reasonable. They'll even give you straight cash back, I would've honestly been fine if it was just GOG store credit.