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  1. So, I was developing a gallery using highslide and decided to use php to reduce the typing of html. The following is code of my html with php <div class="highslide-gallery"> <a href= "<?php $img_dir for($i=1;$i<=273;$i++) { print_r( "1 ($i).jpg");}?>" class="highslide" onclick="return hs.expand(this)"> <img src="<?php $thumb_dir for($i=1;$i<=273;$i++) {print_r( "1 ($i).jpg");}?>" alt="Highslide JS" title="Click to enlarge" /> </div> the print_r statement here prints all the output results. I need a method where I can print each output at a stance or similar. Thank you for help.
  2. How to embed a video to YouTube player without it being on YouTube. Thank You.
  3. If you ask me I want this for all the signatures of you guys on back of it :3
  4. how do i delete this post then sry idk about that
  5. So yeah i found a man co audition reel i think it's name was it asks for a key to open it. i saw in the video game giveaway thread many people wanted to giveaway these keys if i pm them, now i need one of the keys to open this audition reel(please i need it badly). so if anyone still consists of the keys please just give a reply in this topic i shall add u as a friend and i'll pm you then don't take this wrong way you can only do this if u want
  6. so yeah i got this photo viewer for my website which is under construction now. http://highslide.com/ i successfully was able to like open images with defining directories but actually how can i mod it and make it like available for every image which is even uploaded by a user or any admin or so
  7. agarest wallpaper backgrounds are pretty sexy!
  8. nice idea thank you for your great help
  9. ummmm like yeah i know i need hash it with salt but i don't know how i select the corresponding salt of a user with his username in the database table
  10. So yeah um i made myself a website which has a user log in system within that so while someone is registering i made something that gives each user a unique salt and saves values in the database. i am able to find the username and password provided in log in form but for some reason i have unable to match the salt present in database table with the username provided from log in. ​so i was here to ask help how do i find the salt of a respective user with the username provided in log in form so that i could decry pt the password and make the user log in. By the way thanks for the help.