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  1. I wasn't comparing anything. It's two separate cases about different topics. One was a defamation case, the other was.. freedom of expression, whatever that means. Only politicians. Didn't work so well for Bill Cosby or Weinstein.
  2. I'd say it's time to trade him in. Unless of course you have the same problems.
  3. Then again, it's not the 80's/90's anymore.
  4. Arguments over freedom of speech and how people want it restricted, and whether or not a joke said during a comedy act is in fact a joke and not slander. Sauron has no argument. He claimed that I keep changing my opinion, despite the fact that I've repeated myself a fair few times and posted videos supporting my view, but they were pretty much all from the fascist wearing a commie hat, so I'm assuming he didn't watch them. Then he called me a 4 year old. Then he said punching down shouldn't be allowed, but disagreed that you should only be able to punch up. In other news, I'll just wait a few weeks until that stupid meme dies. Apparently boomers are 25-30 year olds who actually work for money and don't cry at every challenge instead of people born in the late 40's or 50's. It's not called defamation of character for 2 distinct reasons, 1. It was a joke. 2. The case had no mention nor anything to do with defamation. As an aside, Elon Musk was acquitted of defamation charges against that diver he repeatedly called a pedophile and actually hired a private investigator to try and dig up dirt, even saying the only reason he was in (Taiwan I think) was because he was looking for a child to marry. So... this guy says a joke ON STAGE in the middle of an act, and he's charged with impeding someones right to freedom of expression somehow, whatever the fuck that means, but repeatedly calling someone a pedophile on social media, news outlets, interviews, etc. and hiring a P.I. isn't defamation. Does that add up to you? Because it sure as fuck doesn't to me. I mean... "Infringing his right to equality"
  5. Okay, strip out the kids name and replace it with a politician you don't like. I'm assuming that suddenly that's okay to you. I'm saying that's garbage and hypocritical. Calling Trumps mouth a cock holster for Putin is something that I would classify as punching down, but hey, apparently that's taking a swing at a big guy so it's A-Ok. That's a stupid argument. Only in places with hate speech laws, and this might go to the Canadian supreme court, where it could potentially be overturned. It's not uncommon for prior rulings to be overturned by another judge or from a higher level court. And there are no definitive laws, rules, or regulations for hate speech or hurt feelings, they're based on perception and whatever bias someone might already have. I'd take it to religious persecution but I don't want to go off topic. Refer to the video I linked about the Governments response to Free Speech. There's no set in stone definitions for what actually constitutes "Hate Speech" and it's liable to change over time. It's incredibly vague. Libel, slander, and defamation have a set process with clearly defined rules. Ah, the insults. Of course I'm a 4 year old because you can't understand the clear intentions of a joke. My point was that there's worse shit in life that people should overcome than someone said a mean thing. And it wasn't child abuse, it was parental abuse. My buddy had some childhood friends who took bats to their step dad while he was sleeping. Fuck that guy. Well that's obviously false.
  6. Yep, you have no idea who is or what happened to him at all. Brilliant. But I mean, that's Fascist propaganda, so I assume you won't watch it. Otherwise, a shit load of people make Jew jokes and terrorist jokes. Look at Jeff Dunham for the latter. They're not fascists, nor do they have fascist tendencies, this is a stupid argument. Who are you talking about, because I've never heard of any of these guys asking for government intervention, especially when a lot of shit is happening because of government intervention. No, shitty comedians make political jokes. And most of them are what I would call punching down, but it's only different because their in office and not disabled. Look at the comedian greats of the past that most comedians look up to, and are arguably far funnier. None of them had constant political jokes, but they still made fun of the Nazis. But I guess Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder are also fascists for The Producers. They're also wildly racist because of Blazing Saddles.
  7. Please tell me where he made that claim that he's a fraud. Go ahead. I work with family, and even if I didn't it's highly unlikely that a random ass guy on the internet would get me fired or banned from the forum. If you give a false report, which isn't a joke, they'll look into it and will need proof that I actually did wrong doings instead of you saying I claimed to doxx you. Show them DMs or something. Only in this fantasy land you guys seem to live in does a random person saying a bad thing mean the end of the world and instant life altering events for the "victim." It's just like claiming sexual harassment at your workplace, they don't just go "Oh, someone filed a report, you're fired." They actually look into it to see if there's any validity. That's a load of horseshit. You don't agree with it, so he should be fined. Just because you think it's in bad taste or indeed even bullying doesn't mean he should be fined for it. That's stupid. Slander and Libel laws have rules and regulations that must be met. Hurt feelings do not. Good thing you've seen a single fucking thing that guy has actually done. Really shows off your intelligence and brilliant argument making skills. Nice. This is the point --> . This is your head -->o
  8. No. I thought it was a My Little Pony thing.
  9. ...not... really. You can zoom in an image and as long as you don't zoom to far it's not a problem. If you're looking at... pixel art it might be a bit imperfect, but there's no artifacting at all, just sub pixel issues. Given this monitor is basically 2 1440 screens I don't think pixel density is a huge problem. In a video stream imperfect pixel count is absolutely not noticeable. By that argument you wouldn't want to watch anything in 480, 720, 1440, or 4k on a 1080 screen. It's not really an issue.
  10. That's completely false.They don't scale, the video signal is just the size of the pixels and it fits to size until it hits either the vertical or horizontal limit. We have a pretty decent Plex library with ripped DVDs of all kinds of aspect ratios and when I watch on my triple screen it expands past the "borders" of a standard 16:9. Movies, specifically DVD's and Blu Rays don't have baked in black bars, that's just what the player fills empty space with. For reference; The Star Citizen one in particular actually shows in all 3 monitors, just like if I was playing the game. I realize these are games, but movies are no different. As to YT videos having black bars on the side... the problem with that is?
  11. That's your opinion. It's ironic that the vast majority of inspirational stories are from people who had everything stacked against them and they did what they wanted and beat the odds anyways. Meanwhile, people are now so coddled there's safe spaces and special bathrooms being installed in businesses and I just can't figure why anyone would do anything if they can just sit on their ass and have everything given to them while people praise them for being different. I don't care if you think you're a water buffalo, but I don't accept that. You're not a water buffalo, you're just crazy.