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  1. a couple years old, 32gb pny and I have but formatting takes about 30 mins for a quick format and changes nothing
  2. Any file, any port, any PC
  3. I don't really know when it happened but out of nowhere my USB stick capped itself at 355kb/s transfer speed. It used to be a fairly normal USB stick. Anybody else have this problem before?
  4. I had an RX 560. DDU actually has fixed it seemingly, but I still don't understand why it was working for 2 days before doing this.
  5. I've never heard of DDU, but I'll try it. I've never had other drivers cause problems for any new ones I install. I've also used the Uninstall Programs in control panel to get rid of them. Putting in my rx 560 just automatically worked with no issues. Plus, it was working for 2 days before artifacting. I was thinking that what you said might be the case but I don't want to accuse the seller of anything. The packaging was not good, but still. It worked for 2 days, I still don't get that.
  6. So, I got an RX 580 on eBay and the listing stated "mint condition, less than 6 months old". When i got it, it was working perfectly fine. 2 days later, it is now giving me crazy artifacting after a few minutes of being on the computer, but I only get this kind of grace period with the drivers Windows automatically installed for me. Which appears to be Crimson 17.1.1. When it starts to artifact, it will only stay on for about 30 seconds then the computer will reset. I also noticed a different kind of artifacting, kind of like an overlay or something across my screen. My second monitor turned off and in the device manager it gave a code 43 that the drivers had stopped working. I'd like to know what's actually wrong with it since I just got it.
  7. You can call eBay about it. I listed a phone as not working very plain as day and when the person regretted it, they tried to complain it wasn't working when the problem was in the title. eBay denied his return the next day.
  8. If it actually broke in shipping (which I doubt, I'd also check the S/N and see if it matches yours) then it's the shipping company's fault.
  9. Did you list it as not working? Was it working when you sent it?
  10. So I've had Windows 10 on my laptop before and it can install 7/8. and the technical preview for w10. but for some reason now when I do Windows 10 itself it BSOD's on setup and says "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". It's a pretty old PC but it does support SSE2/PAE/NX as required. It has 2GB of ram and it's 32bit. This is v1803 directly from Microsoft. Is there some new limit on my hardware? If so can I get an old version somewhere?
  11. I'm using MX-4. Thing is, it is virtually the same as before I applied it.
  12. I own a Lenovo Y40-70 and it has a R9 M275X, i7-4510U & 8GB of RAM. For new releases, it already struggles to hit 60fps. Usually need to go to low settings & below the native resolution of 1080p to hit it. I don't mind playing at low 720-900p, if it means I have a portal gaming machine. Problem is it gets hot as heck and after like 10-15 minutes of gameplay it throttles. When the throttling kicks in, I can't even run Fortnite or Overwatch. So you can imagine more demanding games in this scenario. I've tried cooling pads in the past, not for this laptop- but I know they don't work very well. The cord broke easily too. My laptop has been thoroughly cleaned off and I've replaced the thermal paste on the CPU/GPU. Then again, when I went in the laptop it wasn't really dusty to begin with. Almost looked new. I know Linus used liquid metal before, I'm not so sure I want to risk that one yet. If that's really the only solution I'd try it though.
  13. I've just gotten my new Arctic MX 4 as suggested by Hiya. My 4.1GHz overclock was removed. I now get 30c idle and 60c on gaming. I tried to reapply Arctic Silver multiple times but it was still really hot, so I guess it was the thermal paste. Thanks for all your replies.
  14. It's removed the 4.1ghz max. Probably overclocked by previous owner, cpu & board are used. no mention of an overclock when I purchased it so I didn't know. it's gone down, but to 85-90 Celsius.