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  1. JZStudios

    Questions about the super ultrawide monitors

    Guess I should've mentioned he'd be using it primarily for gaming since as I said he uses mac as a primary. He's trying to break into pc gaming. He liked the triple setup I have, but he frankly has more money for a nicer system. I'm talking about something like this. (Probably not this one, this was just kind of the first one I saw.) https://www.buydig.com/mobile/product.aspx?sku=SAMLC43J890DKNXZA&ref=PLA&omid=103&utm_source=GooglePLA&utm_medium=CSE&utm_item=SAMLC43J890DKNXZA&CAWELAID=230005120001947914&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9af0qIja3gIVFqvsCh20kA4_EAQYCSABEgIeW_D_BwE I myself have 3 16x9s, but if possible I think at least a central 21x9 ultrawide would be good, but I don't know if surround supports it. Going for ultrawide gives you a little more visible space in the center and gives you a "cleaner" 16x9 since most games huds gets pushed to the corners.
  2. JZStudios

    Battlefield 5 RTX on!

    I don't even understand... is it supposed to stop something? Or does EA just not like people swapping hardware or benchmarking?
  3. I have a buddy who wants to get a PC and he eventually wants to get a triple setup. I recommended him look into the super ultrawides (The side by side 16x9 ones.) The question both of us have is, does it act like a single monitor, or 2 monitors side by side? Just for usability purposes it would be better if it acted like 2, but he's also a Mac guy and uses that as his primary so it's not a huge issue. Second question is, could you still add 2 16x9s to it for triple setups, or would it be better to just go for maybe 3 ultrawides or just standard? I know Nvidia surround doesn't like mismatched vertical resolutions, but I don't think it should be a problem with horizontal mismatch.
  4. JZStudios

    Battlefield 5 RTX on!

    Well that depends on the devs optimizations. I saw some video.. maybe it was the Metro one where they said they can choose things for the RTX to more or less ignore. So things like grass and tress and other alpha textures aren't rendered with RTX. I don't know what BFV is doing though, but it does kind of seem more like an exclusive for very reflective objects like water and glass. Would need actual comparison screenshots since that guys video was pretty trash. But again, yeah, BFV isn't the greatest place for it. I also saw a video with them talking about the optimizations and how it didn't really like a lot of objects, so for buildings the windows, doors, walls, floors, and any decorations were all separate objects, which apparently is harder for it to calculate and render. They were talking about trying to find ways to group them all together, but it's also possible that they just said "The brick walls don't have much advantage, so let's just disable everything but the metallic and glossy items like tile floor."
  5. JZStudios

    Battlefield 5 RTX on!

    That guy in the video just said that Origin locks out your games if you hardware swap. Yeah, they can go fuck themselves. I'm pro ray-tracing just because I like 3D animation n such, but I don't think BFV is a great place to demo it. The most impressive one was Metro which does make a huge visual difference inside and outside. Although it could also be the case that the ray tracing is so expensive it actually applies to very little in BFV, thus making almost no real discernible visual differences.
  6. I still don't see how the word "midget" is offensive, but "dwarf," essentially being a fictitious fantastical being is the "politically correct" term.
  7. Just saw a video and I think the PSP version used maps from the old games.... although maybe that was the MC3 port... I think the Tokyo is just the MC3 Tokyo.
  8. JZStudios

    Why driving sucks in most open world games?

    Mafia 2 took a bit of getting used to, as well as GTA 4, but at least both of those kept up inertia and had tire slip. You couldn't rip around a corner at 90. I thought V's physics were rather crap and really don't like driving around in it. Just Cause isn't really super focused on the cars. You're pretty much meant to wingsuit around everywhere. Ghost Recon has no excuse though, but it seems like Ubisoft doesn't know how to do vehicle dynamics in any game they've done.
  9. JZStudios


    It's as much a kids game as Dead Rising. I felt like it was a lot of missed potential. The way you move was very slick, but I think the "campaign" was pretty short and didn't utilize a whole lot.
  10. JZStudios

    Best Fat Tire Bike

    Fuck hills though.
  11. A bunch of whiteys were complaining about how racist Speedy Gonzalez was so Warner Brothers took it off air until they got a huge influx of angry letters from Mexicans and others south of the border wondering why the hell they stopped showing the only cartoon that they liked. "Inclusiveness" is often far more racist. Can't have a Mexican cartoon character because that's racist, so we'll just make sure we only have white characters I guess. On to Nintendo, I'm glad they're removing the racism, Indians are far too busy drinking and running casinos with federal grant money. They don't have time to go lighting torches.
  12. They kill the oldest cats to make room for new entries. It's nothing new. Don't let it outside. I hate cats running around on the streets because they're always disgusting and eventually more show up. Outdoor cats shouldn't be a thing. This is false, toss a cat outside and it'll do just fine. Most dogs larger than squirrels can figure out how to fend for themselves too. Cats become more of trash hunters, but occasionally manage to nab a bird or two. And let's be honest, house cats are really barely domesticated from wild cats. Also, if I find a stray dog, chances are much higher that it's got some sort of collar, tag, or chip in it to be able to take it back home. Why the hell don't people do this with cats if they're so concerned about them just fucking off at any available moment?
  13. That just means they'll create a vacancy for it. Pounds are great for that. I never understand why people feed stray cats and animals.
  14. Is your name the premier poor? What does that even mean? I could answer your questions, but you probably wouldn't like them very much.