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  1. Last time I checked was that they are on hold until PIA explains themself in details. And he still uses it.
  2. Damn... So I should just stay at PIA?
  3. What is viceVPN? Is it good or is it just a sketchy as the new tunnelbear?
  4. Thinking about switching from PIA to another VPN. BTW What is viceVPN? Is it good or is it just a sketchy as the new tunnelbear?
  5. So if I can get an used 1080ti for £400 or less, Ive done a good deal on it. BTW what about a 1070?
  6. My cousin is gonna buy a better graphic card and I (we) am/are just wondering what you guys would consider a good price on a gtx 1070 or 1080/ti? I am thinking in the 300 dollar area for a 1080 and maybe 200 dollar area for a 1070. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. How can I reactivate my domain without like resetting it? If its possible.
  8. I think I did figure out the problem. Something in the domain controller might be broken and I need to reset the keys. Do you guys know how and where I can find how to do it? Every google results ends up in resetting my entire server or something completely different.
  9. I am not trying to share a user desktop. I am trying to copying a file from the user desktop to the shared folder on the server.
  10. yeah. Getting the message: "Could not find this item. This is no longer located in \Users\SC01\Desktop. Verify the items location and try again." Every time I try to copy a file from the desktop on the pc to the shared folder. Tried to create a new GPO but getting the error message: "The network name cannot be found."
  11. Trying to create a basic share folder for a group in AD, but the users connected cannot view the data, they cannot add any new data. I have given the group permission but the users in it does still dont have access. Can anyone help?
  12. Got this Dell Inspiron 17-7779 that is "forcing" its self into ePSA pre-boot system assessment (4304.T2). Tried to reinstall everything with a clean new windows 10 but when it did restart before standard user name pass setup etc. It event back into that pre-boot system and everyone time I finish it or cancel it, it goes right back into the pre-boot system again.
  13. Thanks man. Got the wrong monitors at work. I know how to do it with software but it requires a graphicscard, but got a message about that we where supposed to be able to do it in the monitors themselves and ww got the wrong once.