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  1. I have bought the motherboard first because I got a deal.Now I have to buy the CPU and RAM and I've heard that Ryzen has some ram compatibility issues so I want to be sure about which frecuency and model should I go with. This is the link to my local store: http://extremetechcr.com/tienda/17-memoria-ram
  2. Hi guys, the main specs of my system are: CPU: i5 4460 GPU: MSI ARMOR OC RX570 4GB (1270 MHz Core and 1750 MHz memory at stock settings) Motherboard: Asus B85M-G R2.0 PSU: BeQuiet! System Power U9 500W I was doing OC of my GPU using Wattman and eventhought things were loud with the GPU fans between 70-80% temps were around 78-81C everything seemed to be going fine. I used Fire Strick Graphics Test 1 on loop to test stability of the card @ 1400 MHz on the CORE and 2200 MHz on the memory, I was at 150% power limit with VCORE on AUTO. After, 60 minutes I thought I could give it a pass. I do individual profiles for everygame so Rise of the Tomb Rider had the Default one, only with the fan settings modified, and the AMD driver crashed out of no where when I launched the game. I was in OC profile in Global settings but Default in the game (I'm sure the individual profile works). Next, I rebooted the system and went ahead with more testing. OC profile worked fine with TW3 and Rise of the Tomb Rider (10-15 % performance improvement). Next, I went ahead and played TW3 at Ultra settings for 10-20 minutes in the Default profile. I was taking some screen shots and the driver crashed for the second time. This time it sorta recovered and went to the desktop but the AMD panel was semi transparent and wasn't working properly so I rebooted the system again. I updated the driver to 19.12.1 and tried TW3 one more time for like 40 minutes in the Default profile and this time it didn't crashed. Could it be possible that the motherboard was damaged during the OC because I was at 150% power limit? or is it more of a Driver issue? I have had experience some clunkyness with the AMD driver before (it didn't applied the individual profiles until you activate the Histogram setting).
  3. Hi guys! This is my current set up: i5 4460 Asus B85M-G R.20 mATX 16 GB RAM DDR3 @1600 MHz 160 GB SATA Intel SSD + 2 TB Seagate HDD @7200 RPM MSI ARMOR OC RX 570 4 GB System Power U9 500W BeQuiet! PSU Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case (120 mm exhaust fan incluided) Extra 120 mm PureWings 2 intake fan located near the GPU I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add more cheap fans from Aliexpress. I'm out of fan connectors on my motherboard so I also was wondering if there's another way to power the cheap fans. I have extra molex connector in the PSU.I was thinking about adding 1 exhaust (top of the case) and 2 more intakes (front and botton of the case).Temps on the CPU are great (below 63C), althought stock intel cooler sometimes gets a little loud (I have done some ajustments to fan curve using Asus utility).GPU temps are my main concern, because I have to set a fairly agressive fan curve to keep the GPU cool when gaming (auto setting is bad, I've seen the GPU go over 80C which can be avoided). The extra fan I added helps quite a bit but I still get noise. I was hoping that adding more fans could enable me to set quieter fan curves for the whole system.
  4. Hi. I'm confused. The EVGA W1 listed as Tier D has an ok review according to the source provided. Well, at least looking at the score, I'd think is not that bad. Why is it in the Tier D?
  5. Hello I have bought a BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 120 mm fan to cool down my GPU. I'm not sure which side of the fan is pushing air. I thought that the front side is where the logo is located but when I feel the air flow with my hand, it appear to be pushing air instead, working as exhaust. GPU is a RX 570 from MSI and it's currently at 53C on idle and when under load (Time Spy) it maxes out at 71C. I don't know how to take better pics, sry. Is the fan in the right orientation?
  6. No, I haven't. I'm going to try that out
  7. I've been having this weird issue where the monitor doesn't show anything while the computer is fully working (it shows the message no signal and behaves like it wasn't connected to a source). I'd have to shut down the computer and even turn off the PSU. Why could this be happening? After that, everything seems to be working correctly. The only other anomaly that I've observed is when I change to full screen from window moded in a game like Dota 2, the monitor takes a long time or sometimes I just restart. Any thoughts? Specs: MSI ARMOR RX570 4GB (latest drivers) i5 4460 16 GB DDR3 RAM Intel 160 GB SSD Asus board System Power U9 500W PSU Monitor AOC 24V2H
  8. How much money should I spend on a board for a Ryzen 5 3600? I still don't understand what are the real benefits of going for a better chipset. I know that's important if you're overclocking but for a regular user, why should I spend more or where should I draw the line? I'd like wifi support and good enough VRMs to allow the CPU to perform as intended. Memory support up to 3600 MHz and m.2 slot.
  9. He doesn't touch any setting related to fans because he has a water cooled card. Any tips for that particular setting?
  10. I'm trying to OC my MSI ARMOR RX570 using Wattman. I'm not sure about the right way to do it. Could you guys guide me trought the process? I'm using the Heaven Benchmark and I not sure about chaging settings related to Power Limit (Límite de energía in Spanish). Also, should I play with voltage or just core frecuency? I have set the core frecuency from 1270 to 1300 and tried to set a nice fan curve but it gets pretty noisy. I barely touched the stock curve and it runs up to 2000+ rpm, eventhough temps are under 65C. I have stressed the card with the Heaven Benchmark only but it doesn't reach the 1300 MHz
  11. Hello guys! I'm trying to undervolt my laptop's GPU to get better performance. I took this video as reference and basically copied his voltage-frecuency curve in Afterburner. Everything was going just fine. I played Doom with a significant boost in performance. I got more stable FPS. However, in Dota 2, the game just keeps crashing, eventhought I tried to apply a less agressive undervolt. So, should I use the undervolt in the games that don't cause any issues such as Doom? or should I avoid the undervolt altogether? I also undervolted the CPU -110mV with ThrottleStop and so far so good on that end but I mention it just in case. It's a Dell Inspiron 5577 with an i5 7300HQ and 8 GB RAM This is the curve that I have right now.
  12. Hi guys. Looking for a DSLR camera kit. My budget is about 400/450 usd. I'm a beginner and I want the camera for learning purposes. I would like to have lenses that are good for most shooting situations. I was looking at this Amazon listing but you guys should know what's best.
  13. I currently have this set up: i5 4460 Asus B85M-G 2.0 motherboard (LGA 1150) 16 GB DDR3 MSI RX570 4GB 2 TB seagate HDD Intel 160 GB SSD BeQuiet System Power U9 PSU I'm playing Gears 5 right now and getting some pretty bad sttuters once in a while (98% of the time game runs well enought). The CPU is bottlenecking my system. I didn't wanted to upgrade since I though this GPU/CPU combination would be just fine but the CPU is actually a tab too weak. Doom 2016 also gives me some issues. I was thinking about buying a better haswell used CPU to take advantage of the hardware I already own but maybe it's time to jump to a newer platform. What CPU would you guys recommend? Considering I don't have a super fancy rig. You know, a logical upgrade. I don't have the money to buy an i9 9900K. I think used hardware is the way to go and I'm planning to save around $150/$200.