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  1. First time switching back in a few months so I'll find out
  2. So I'm using a GTX 660 and I've been overclocking it for about half a year, I would notice sometimes the screen would go black for a second or two and come back just fine, usually when the temp was around 80. Just now it started going crazy as I was using VLC player watching a video. gpu load started jumping from 1% to 99% back and fourth, being loud, and switching between programs made no difference. Loaded up afterburner and switched the settings back to factory default and the gpu load dropped back below 10%, is this an effect from overclocking the graphics card?
  3. So I installed a new motherboard and cpu awhile back, 2 or 3 months ago. I didn't know you need standoffs and I just screwed the board right onto the case. Everything works fine, is this something I need to worry about?
  4. I am using phantom full tower 001 and the case has fan control on the top that I use. They all work perfectly except for the 2 on the side, they keep dropping to lowest speed for a second then going back up to full speed for like 30 seconds, both fans use a separate cord that connects back to the same control switch, is there any easy fix to this?
  5. If you are planning on going all out on your setup, rgb lighting and everything, make sure you have methods in place to keep everything clean first lol, I learned the hard way what living in a desert does to a good setup, constantly cleaning, going to maybe try getting positive airflow in my entire room to keep dust out or something idk yet
  6. A lot of people just don't like AMD cpu's in general, I'm not sure if it's just a bias or if there is good reason. I have not seen any good reasons myself, yet. For the low end price range, to me at-least, AMD seems like the far better choice. My FX 6350 worked really well for me for a long time, I'm using an i7 6700k now, though
  7. ayyyy that's the old mobo I was using on my old build! Worked really well with the AMD FX 6350
  8. As long as the old system and new system are both 64x bit then yes, old key will work perfectly. I've reused my same windows key I bought from a shady website for half price many times now lol, I've even had it running on two computers at the same time
  9. Personally, for the price range, I would go with an AMD build, but that's just me
  10. thanks for the help! I'll set this up later and let you know how it turns out
  11. Actually the speakers are really, really good in the Asus monitors. The bass is amazing. And a setup is a lot cleaner without speakers. Last time I had speakers, I had surround sound and my cats kept destroying the cords, not really trying to deal with that again lol
  12. this would allow me to have only left sound come from left speaker and only right sound come from right speaker to give a dual speaker feel to my dual monitor setup? voicemeeter works great for just giving the same sound out of both
  13. I have two monitors with built-in speakers. I want right sound to come out of the right monitor and left sound to come out of the left monitor. Is this possible or is this an impossible challenge? Right now I'm using voicemeeter to have monosound come out of both so I know the sound works fine on both, i just need to set them to right and left speaker somehow
  14. Isn't that what they're made for? I have a wacom tablet and it does anything a mouse can do, very precisely I might add. I use it for all my photoshop edits and the few times I need to make an esignature
  15. being that you are using a friends old cooler, you will definitely need to reapply the thermal paste, new closed loop water coolers usually come with preapplied paste, made the installation of my h100i v2 very easy
  16. So youtube automatically downsamples? If I watch with 1080p resolution will I be getting a better picture if I am playing the video at 1440 or 4k?
  17. Would 1440p videos look better than if you are using it as your windows resolution? Or are 1440p videos already being downsampled when you watch them? through youtube for example, if I watch a 1440p video on youtube will it look better if I am using the 2715x1527 as my windows resolution?
  18. it sure gives a lot more workspace, though! Might be something worth using when someone is schoolwork or any task that requires viewing many different windows at the same time. I'm back at 1080p but whenever I need more space for more windows I'll use the higher resolution
  19. so if i used dual dvi to hdmi in my 2nd monitor could i run both monitors at 2715x1527?
  20. I haven't changed any settings. Why would only 1 monitor give me the option? Maybe the cables? One monitor is using HDMI to HDMI while the other is using HDMI to DVI
  21. So I have 2 MX279h monitors, exactly identical and 1080p. In windows screen resolution one of the monitors has an option for 2715x1527, the other one only goes up to 1080p which would be expected. What's going on here? Will using 2715x1527 damage my monitor?