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  1. JZStudios

    Witcher 1 running very poorly

    Seems odd, I played through that after beating TW3 as well and haven't had any issues. Have you looked/asked on GOG? They tend to do pretty good with making sure all their games run on current systems. Could even try their support page. As to the game itself... I highly suggest you don't play it. It's awful.
  2. JZStudios

    retro outrun wallpaper

    Woah now, what you just want that car photoshopped on the front?
  3. JZStudios

    Good games on xbox one

    Also the cool thing is you only have to buy the game once right? So you don't even have to buy multiple copies anymore either.
  4. JZStudios

    Good games on xbox one

    Yep, my buddy is looking to get a PC in his upstairs office, and it's cool that he can play his games in his downstairs studio on his Xbox, in his office, or in the living room on the big TV. Microsoft did the cool thing, and it works pretty well from what I've seen.
  5. JZStudios

    Are New Games Losing Their Touch?

    I just want to point out that Lawbreakers was openly in development before Overwatch was. Lawbreakers didn't just die, it was MURDERED. Somehow Overwatch was announced later, released first, and just ran with it and people called Lawbreakers the clone. Otherwise I'd say western developers are mainly focused on trying to hit the big trends, because Battlefield needs to include politics and the hot raging garbage that is battle royale. The biggest issue is Activision and EA. Ubisoft is kind of a 50/50, but Microsoft and Playstation both tend to let the devs do whatever they want as long as a good system seller is produced, which while unfortunate that they aren't cross-platform, is a better way to make games. Except Crackdown 3 has been delayed for 4 years and MS canceled Scalebound, which everyone was excited for. There's also been a lot of good stuff coming out of Japan that isn't solely focused on sales... well.. not entirely. Apparently Capcom was disappointed with RE7 sales despite the overwhelmingly positive reception because it wasn't their best selling game ever. They literally wanted it to sell more copies by a large margin than any game they've ever made.
  6. JZStudios

    Good games on xbox one

    Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising are pretty fun mindless games. I like Sunset more, but it is pretty short. Congrats on buying a console, welcome to the Xbox club.
  7. Are they just going to run in circles releasing the same 15 games over and over? It doesn't seem sustainable to give away free games with a tiny library.
  8. Did you read what I said? They have like 15 titles on the store. How do they keep giving away free games when they only have 15 titles? I'm also assuming it's up to the devs whether or not they put their title up for free, so I don't see a lot of non-indie games going free on it which limits their count.
  9. I just wonder how Epic is going to keep up with free games with the little amount of titles they currently have. The first 4 are pretty decent, but they're either going to have to start selling/giving away some crapper games, giving away the primarily newer and more expensive games, or just stopping altogether at some point.
  10. JZStudios

    Titles are getting worse (proposal)

    God, I HATE that guy. He's the one I was trying to mention. I also hate the constant YouTube zoom-in-and-out for comedic effect. Linus also did a video about some Razer headphones with a bullshit title, heard somewhere else that Razer put haptic feedback in headphones so I assume that's what it was, but I don't want to watch the video.
  11. JZStudios

    Free Games (For Free)

    A Story About my Uncle currently free on Humble Store.
  12. JZStudios

    retro outrun wallpaper

    I could probably make one real super quick in Blender if you'd like. Could do whatever you want. Really, it's just a plane and some wireframe mountains in the distance.
  13. JZStudios

    Titles are getting worse (proposal)

    What's wrong with the guy at Nexus, other than the videos are oft longer than need be and he's fairly boring? I'd rather someone like him, Dave Lee, or hell, even Luke over the forced irritating dweebness of Linus or that other annoying NCIX guy with glasses. At least Luke was fairly normal and to the point.
  14. JZStudios

    Clickbait titles and thumbnails

    I also find it quite aggravating and actively avoid most of the LTT videos. Gamers Nexus or Science Studio are typically okay. I like Dave Lee or 2D, whatever he goes by.
  15. JZStudios

    Battlefield 5 dying out already? (Multiplayer)

    The battlefield servers suck at trying to match people, especially groups. Using Halo again as a baseline, even Halo 2 brought people together, and groups would just find smaller groups or singles to fill the remaining slots. Most games were 8 players, so it would try it's best to make each team without splitting groups, but if you had more than 4 that obviously wasn't possible, so it'd split the group. It would also shuffle some people around to try and balance the teams at the end of every match. I also know that Halo 3 in it's pure glory allowed for split-screen online and I'm pretty sure in all my play time it never set me on the opposite team as my buddy. Battlefield just doesn't really work that way. They constantly have servers running, instead of making one for each new group, so you have to join a server that's already going. For whatever reason it also doesn't auto-balance most of the time, leading to those instances where you get like, 15 vs. 3. So, as normal matchmaking it runs like this: 1. You need to enter a pre-made server. 2. The server needs to be ending the previous match, or just starting another for you to join. 3. If you have a group, the previous requirements must be met, + enough empty slots for your group. This shouldn't really be that difficult, but for whatever reason the system seems to really hate shuffling people from one team to another to make "room." In all actuality, the fact that it doesn't make servers or rooms as needed like Halo is why it's such a pain in the ass. If there's 15 servers, but none of them have enough empty slots for your group to join, you just can't join until they empty enough, or jump into an empty server and wait for that to get populated. I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't split up groups (which could be... good or bad depending on your opinion.) so if you have a group and a server has 4 empty slots, you still won't be matched since it might be 2 empty slots on each team and again, it really doesn't like to shuffle people around for whatever reason. It's the primary reason so many groups have their own servers and kick people when on the group wants in to play.