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  1. I'm buying a reference Vega 64 from the MM with the intention of water cooling it and from what i've read the Bykski blocks only come with Chinese instructions. I've never water cooled anything before so i'm just wondering how difficult i might find the installation process. I've searched Youtube but cant find an installation video for a reference card.My only other option would be to try and find a 2nd hand EK block but who know how long that would take.Thanks
  2. I want a PWM so i can create an RPM curve with an Aquaero 6. I do a lot of work on my PC with everything basically idle so and i'm very noise sensitive.
  3. The CPU is an Intel 5820k. I'm only doing CPU for now as i dont yet have a graphics card worth water cooling. Once i'm ready to add a GPU to the loop i'll add a second 360mm rad.
  4. I'm in the process of planning my first custom loop and i'm slightly overwhelmed but the number of products to choose from. My case is the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic and i'd like to the costs down to the £140 mark for the pump/res and £70 for the 360mm radiator. I'd prefer a D5 PWM pump and i'd like to be able to mount the pump/res to the "floor" of my case. Thanks
  5. Goobertron

    Deep cleaning Noctua fans?

    Thanks guys. As far as i'm aware Noctua fans cannot be dismantled due to the way they're constructed. Doing so basically means you've kill the whole unit (afaik).
  6. Goobertron

    Deep cleaning Noctua fans?

    I bought a used Noctua NH-D14 with the NF-P12 and NF-P14 fans and both fans and the heatsink itself absolutely reek of stale smoke. In order to stop the rancid smell being blown in to my room I want to clean all the parts. I've been told that I can clean all the parts including the fans in soapy water and that as long as they are all properly dried there will be no ill effects. All I really want is clarification on how best to clean and dry the fans (they smell much worse than the heatsink) without destroying the electric components. My plan so far is to submerge them in soapy water giving them a good scrub (but too hard, obviously) and then rinse them in deionised water before letting them dry for a couple of days near the radiator. Does that sound about right? Thanks