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  1. So what determines the quality of a digital signal? the DAC?
  2. Smithers

    Audio Setups

    I was thinking about getting those speakers myself. How do they sound?
  3. So it looks like the SP2500's would be better quality overall, but how about when they aren't aimed at my ears? I've heard they're designed for having a sweet spot. Also, would switching from an onboard Realtek ALC887 to a Xonar DX make a huge difference in driving these speakers?
  4. Aside from an extra $60-80 and 32 more watts, how much better is the SP2500 than the logitech in a sweet spot? How about outside of a sweet spot--when they're not pointed at me?
  5. I''l be honest, I know nothing about AMD processors. So I wanted to start a thread for an UNBIASED, comparison between say a 3570k or 3770k and whatever their AMD equivalents are.Please, no warfare!
  6. Ok, I think the consensus is clear--a single 670 or 680 would be the best option (I think the Asus DCII is the best for a single card short of water cooling). I probably won't be running 4k in the near future anyway, so a high vram won't be necessary. Thanks everybody for being so helpful!
  7. If you're getting high 80's on 1080 on a single 670 then I wouldn't expect anything above 30 on 3x1080p maxed out' date=' maybe 40 on 2560x1440[/quote'] Ooh, sounds kind of bleak. How about 2GB 660 Ti's in SLI? Or the wildcard 7970?
  8. What kind of frames would a single 670 get at 5760x1080 in games like Civ 5? 2560x1440?
  9. I know 2 660 Ti's would be more powerful, I'd just like to know how much better at each resolution.
  10. First I'd like to note TOTALLY THEORETICAL, I like to figure out what to do if I win some kind of sweepstakes. I have a 2GB 660 Ti and Asus P8Z77-V LX (Don't want to SLI a PCIe 2.0 x4!) right now, so I could either get another card and put 'em in SLI or grab a 670 and sell the Ti. I would have to replace the board for SLI, though. What would you recommend for a 1x1080p, 3x1080p, or 2560x1440 solution (I know I'd need a higher VRAM for higher resolutions)? P.S. this is my first post ever! (on any forum)