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  1. I'm not from the States. The use market is different here. It's difficult to trust people's word if they say the GPU is fine, I couldn't really tell unless I try it. If I see an oportunity on a decent used GPU I'll go for it. But now this 560 is my only option, buying new, unless there's a super deal in amazon/newegg/ebay in which case it would make sense to import the GPU from the States (I could buy it on ebay/newgg/amazon but there would be taxes and other fees)
  2. Nice. I'm really bad jaja. I'm Legend 1. Just a casual gamer
  3. I don't have that much money. I know thosre are miles better than the RX560 but I seriously don't have the money (sad face). I think this card should be ok to play Rise of the Tomb Rider in low/mid settings, Nier automata in low, The Witcher 3 also in low/mid... Those are the most demmanding games I own at the momment. The game I play the most is Dota 2, so I think it should be a decent experience. Off course if I had the money I'd totally go for a RX580
  4. Would it be ok if I buy the GIGABYTE RADEON RX 560 OC 4 GB considering I have a TT TR2 600W PSU? I know is a very trash power supply but I just want to be able to do some gaming not ultra or anything crazy. I know this GPU is a fairly low power one but still I don't know if there could be any possible issues I'm not considering. Would it be ok to overclock the GPU? I got a i5 4460 (4 true haswell cores @2.5 and up to 3.2) with 16 GB RAM on dual channel. I'm broke at the momment but I hope someday I'll be able to buy a Focus Gold Seasonic Unit. What do you guys say?
  5. joser1813

    Wich one should I buy?

    I know that the price difference in Newegg and Amazon is just $10 but I have to buy other components and at my local store, so there is a significant price gap that I can't afford. I have no doubts that those units are super reliable but I have to choose between these ones.
  6. joser1813

    Wich one should I buy?

    None of the ones listed are good enough according to that list. Well, I guess I have to read more
  7. The following is a list with the PSUs available in my local store: EVGA 600W 80 PLUS BRONZE ($60) THERMALTAKE SMART 600W 80 PLUS RGB ($60) EVGA 600W 80 PLUS ($50) CORSAIR VS650 80 PLUS ($54) BE QUIET! SYSTEM POWER 500W - 80 PLUS BRONZE ($50) BITFENIX BPA 600W 80 PLUS ($44) I don't really know much about PSUs, I can tell that one of those EVGA would be OK (it shouldn't explode ) for up to a GTX 1070 but since the price difference is very little. I want to know wich one is the best choice between these models. I was thinking about the EVGA Bronze because of one review I read (just the conclusion, I didn't understand technical details). I'm not from the US so I don't have access to those nice units from Seasonic, not at my curremt budget. It is going to be use in at medium to high end gaming system. Currently rocking a Pentium and GTX 1050 but there is going to be an upgrade, maybe to a 8th generation i5 or a Ryzen 5 and something like a RX 580/ GTX 1060 for the GPU. Also, I have many fans and hard drives (1 SSD, 2 HDD). My current PSU is a piece of *****, in case anyone cares
  8. joser1813

    Better price/performance microSD

    I'm refering to MicroSD storage not to SSD
  9. Hi; I want the best microSD I can buy in terms of price to performance... Any suggestions? Amazon, ebay, Gearbest, AlieExpress... It is going to be inserted in my smartphone so I want to be able to record some nice UHD video
  10. joser1813

    What motherboard to buy?

    Around $100 USD should be fine
  11. joser1813

    What motherboard to buy?

    For the momment I just want to be able to plug the fans (he is going to buy a 3 fan combo and it cames with a control for those) and he has another 2 thermaltake fans.
  12. joser1813

    What motherboard to buy?

    Can you provide a link of the product? Are you talking about a splitter or a HUB? I'm not familiar with this kind of stuff
  13. joser1813

    What motherboard to buy?

    Can the HUB be connected to the basic motherboard I mentioned?
  14. joser1813

    What motherboard to buy?

    He is going to be using controll for the RGB fans.
  15. joser1813

    What motherboard to buy?

    The motherboard only has 1 fan connector