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  1. I've never messed around with a nas and i want to set up a small one in my house. I recently upgraded my pc so I've got a spare cpu (first gen ryzen 7), graphics card, and ram. Would it be better to try and make a nas out of this or sell them and buy an off the shelf solution?
  2. Ohhh that makes sense, ill check it but now im guessing its the internals. I was hoping it was something i can fix; and no my RMA window closed in January, i guess thats what i get for buying a clearance drive.
  3. I dont think so I can believe one of my slots randomly breaking because f*ck me, but both? Also do they just stop working one day to the next? ill double check tho.
  4. I have an M.2 Nvme drive that I use as a boot drive and for a couple games and a 2TB hard drive as my general storage both are sitting on an msi x370 pro carbon with a ryzen 1700x. It was working well for a couple months then my boot drive stop being detected. First it was intermittent then it stopped working all together. Switching the Nvme to another slot in the motherboard bought me a couple of boost and clearing the CMOS did the same but i dont want to keep taking my computer apart just to boot. I also updated the motherboards bios but it didn't help. My guess is the motherboard. Any suggestions??
  5. Yea I couldn't find that bios either but I thought the name changed when it gets installed or something. I bought the board second hand and with out the original box so im not sure which one it is. msi recognized the serial number as just the pro carbon (model # 911-7A32-006.) I tried both the pro carbo and the pro carbon ac's bios and neither was recognize. Im staring to get worried my motherboards been f*ck with.
  6. I am trying to update my bios on my MSI x370 gaming pro carbon, in an attempt to try and get my nvme to show up, but I cant get the M-Flash to detect the new bios file. The USB is detected and i made sure the usb is formatted to FAT32 but still nothing. The current bios on the board is E7A32AMS V2.BO and the bios I am trying to put on it is 7A32V1NU. I have been going about this for a couple hours now with 0 progress i would greatly appreciate any help.
  7. I would love to get the blade. I'm in college and would love something light that I could take to classes and powerful enough to handle some games and the Razor blade looks awesome. Just joined your guys' community. love the content. yall great Thx