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  1. Dragon Age Inquisition - Worth the time?

    Guess I'm just here to shit on BioWare. Don't like anything they've done. They've got good character writers, but that's about it. At least I could finish Mass Effect though. Everyone seems to like DAO and I can't fathom why. The gameplay is some hot garbage and the world is boring, unoriginal, and cliche as hell. The only reason to play the game is for the fun party member interactions.
  2. Looking For A New Game - Help Please

    I've been putting time into Yakuza 0. Full of goofy bullshit and mostly decent fighting mechanics as a sort of beat em up game. Lots of sidequests and upgrades, and a bunch of minigames including pool, darts, batting cages, bowling, claw machines, SEGA arcades housing 80's classics (Since it's set in the 80's) shogi, mahjong, telephone clubs and... porn shops? It's kind of a weird game...
  3. Battlefield V

    When I saw the reveal trailer I legit thought it was an alternate history steampunk game, which I would've been fine with. Only to find out that it's in fact just... some BS form of WW2. What really disappoints me is that with Danger Close being dissolved into DICE L.A. and the game being set in WW2 the Medal of Honor team could've made some absofuckinglutely incredible campaign missions about real MOH recipients among the allies. Hell I wouldn't even mind seeing the Axis forces represented either, but for some reason playing as a German or Taliban is unacceptable. Hardline was made by Visceral, probably forced by EA after they destroyed the Dead Space franshise, and then EA closed their doors. Which is another thing, the most logical conclusion to reduce fatigue in genre setting would be to swap between modern and historic combat. If they want to do future then make it a 3 title dev process. Historical, modern, future. A lot of people are already burnt out on WW2 because of BF1 which focused more on weapons that didn't actually exist, and even COD. Now there's BFV for a third WW2 game. This is really odd to me, but maybe it's because the Swedes are making it. DICE L.A. made the MOH reboots and they flat out call the enemy Taliban. The multiplayer was supposed to bu U.S. and Opfor forces against the Taliban until everyone freaked out about playing as Taliban against Americans in the multiplayer. How did we get to a stage where a WW2 game can't use the word Nazi or show the German flag or propaganda? What's next? They won't even mention Hitler? Are the enemies not Germans? When MOH released I applauded them for not being too chickenshit to call them Taliban like COD was. Now they won't even show the national flag of the obvious enemy.
  4. Battlefield V

    DICE doesn't really make great games though. They make a game with a great premise that people like enough to play despite it's massive flaws and gaping holes. A very large part of the fanbase very much enjoyed the amount of realism and military tactics that Battlefield had to offer. Even the future title was still fairly grounded in reality. Hell, all things considered, if they want to toss cyborg, amputee, shaved head, steampunk women on the frontlines, they should've done 2143 and not a single person would've given a shit. Going back to WW1 when literally no one asked for it, then tossing unrealistic characters on the frontlines flying in the face of accuracy or realism betrays the series and the fans that play it for the realism. The beta also seems to be getting pretty chastised and people aren't really liking it much, saying it's starting to converge more with Call of Duty. All because some head honcho couldn't tell his daughter that women were spared from getting slaughtered on the frontlines in WW2. Add on top of that when people get upset quoting the inaccuracies EA and Dice call them misogynistic idiots and invites them not to purchase their game, which they're more than happy to do. Let's also not forget Battlefield 4, which required the use of DICE L.A., formerly Danger Close to fix all of their problems that Stockholm said wasn't fixable. If another startup company with a big budget tried to make a move on the Battlefield series I wouldn't doubt that they'd come out on top. Currently that potential lies on the shoulders of the World War 3 team, who are liable to get a metric fuckton of cash if their game comes out halfway decent. DICE were incompetent and shot themselves in the foot. If they go down it's their own damn fault. I kind of hope they do since it's the last brick in the wall for EA if you really think about it. I didn't purchase BF1 because the setting didn't interest me at all, and they went way arcade with it, and I won't purchase BFV for the same reason, on top of them calling customers misogynists and telling them not to buy the game.
  5. https://www.chrono.gg Having a sale right now, so AC, ACC, PCars 2, F1, and The Crew 2 are all at a decent discount.
  6. I bought one of Yamaha's HTIB situations with some NS-P40 speakers, which I'm actually rather happy with. I'm using it as an overkill desk setup, so I have the little speakers tucked neatly under my monitors. The sound quality is pretty decent, but I'm just wondering if there's an upgrade path. I don't have space for the larger bookshelf speakers, but I haven't seen much small form factor speakers, and certainly not any worth a damn.
  7. Soundbar VS Surround Speakers

    Is there an Atmos soundbar with surround speakers? That's what I would tell people to go for. I just can't believe that a soundbar in front will give the same presence and directionality as dedicated surrounds. I know there's some cheaper non-atmos soundbars with wireless surrounds. I'd really also only recommend it for simpler setup.
  8. What is Your Favorite Taco?

    Granted, I've not tried British food really, but from what I've seen in recipes and the weird puddings and sausages I'm surprised the nation doesn't starve.
  9. What is Your Favorite Taco?

    I don't even like tacos, but to say that all Mexican food is the same and tastes like rubber is like saying all (Insert country name) food is the same. There's more to Italy than pasta and pizza. There's more to Germany than sausages. There's more to France than escargot. There's more to American that hot dogs and hamburgers. British food really is disgusting. It's just damn ignorant. Just because you've had some crap food doesn't mean it's all crap. I can only think that the guy must have been from Texas, and it's not Mexican food, it's Tex Mex. The only good Mexican food in Texas was advertised as "Mex without the Tex." The rest of it's awful.
  10. What is Your Favorite Taco?

    So fresh fish tacos are the same as Chili, Salsa, Carnitas, ceviche, carne asada, adabado. menudo, taquitos, chimichangas, and... taco bell? Tell me your experience of "real Mexican food" that led you to believe it's all the same and tastes like rubber, and that Taco Bell emerges victorious.
  11. Do chameleons like to be HANDELD???

    They're not really petting pets, but like most animals you want it from a baby to get it acclimated to being handled. Even still they're more comfortable just being on you rather than handled per se. In high school science class I had to take care of some leopard geckos and... they're not... that interesting. I mean, they have nails, so they can't climb things, and they have eyelids so they don't even lick their eyeballs. They're really just a squishier lizard. The feeding would be pretty much the same for both, meal worms, crickets, flies, etc.. Certain chameleons might eat some fruits, but I don't think thats their main diet. You could probably get both used to being handled, but they'd really just end up sitting on you. Being cold blooded and you being warm blooded it's more that you're a decent source of warmth which they enjoy.
  12. Free Games (For Free)

    Must've been the base game. Forgot that got removed. Wonder what the music license was since I think it was only Poets of the Fall, who did a song for the game. But they might've put in a standard song as well. Though what is odd is that the DLC for sure has a song that isn't made for the game. Also, in my book once a game gets removed from sale/store shelves is the point that I look across the bay. Don't know how else you're supposed to acquire them afterwards.
  13. Forza motorsport 4 on xenia half of screen black

    I didn't even know there was a 360 emulator.... They're still having trouble getting the original Xbox up. Does the Xenia have a forum like the other emulator sites do? I'd assume that would house more knowledgeable people.
  14. Battlefield 1 is so, so well optimized

    Why would you do 50% res at 1440 instead of just doing 1080?
  15. Free Games (For Free)

    Huh. Well the only ones really worth a damn frankly are Alan Wake and Limbo, which I think go through Steam. Or maybe Gog.